6 Practical Living Room Accessories (Decor & Furniture Ideas)

Living Room Accessories – The living room is the one room in your house where you can pull all the stops and go all out on your creativity to bring together a home with the best decor. You can add in as many accessories as you want. Add bold bookcases, and even bolder art pieces for the most eccentric and chic looking home. 

But, if you are constantly questioning what home decor to bring home or seem to halter on every few ideas you think of, all the fun is taken away from this zealous activity. Luckily, these living room accessories lists and out of the box home decor and furniture ideas are going to help you doll up your house without a glitch. 

1. Go Bold with Canvas art

Nothing can spruce up your living room better than a big, bold yet elegant canvas prints. With this living room accessories set, you can go for a bold size, taking a majority of your wall, or combine smaller canvas pieces to create a thematic look. 

orange living room accessories

You can also add pictures of a memorable event like a wedding or a dream travel picture or add photos from your life as essential days roll by. There is no limit to the creative looks that you can achieve from a canvas. 

  • Get multiple canvases, all featuring an individual picture of your family. Get them made into canvases in such sizes that, when put together, it looks like a one giant canvas puzzle. 
  • A pet wall is all you need as the best living room accessories. Click a few good pictures of your furry friends and have them displayed in elegant canvas displays. 
  • Make an art gallery look where you begin with the best pictures of your most memorable days. Be it graduation, first day at college, travel pictures, date night pictures. Add more individual canvases as life goes on, and you make more memories. 

2. Round tables and garden stools

Are you looking for a laid-back look for your living room? Nothing can make you want to sit and relax and sip on hot coffee more than a stool or round table on which you can prop up your feet and enjoy your evening.

  • Get glass-topped round tables if you need to complement your modern steel and glass interior.
  • Wooden round tables are best for a rustic, warm family feeling.
  • Garden stools are best as end tables to keep a few books on or other statement living room pieces.
  • You can also prop up your garden stool near a window. Enjoy a good evening read without much fuss of shifting furniture. 

3. Bookworm case as the living room decor accessory

No bibliophile can imagine a house without a bookcase to display their beloved collection of book treasures. A bookcase can add a sophisticated look to any home. That can be better than getting a bookcase in the living room rather than hidden in a study? 

  • Invisible bookshelves can add a mystique touch to your book collections. Add to the irony by only displaying mystery novels on your invisible shelves.
  • An under the staircase bookshelf is any easy fix for space issues if you have a small house. 
  • You can also get a built-in bookcase table or other furniture that doubles up in utility and does not take much space. 
  • To further enhance the beauty of your treasured book collection, add a few ornate flower vases and small statement piece accessories to liven up your space. 

4. Mirror, Mirror on the wall!

No modern house look is ever complete without a few glass elements. It is a better way to add a reflective piece that a big, shiny mirror. Just like canvas prints, there is no limit to mirror styles, too.

Get an ornate, gold-framed mirror or a statement stainless steel lined mirror. You can go for round mirrors, square mirrors, big wall lining rectangles. However, you may put any other wonders of geometrical shapes that particularly stand out to you. 

  • Get a mirror with an ornate design carved into its frame. 
  • If looking to accentuate a simple mirror with straight edges and no ornate frames, hang small planters along the edges of the mirror. You can hang planters on all sides or just on sides you wish to do so. 
  • A digital mirror with LED lights displays or one that also doubles as a picture display can be the chicest mirror addition you can get in the house. 
  • Hexagonal mirrors or geometric shape mirrors are a lovely way to style any wall of your living room.

5. Luxury with velvet

You cannot deny that touch of velvet can increase the luxe feel of any space! The material is infinitely soft to touch yet can build sturdy furniture set for your home. 

You can get a velvet sofa in any color you like to match with your interiors. Also, you can do a color contrast job to make the material stand out. If you are yet not looking forward to a pretty significant investment, you can also get velvet material of any color of your choice.

Hide all the sofa seams, and secure it in place with strings underneath the sofa and, voila! You have a new couch without going broke.

6. Warm Fireplace

Antique and reclaimed fireplaces can add character, history, and a unique focal point to a living room. They can also be a conversation piece and can help to create a warm and inviting atmosphere in the room. Additionally, reclaimed materials are often more sustainable and eco-friendly than new materials.

6. Wall shelf storage to display living room wall accessories

If you are not a big book lover or feel like keeping your book collection just to yourself, you can use storage units to display a few statement pieces or flower vases. 

Leave in some space and arrange some cassette records, showpieces, or other decor items you adore. The left-in area adds a feeling of ample space and an airier feeling. 

Start working on these ideas right now, and get a house as if right from a home decor magazine cover!

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