10+ Best and Worst Qualities of Water in the U.S. Cities and States

Qualities of Water – It’s a known fact that many U.S. cities, even whole states have to settle for the bare minimum when it comes to their water quality. From lead, poison, and “the forever chemicals”, there’s plenty of pollution to go around.

But it’s not all bleak. While some states have poor water quality, others have good water quality for drinking. The same goes for cities. Let’s find out what these are!

States with the Best Water Quality 

Thinking about moving somewhere with good water? Here are some states where you can have confidence in the water supplied. 

1. South Dakota

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South Dakota might be not completely free of pollutants. However, South Dakota water has managed to meet the EPA standards for drinking water. Mid-Dakota has received an award for Drinking Water Excellence 20 years in a row

The thumbs up must be the present to South Dakota’s water quality systems. However, several harmful and potentially carcinogenic chemicals are still present in the water. They occur in South Dakota water where at levels below the legal guidelines set by the EPA. Thus, this is more than other countries can be proud of.

2. Rhode Island

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Rhode Island has multiple water resources. However, that doesn’t stop authorities from monitoring all bodies of water. The office of Water Resources in Rhode Island gives green light when it comes to the water. For the most part, the water in the state is safe to drink.

The Office of Water Resources deserves the credit here. It is because they work hard to prevent groundwater pollution. So that, 26% of the state’s population can safely rely on drinking the state’s groundwater. Finally, t is a nice work in doing water quality control.

3. Connecticut

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Connecticut’s water quality is up there, too. Therefore, it is not surprising that the state has banned wastewater treatment facilities in public water basins. That many other states are failing.

Connecticut residents may not be in danger for their drinking water. Because, it is not so polluted with harmful pollutants and pharmaceuticals.

Other states with good water quality include 

  • Minnesota 
  • Kansas
  • Oregon
  • Massachusetts

States With the Worst Water Quality 

Drinking tap water should be the last thing on your mind when you visit some of the states we’re about to mention. If you want to enter any of these states, then you should know that their water quality is correct.

1. Ohio – Qualities of Water

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The water in Ohio has been infected by lead. There have been some issues according to the newly released data from the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency. As a result, it found that more than 100 public water systems were infected with PFAS; also known as deadly “permanent chemicals.”

Not only do residents have to deal with lead in their water, they also have sulfates and iron to deal with; which, according to BOS Water, all make for awful health conditions. 

2. Arizona – Qualities of Water

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Arizona is famous for the Grand Canyon. But, it is also well known for its water problems. Arizona’s water scarcity has been going for a long time, and now it’s getting worse. Every day, the problem is getting more and more difficult. What water the people of Arizona have is rather strange.

Tap water in Arizona is the most polluted water in the country. The latest reports have shown that Phoenix residents should drink as little tap water as possible. Because, it has the highest level of chromium-6. It’s a very dangerous carcinogen. Chromium-6 is the only problem Arizona has with its water. There are other toxins that have been linked to developmental problems and cancer. It’s like substances called PFCs (perfluorinated chemicals).

According to reports from the natural resources defense council (NRDC), in 2015, Arizona recorded 2,362 violations of the SDWA; and about 36% of the state’s population consumed infected water. 

3. Florida – Qualities of Water

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Florida is famous for its beaches, theme parks, and orange orchards. But, it is not the state to go if you’re looking for high-quality tap water. 

In 2018, red tide microorganisms floated into the Gulf of Mexico. Then, algae turned blue-green and drifted into lakes, rivers, and oceans. However, the state has been trying to recover from the double ecological disaster.

This hurricane season wasn’t over yet. Besides, there is also a raging storm that brought in floods. Thus, those things carried dangerous chemicals through the water systems.

4. Texas – Qualities of Water


The rural areas of the state are most affected by pollution in the water. As in most rural areas, there are few resources provided, but pipes are old. Thus, it is possible that the water carries lead, poison and radiation.

The water situation doesn’t seem to be changing. So that, as millions of Texas residents are still served infected water.

Cities with the Worst Water Quality 

Finally, here are some of the cities with the worst tap water (in no particular order). 

1. Brady, Texas – Qualities of Water


Texas as a whole is not a good place for tap water. But Brady is one of these guys. Why? Texas water brings radium. The levels of radium in Brady’s water are higher. It is twice as high as what the EPA says for the legal limit.

Brady’s wells get their water from the Hickory Aquifer. Actually it contains radioactive sandstone. 

2. San Diego, California – Qualities of Water

Studies have found 13 pollutants in the tap water of this beautiful city. With concentrations are higher than the recommended health limits. And, 13 other pollutants raise concern. It is a poor water quality.

3. Reno, Nevada – Qualities of Water


Reno’s water is basically poison, with a few chemicals thrown in. All of the levels higher than those recommended by the EPA. The water has 13 pollutants. Then, 31 pollutants made the citizen to worry about.

4. Pasadena, California – Qualities of Water


If you’re thinking about touring in Pasadena, bring your own water. The water quality of this city doesn’t measure up to its attractiveness. 

Some of the water that comes out of the city is infected with 16 different kinds of things. It also has some pollutant that are of concern. Thus, Pasadena water supply has bromochloroacetic acid 160 times higher than recommended.

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Many states and cities in the US have bad quality water. If you’re trying to move into any of these areas, you should do some research. If your city or state is on the list, there’s no need to worry. Above all, there are ways to increase qualities of safe water and drinkable water. 

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