Carpet Cleaning and Other Tips to Extend the Life of Your Flooring 

Carpet is among the favored choices for household flooring, with many homes worldwide taking advantage of its benefits. Rooms that are carpeted stay warmer in the cold months, offer comfort for kids who want to lie on the floor and are aesthetically pleasing. 

The downside is the challenge with maintenance and keeping it clean. Staining can be an issue as it can wear as time passes. When working with a trusted professional cleaning service like ProCare Carpet & Tile Cleaning it’s possible to keep carpeting in excellent shape for the long term. 

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As a homeowner, there are also things you can do in between professional cleanings to prevent so much dirt and debris from the outdoors from coming in. Continued care and upkeep are essential to avoid a buildup of dust, dirt, and allergens that can trigger reactions from anyone with respiratory sensitivities. 

Let’s explore some helpful hints to keep your carpet refreshed and in excellent condition for a longer lifespan. 

How To Keep Your Carpet in Excellent Condition for an Extended Lifespan 

When carpeting is your flooring of choice, it must be professionally cleaned routinely to rid the carpet of dirt, grime, bacteria, and allergens.  

These knowledgeable teams have specialized tools and equipment to expertly deep clean the flooring using non-toxic and safe solutions for you and your family. Find out how to deep clean carpet at

In between these services, there are things you should do as a homeowner to keep the carpeting free from outdoor elements and safely remove staining. Here are a few helpful hints on maintaining the carpet to enjoy a pleasant aesthetic each day and extended longevity. 

Professional cleaning annually 

The carpet should be vacuumed regularly, either once each week or daily, depending on the activity in the house and who lives in the home, including pets. Once each year, professional carpet cleaners should come in to do a deep cleaning that a vacuum can’t handle. 

The equipment these experts use is able to pull grime and dirt from beneath the fibers of the carpets. The machines are commercial grade, offering a strong suction to pick up anything.  

The solutions used in this process deodorize and condition the material, something only professional carpet cleaners can do with their industrial equipment. Go here for details on carpet cleaning secrets from the experts. 

Chemical products 

Commercial chemical cleaning supplies are discouraged when cleaning drains to prevent putting toxins in the waterways. You wouldn’t want to add these products to the carpeting, especially if you have pets or small children. The toxic substances are unhealthy and have the potential to damage the material. 

That can mean much faster wear, a shorter lifespan, and a much sooner replacement. If you want to have cleaning supplies on hand in between using a professional cleaning service, search for “biodegradable or plant-based” alternatives. These will be safer for the environment and you. 

Stain removal 

Stains happen regardless of how careful you might be. Someone inadvertently drops a glass or has a food plate that drips onto the floor. Spot-cleaning the stain immediately should be prioritized instead of waiting until later to get to it.  

When you take the time to blot it up, it will be somewhat easier to get to its root when you return to it. Professional carpet cleaners will advise that homeowners act as fast as possible at the first sign of a stain for the best result and the greatest likelihood of eliminating the stain altogether. 

Some stains that you need to act on quickly include: 

  1. Bloodstains 
  2. Red wine 
  3. Pet stains 
  4. Coffee 
  5. Stuck on gum 
  6. Food 

Different items will require a different method of cleaning. A professional cleaning service will advise tips and tricks for pulling up stains, and you can also get helpful hints online. 

Rugs can prevent wear 

Many people will notice the wear in high-traffic areas in many homes compared to the rest of the house in much better condition. To avoid this from happening in your house, you can put down throw rugs in places where people tend to go back and forth most often.  

This can prevent the carpet from flattening or darkening as people pass constantly. The runners or throw rugs should match your aesthetic so they don’t look out of place while protecting the carpet beneath them. It’s much more budget-friendly than replacing carpeting sooner rather than later. 

Final Thought 

A home is a place that serves as a first impression when close friends and family members come to visit. Everyone wants to present a clean, tidy appearance. The carpet is a large part of the household. When you keep up with regular professional cleanings each year and handle routing care and upkeep in between, it will be aesthetically pleasing longer and last for an extended lifespan.

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