How Much Does a CCTV Drain Survey Cost in 2023?

CCTV Drain Survey Cost – Usually, people don’t include drainage surveys in the standard process when buying a new home. Interestingly, the potential savings of a drainage survey are much more as you can use the results to leverage against the house price.

Most people never bother to hire drain surveys specialists because they are not aware of how much beneficial these services can be. This article will explore what is a drainage survey and how much it will cost in 2023.

What is a drainage survey?

A drainage survey is the investigation of a property’s drainage pipes and other plumbing connections using a CCTV camera. It is not part of the standard building survey when buying a home, which is why prospective buyers have to ask for it explicitly. Depending on the plumber you hire, they will offer to survey the following drainage structures:

  • Cracked pipes
  • Blockages
  • Root intrusion
  • Pitch fibre pipes
  • Structural issues such as collapse and fracture

When you buy a new property, it is essential to commission CCTV drain surveys to easily identify any underlying structural or plumbing issues. Once identified the survey where can offer solutions for unclogging, cleaning, excavation or replacement of the pipes. You can hire “CCTV drain surveys Canterbury” for the best drainage service in Canterbury.

How much does a CCTV drainage survey cost?

CCTV Drain Survey Cost in 2023

When the CCTV drainage surveys Canterbury technology was introduced, its cost was quite high. However, with technological advancements, the price has become more affordable. The final cost of CCTV drainage surveys depends on the property’s size among other factors.

Generally, a plumber Islington will charge you around £ 90 for a drain camera inspection. However, you must ask for quotes from more than one company. Not all CCTV drain surveys are the same. A basic drain survey will cost anywhere between £ 65 and £ 165. But if you want a complete CCTV drainage survey that provides a detailed report, you will have to pay between £200 and £350.

Detailed CCTV drain surveys Canterbury are required when you face serious problems deeply embedded in the drainage system. This usually includes clogging or fracture in the drainage pipes at the location, which is almost inaccessible.

Factors affecting CCTV drain survey costs

Several factors can affect the total cost of the drainage survey. You must consider these factors when you hire a plumber. Many local plumbers provide this service and “plumber Islington” is one of the specialists in drainage services.

Property type

If your property’s drainage system is different from the usual, it can increase the CCTV drainage survey cost. Some properties have complex drainage systems comprising sharp corners, winding dips, and intricate designs. In such cases, navigating the equipment is more complicated as a result, it costs more.

The drain length

Naturally, if the property is large, more drainage pipework will be involved, and it will take much longer to carry out the survey. Hence, the cost will be higher than average.

Drain access

Some drainage pipelines are difficult to assess, which makes CCTV drain surveys complicated. The overall cost is high because there is a need to excavate more to access the drainage system.


The CCTV drain surveys are essential before you make the final decision to buy a property. They cost you much less when you compare the expenditure with the leveraged against property value settlement.

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