The Low-Cost Termite-Proof Home That Will Last Centuries

Termite-Proof Home – Termites cost homeowners hundreds of thousands of dollars every year. The Australian Institute of Architects estimates that the cost of dealing with termite per household is $7,500, and in many cases, this is not covered by household insurance.

Termites are not easy to spot. In many cases, they have already caused a significant amount of damage before a homeowner will notice them. This is why it is essential to have regular pest inspections from a reputable pest control expert. They can help you to discover any issues and resolve them before they cause costly damage. They can even help you to prevent the termites from entering in the first place.

It’s also important to be aware that many builders will provide warranties against termite damage. If you’re purchasing a new home and a warranty is offered you should transfer it into your name in the first year, it’s free to transfer and you’ll get an array of benefits. You can find out and should find out more info on this and other termite warranties. It can give you peace of mind.

You’ll also find that building a low-cost termite-proof home is possible and will ensure you greater peace of mind in the long term!

Rammed Earth

Modern homes are generally made from wood. Unfortunately, this is an attractive option for any termite. However, before wood became popular, it was common to build homes from rammed earth. This environmentally friendly approach is surging in popularity and for a good reason.

Rammed earth homes are some of the cheapest homes to build; In effect earth of at least 500mm thick is compressed between two frames. Once the frames are removed you have a solid wall that will last for years.

It should be noted that modern homes have the option of mixing cement and stabilizers to create even stronger walls. 

If you opted for rammed earth the walls would cost you nothing. The earth is already present on your site. Adding a little cement will cost you a little more but still substantially less than a wooden home.

It is crucial to build these homes properly. This will ensure they last for hundreds of years. The fact that they are made of earth means they are termite-proof home that impervious to attack from termites and are fireproof. They are also exceptionally good at staying cool in the summer and retaining heat in the winter. That means this type of home is extremely cheap to build and will cost you very little to look after and heat. 

It should be noted that as rammed earth dries very hard, you are unlikely to have issues from other pests, especially if you coat the outside of your rammed earth home. 

Of course, you will need to follow the guidelines to ensure your home is built to last. That means using the right mixture of sand with your earth and adding cement and stabilizers to extend the life of your walls. 

It is essential that your moisture level is kept below ten percent and you don’t use too much clay. Clay is known to shrinking and cracking as it dries.

Steel for Termite-Proof Home

metal home

Another option which is surprisingly affordable although perhaps not as cheap as rammed earth is steel. Steel has been used for many years in industrial builds, in the past few years, it has also become popular in residential building projects. 

Steel frames are easy to construct. The exact measurements and necessary pieces can be fabricated in factories. This reduces the amount of time you need to spend building the home on site. It also ensures the quality of every piece is high.

Steel is very strong, allowing you to make complex designs and coat the framework with sheets of steel to create your perfect home. Because there is minimal work on-site, steel homes are surprisingly low cost. All you need is an architect to calculate the loads and tell you what beams and supports need to be made. 

They are also termite-proof home, fireproof, and can withstand extreme weather. They are becoming the home of choice for areas that suffer frequent earthquakes and hurricanes. While there is no guarantee, a steel-framed home is more likely to survive adverse weather.

Steel can be created in a variety of colors and styles, ensuring you have the home of your dreams and you don’t need to worry about pests.

Wood Options

wood home

If you are adamant that you want a wooden house then you’ll need to invest in redwood, cedar, or juniper. These hardwoods are less popular with termites. You can’t guarantee that termites won’t attack but it is much less likely than using traditional softwoods.

You should also note that wood requires considerable annual maintenance, including treating the wood, cleaning, and possibly repainting.

Of course, using these hardwoods will increase the cost of your build and effectively rule out this option as a low-cost home. However, low-cost has a different meaning for different people. Much will depend on the budget you have in mind and how important a particular style of home is.

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Termite Invasion

The only way to ensure you’ll never have termites in your home is to avoid anything that is created from wood. This doesn’t just mean wood in your home’s structure, it also means wooden furniture. It’s unlikely that you’ll avoid using wood altogether.

To protect against termite issues it is advisable to have at least six inches of concrete around the edge of your home, this will prevent the termites from burying under your home. You should also regularly inspect the walls, particularly around doors and windows. This is where cracks and gaps generally appear and give termites and other pests access.

By monitoring and sealing these homes you’ll prevent the termites from getting into your home and keep it safe. As with most things in life, a little effort can make a big difference. 

Choosing the right low-cost solution will help to ensure your home is not targeted by termites and you can simply enjoy living there. 

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