Choose the perfect rental car for your needs in Al Khan

Do you want to rent a car in Al Khan but are in doubt about which category of car is ideal for your purposes? Check out some of the most popular categories and book the best car! In today’s market, it is extremely important to offer options to meet different needs and understand the profile of the consumer, so we will share with you the popular categories of cars so that you can make a choice.

1. Compact

Compact economy class cars top our list as the most in demand. These models are ideal for those who plan short trips with little luggage. This category is also in high demand because of its excellent economic benefits. In addition to the economy version, the compacts also offer versions with a 1.4 or 1.6 engine and an automatic transmission. Therefore, if you choose this category, we suggest that you try to book a car in Al Khan as early as possible on the website Thus, you will have more options for the selected period and the desired destination, especially if the booking is scheduled for the high season!

2. Average level

The proposed category is for those who are looking for cars with more interior space and a wider trunk but, at the same time, do not want to pay too much for them. If you belong to this group of people, take advantage: the “Intermediate Level” category can be an excellent alternative for your booking needs. This category of cars is suitable for family holidays as it combines comfort, performance, and economy.

3. SUV

If the size of medium-sized cars is still not enough to meet your demand, SUVs are best suited. This category, accommodating five medium or three large bags, is ideal for long trips that require space, power, and performance. These types of cars can be viewed and booked on the website SUVs are very popular among people who are going to travel, for example, to the coast. These cars have enough space to transport not only beach items and necessary luggage, but at the same time, they will increase the tranquilly and comfort of all passengers.

4. Minivan

A group trip or a big family? If you need more than five seats in the car, there is no doubt that a minivan, such as the Fiat Doblo or Chevrolet Spin models, will be the right choice. The interior space available in this category provides complete comfort for all passengers, and also provides greater interactivity among travellers in the UAE thanks to the seating arrangement designed specifically for this functionality.

5. Premium

The car category is best suited for businessmen, top managers, and people who need premium cars for trips or business meetings. Cars classified in this category have engines from 1.8 to 2.5 with sufficient power. The most popular models among people in this profile are: Nissan Sentra, Toyota Corolla, and Ford Fusion. This is an ideal alternative for those who do not give up quality and comfort, as well as high performance and style.

6. Automatic

Chaotic city traffic or long-distance trips require more comfort when driving? When booking the desired car, choose a car with an automatic transmission to ensure complete comfort when moving through the streets or roads. You can rent economy class cars, sedans, exclusive cars, and pickups, including those with an automatic transmission.

7. Special

Are you going to spend the weekend at the farm? Would you like to enjoy walking with friends? Do you want to get a real off-road experience? In this case, we advise you to reserve a car in a special category, which offers a reinforced suspension, an enlarged body, and interior space for up to five passengers. If you have an adventurous spirit, the 4X4 category is perfect for what you are looking for. On the rental website, you can find and book cars of Volkswagen, Mitsubishi, and Ford models. Make a reservation right now and get ready for strong emotions! But be careful: it is important to return a washed car so as not to create additional costs for rental companies by paying for the car wash. In addition, the rental company may charge a separate fee for any damage to the car.

8. Cargo

Have you bought a new piece of furniture and don’t want to face delivery or ruin your personal car transporting this piece of furniture? Know that you can rent a car from the category of city pickup trucks, for example, a Fiat Strada or Fiat Fiorino. With an interior space that can accommodate up to two people and its own body for loading larger items, the models available for rent are equipped with a 1.4 or 1.6 engine. This option also offers greater versatility and savings when transporting materials. Ideal for those who want savings, greater security, and autonomy when moving or transporting objects from one place to another.

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