How It Works : Viraltag (A Review on The # 1 Social Media Marketing Tool for Sharing Visuals)

All of us understand that our brains procedure visuals faster. They also keep much more info when it’s provided visually. For these and many other factors, visual content now controls the web, specifically on social networks.

Whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Pinterest, posts with visual content have been shown to drive interaction, comprehension and conversion.

To get the most from these platforms though, you have to make sure your content is being seen, and the only method to do that is to be active. But the concern is then, how can you post routinely to several platforms without it disrupting the running of your company?

That’s where social media scheduling tools like Viraltag can help. Viraltag is an image-centric social networks sharing tool that enables you to set up posts to Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and LinkedIn from a variety of sources.

Viraltag makes Pinterest Scheduling easy

Basic to Viraltag’s appeal is that it’s the only tool that lets you schedule posts on Pinterest. You can arrange pins wholesale or one by one, days, weeks and even months ahead of time. It is also one of the only social networks scheduling tools to use image editing, content discovery, hashtag tracking, in addition to scheduling.

Scheduling is practical for anyone handling several Pinterest accounts, or for companies that may be attempting to handle both their individual and professional accounts. Without a tool like Viraltag, this would be next to impossible.

How it works

Getting set up with Viraltag is simple. Here’s how it works:

Setting Up the Chrome Extension

Our Viraltag Toolbar buttons enable you to schedule images from any website with a basic click. To obtain started, you first have to install the button from the Viraltag site.

1. Click “Settings” from the panel at the left of the screen

2. Click “Extensions” tab

3. Here is how you download the button for Chrome. Click the ‘Install Extension’ button

4. You will be redirected to the Chrome app store where the Viraltag app will open instantly. Click on the “Contribute to Chrome” button on the leading right hand corner of the window. You will see a pop up asking for approval to include the Viraltag Chrome Extension. To proceed, click on “Add extension”.

5. Your Viraltag Toolbar Button has been installed and you can see it in your toolbar.

Setup Posting Schedule

How to customize your Posting Schedule by including time slots, Classifications and Suggested Times

To make the best use of Viraltag’s time conserving and automation abilities, you will wish to set up your Posting Schedule Your Posting Schedule specifies time slots for each social media that determine when content added to your line will be posted.

Keep in mind: If you have actually made modifications to the Posting Schedule, content that you have actually currently arranged will not show the modification. The brand-new time slots you set just get applied to the posts you schedule after altering the Posting Schedule.

You can view the video demo or refer to the comprehensive description listed below.

Establishing your Posting Schedule.

Prior to we enter the best ways to schedule utilizing the Posting schedule, let’s set up your Posting Schedule.

1. Under the ‘Home’ area, click on the “Posting Schedule” choice.

2. You will see a screen with time slots set for each day of the week and each social media. These are the pre-set time slots according to which your posts will be arranged, you are free to edit them or add brand-new time slots.

3. To edit existing time slots, click on that particular time slot and pick a time (Hour and minutes) and assign a classification.

4. To include a new time slot, click the ‘Include time slot’ button and follow the exact same steps as discussed in step 3.

5. Create a customized Posting Schedule for each social media inning accordance with when you want specific posts to go out, by toggling over to each social profile icon. For Eg. Quotes in the morning at 9:00 am and Promotional Material at 5:30 pm at night.

6. If you wish to delete a time slot, just hover your cursor over the time slot you wish to erase, and click the ‘Dustbin’ icon to eliminate it from the schedule.

7. You can likewise set time slots through Recommended Times. This reveals you the very best times to post based on your traffic data. Click the “Recommended Times” option on the top left hand corner just above the Posting Schedule table. Click ‘Connect Google Analytics’ to allow this feature.

To add these times to your posting schedule, click on the red “+” sign beside the shown times.

Set up your time slots for each day of the week and your posts will get arranged inning accordance with the time that has actually been set here.

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