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How A Hang A TV On The Wall? (TV Wall Mount Ideas)

How to hang a TV on the wall – Would you like to hang your TV on the wall? In this case you need a suitable TV wall mount. Below you will learn what your options are and what to look for.

What to do with the television

The television used to be part of a wall unit in most households. This is rarely the case in modern interiors. Usually the TV is hung on the wall. Do you know when this solution was put into practice and why it makes so much sense?

It used to be common practice to place CRT televisions in the wall unit. CRT televisions had a smaller screen size, but were otherwise oversized – they were so deep that they took up almost the entire shelf of a wall unit.

This problem disappeared with modern flat screen televisions. In short, the device we use to watch news, sports and movies has gone through a huge transformation. Not only do they offer a bigger and better picture, but they also come in the smaller sizes. Modern televisions are only a few inches thick.

It is therefore no longer necessary to slide televisions into spacious living walls. This solution is anything but space-saving. Behind the thin television set on the edge of the shelf, an unused area is created that soon becomes a mere dust catcher.

The same thing happens if you place the TV on a dresser, cabinet, or special TV table. In addition, if you mount the TV with a wall mount, you don’t need any supporting furniture – you can mount the TV in a room that is almost unfurnished.

Mounting the TV on the wall seems like the best solution these days. It has numerous advantages. You do not need any supporting furniture and therefore do not take up any additional space. This is how you create the best conditions for following your favorite programs .

Types of TV wall mounts

In order to hang the TV on the wall, you need a special TV wall bracket, which you have to buy separately (only the feet for the classic installation of the TV are part of the scope of delivery).

There are 3 basic models of TV wall mounts :

  • Fixed (cannot be positioned – the TV stays in the position where it was attached to the wall)
  • Tiltable  (can be positioned up and down)
  • Swivel  (You can position the TV in all directions)

Fixed TV wall mounts offer less flexibility, but they are among the cheapest and take up the least space. Tilting wall brackets, which can also be partially positioned (upwards and downwards), are particularly space-saving. Pivoting wall brackets take up more space, but the TV can be tilted and rotated in all directions.

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Universal VESA standard

Today’s televisions are designed for wall mounting at the factory. On the back there are special holes for screws that can be used to attach the TV to the wall with a TV wall bracket.

The distance between the screw holes is standardized. We are talking about the so-called VESA standard – a size specification with the format X mm × Y mm (horizontal x vertical distance between the holes).

This standard makes it much easier to choose the right TV wall mount. All you have to do is make sure that the wall mount is the same VESA standard as your TV.

How to choose a suitable TV wall mount

Regardless of whether you choose a fixed, tilting, or swiveling TV wall mount , there are a few basic facts you should consider about your TV when making your selection.

First, determine how much your TV weighs. The weight must be compared with the load-bearing capacity of the wall bracket , which indicates the load the device can carry. The weight of the TV must be less than the load-bearing capacity of the wall bracket.

Also check the compatibility of the TV with the wall mount using the VESA standard (see above). This parameter must be the same for both devices. If you are unsure about your TV, you will find it easily – just take an ordinary tape measure and measure the distance between the screw holes on the back of the TV. Most wall brackets are compatible with several VESA standards, so the selection is really large (for example, the TV wall  with the VESA 75 × 75 to 200 × 200 standard).

But the diagonal of your television also plays an important role when choosing a television. Each wall bracket should also have a defined distance between compatible diagonals (  wall   is compatible with a television with a diagonal of 17 to 42 inches).

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Notes on choosing the height

Overall, it doesn’t take long to attach the bracket to the wall. Before you start, however, you should calculate the optimal altitude. It is advisable to choose the height so that the center of the image is at the height of your eyes. Use the seat height that you have on the sofa or in the armchair.

The television should also have a certain distance from the seat. This is three times the respective screen diagonal of the television. So it depends on its size. So that your television enjoyment is not disturbed, it is good if nothing else hangs on the wall around the television.

Correctly accommodate the cables

The TV is on the wall, but it doesn’t look nice because the cables hang down and run to the socket. The solution to this problem is cable management. This is made of plastic, combines the cables and then hides them behind a cable duct. The shaft can simply be attached to the wall and even painted in the same color as the wall so that it is no longer noticeable.

If you’ve decided to hang your TV on the wall, Itod tv mounting is the place for you. Buy a suitable tv mounting from us and follow your favorite programs with all comfort.

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