43 Brilliant L-Shaped Kitchen Designs [A Review On Kitchen Trends]

L-Shaped Kitchen Designs – When selecting a layout for your kitchen, your choices are to great extent determined by the sizes and shape of your room. Nevertheless, it doesn’t mean you have to be restricted when it comes to design.

Whether the area is small, medium or large an L-shape layout deals with both traditional and modern cabinetry, and the kind is flexible enough to adapt to structural requirements, such as sloping ceilings or large windows.

A trademark of L-shaped kitchen design is using a couple of adjacent walls in the design. Some L-shaped cooking areas utilize both walls and feature banks of upper and lower cabinets on each wall of the “L.” Other designs feature only one standing wall as the base of the “L” and an open countertop.

L-Shaped Kitchen Ideas

An L-shaped kitchen design maximizes the offered wall area for storage. You’ll also have the benefit of a more breathable space that creates a circulation in between different areas of the home.

This makes it a fantastic choice for small cooking areas or open-plan spaces where you want to include an island. An L-shaped kitchen layout can be quickly adjusted to create a multi-functional room too, like a family kitchen diner.

One of the primary advantages of an L-shaped kitchen design is that it will easily retain the crucial “work triangle” longed for by homeowners– and particularly house owners who do a reasonable amount of cooking. The work triangle refers to the in-kitchen spacing that produces an efficient relationship in between crucial elements of any kitchen: the stove, refrigerator and sink.

In general, L-shaped kitchen areas will feature cooking and cleaning elements on one portion of the “L” and a fridge plus storage and other accessories on the other part.

Family Friendly

8x10 l shaped kitchen designs

This L-shaped kitchen-diner with a table in the center is a timeless kitchen layout. As you cook, family and friends can collect at the table to chat, or you can watch on dinner whilst you catch up on work.

Subtle Colors

l shaped kitchen designs

This aesthetically interesting kitchen uses subtle play of colors. The advanced wooden surface of the leading drawers highlights the otherwise monochrome color palette.

Its L shape gives you enough room to move about easily while attending to different tasks.

Two-Tone Color

L Shaped Kitchen Designs

This L-shaped kitchen design let natural sunlight to flooding your kitchen. The perfect mix of storage with overhead cabinets and drawers listed below, make your kitchen utilitarian and aesthetic.

The big double door unit at one end of the L guarantees you have ample area for your big devices along with your crockery. Offer your kitchen a pleasing appearance with a two-tone color approach.

Bold and Dark

l shaped kitchen cabinets designs

Strong colors can work well in compact L-shaped kitchens. Combine a declaration shade like graphite with light woods and retro-inspired tiles to soften the appearance, and surface with copper manages to include a warm metal accent.

Open Scheme

L Shaped Kitchen Designs

Open shelving avoids a little kitchen from looking too hectic, while banks of L shaped kitchen cabinets look sensational in a large kitchen along with providing an abundance of storage. A table and chairs fits nicely into the kitchen, while still zoning it off from the rest of the room.

Office Kitchen

l-shaped kitchen designs

This L-shaped kitchen starts with sink area with upper cabinets to store utensils. This kitchen is perfect for small households or perhaps couples. This one is created keeping in mind the struggles you face between sink, prep area and cooktop. It ends with an empty surface area top which can be used to eat luncheons or finish office work.

L-Shaped Kitchen For Small Kitchens

The most effective schemes work with their environments to make the best usage of space. Small kitchen concepts include the popular L-shaped kitchen designs. They deal with the concept of the working triangle with cooker, sink and refrigerator at the three corners of an imaginary triangular setup. However, a good kitchen designer will carefully plan every centimeter, asking concerns about your cooking routines, storage needs and way of life. In this manner they can exercise what you do and don’t need, removing anything extraneous and adhering to the basics.

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Relaxed Style

l shaped outdoor kitchen designs

An open rack occupies one wall, whilst closed cabinetry finishes the other. Furthermore, the change keeps the small area looking airy and open, rather than overwhelmed with too many units.

Compact and Practical

l shaped small kitchen designs

Where space is limited, a mix of shiny cabinet doors that show the light and a neutral shade can make your kitchen seem bigger. Thus, half-height wall units provide helpful storage without making the room appearance crowded.

Go With The Flow

small l shaped kitchen designs

This totally wooden kitchen module extends its design to the hallway beyond. A matching wood flows over the nearby wall and one interior door.

Cheerful Display

L Shaped Kitchen Designs

This isn’t strictly an L-shaped kitchen but we’re having a look at the L-shaped plan of wood units that are complemented by a joyful orange unit. The uncommon piece has a series of open fronted and closed volumes for displaying and concealing choice items from view.

Grey Nature

small l shaped kitchen designs

This sweet little grey kitchen is warmed up with gold cabinet deals with and natural wood accessories. A table with a drop leaf makes a great addition to a small kitchen, allowing the eating space to be maximised or minimised in an immediate.

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Try Pattern

L Shaped Kitchen Designs for small kitchens

Use pattern to make the most of small areas. Circle tiles help a small room to appear larger.

L-Shaped Kitchen Style With Island

In some cases, an L-shaped kitchen design has a plentiful amount of the storage space you require but still lacks some work area. To address this problem, an ingenious design option was established, therefore came the island kitchen counter. L-shaped kitchen designs with an island are very reliable due to their layout. When effectively set up everything should be in easy reach, with additional area on the island for cooking or eat-in dining.

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If you wish to increase the functionality of your L-shaped kitchen, then a kitchen island can assist you do the trick. In addition to improving the visual looks of your home, this design function can help you maximize every inch of your kitchen space. This space efficient solution enhances the working conditions with your kitchen, providing for an ergonomically sound home.

Match the Red

small l shaped kitchen designs with island

This kitchen design is set against an extremely strong background of redwood laminate floors. To help tone down the red floorings, the kitchen cabinets are of the traditional off-white color and topped with a red sienna granite countertop. It likewise utilizes mosaic tuscan tiles in green tones to complement the reds of the floor and the bar stools.

Big Black Island

l shaped kitchen cabinets designs

Create a party piece. The wine cooler that towers the complete height of this black kitchen is particular to keep guests entertained.

Sky is Blue

L Shaped Kitchen Designs

A modern kitchen design which has a special combination of colors. The sky blue walls offers a cool and soft-looking background for the Teak-laminated cabinets. It also has a kitchen island from built-up fiber board which is painted in the exact same sky blue color as the walls and topped with granite stone.

Bold and Bright

10x10 l shaped kitchen designs

Small L-shaped kitchen designs look larger when they are created to be light and bright. Hence, this area handles to pull it off thanks to the light blue painted walls and total lighter color scheme. The cabinets utilized are all white with paneling details and is topped with black refined granite countertops. For the backsplash, it uses white ceramic tiles in a subway style pattern. A light color wood crafted floor is matched by two wooden bar stools for dining in.

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Wood in White

l shaped kitchen island designs with seating

An island counter is both functional and ornamental, providing a visually pleasing option to stressful functional work area for your kitchen. A boxy plant holder fringes this white L-shaped kitchen with island. LED illuminated shelves brighten a wooden feature wall.

Real Steel Design

L Shaped Kitchen Designs with breakfast bar

A modern L shaped kitchen design with minimalist visual and a simple gray and white color design. All its cabinets are laminated in white, with a stainless steel kickspace and white mosaic tile backsplash. For the countertop, it uses a gray solid-surface material providing a smooth countertop surface.

Tidy and Elegant

l shaped kitchen

This L-Shaped kitchen design with equivalent extensions has an in-built storage unit for your oven and microwave on one end. Placed in close proximity are workspace on either side of a flat gas range. Overhead and lower storage cabinet and drawers make for sufficient working area.

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An additional prepping location flows seamlessly into a sink location making sure no unclean dishes are ever in your way. The little island in the center of the kitchen makes for work or dining area. Brighten up your counter tops with kitchen herb planters.

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