6 Step-by-step Home Cleaning Checklist To Follow

Home Cleaning – Home presentation is something most, if not all, homeowners take great pride in. Ensuring your home is clean, tidy and delivers an unforgettable experience is something we all wish to achieve. Home cleaning is critical to the experience of any home and is a process we need to complete regularly.

How regularly can be a tricky question to answer. Usually, it depends on the room, job and outcome you are looking for. To better understand just how often you need to clean the home, consider this helpful guide to home cleaning schedule.

Home Cleaning Floors

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When it comes to bacteria and dirt build-up, areas of high traffic are the most likely to experience this. Arguably one of the highest traffic areas in the home is under our feet, the floors. Our floors are home to everything, and anything that blows in is carried in on our footwear or thrown and dropped during the course of the day. Cleaning the floors should be done every week, preferably with a steam mop.

The heat produced by a steam mop helps kill bacteria and provides a cleaner surface as well. It’s good practice to consider sweeping floors like the kitchen and bathroom every day. It is to ensure you grab any dirt or food scraps regularly. For carpeted or hard floors, vacuuming once a week is also a must-do activity. Whilst carpets may appear clear, they can hide dust and dander quite well beneath the surface. 

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Dust can be a nuisance in any home, from unsightly appearance to the more sinister issue of sinuses or hay fever. When cleaning your home it’s recommended you dust surfaces, including blinds at least once a month. If you experience particularly windy weather or have days where you enjoy the breeze with windows open, consider increasing that frequency. Dusting may not seem important on the long list of chores to keep your house clean, but dust represents more than just dirt. 

Dust is often composed of dirt, clothing fibres, bacteria and even dead skin cells. This combination can make for a nasty outcome, especially if you have sensitive sinuses or experience sneezing easily. Dusting all surfaces behind appliances and any blinds each month will help avoid these issues and clear away any of the nastiest mentioned above.

The Bed Home Cleaning

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Bedding can harbor many serious forms of bacteria and can even gather mould. It’s very important that bedding such as pillows and comforters is washed once every three months, stretching to 6 months if you absolutely can’t squeeze it in. Depending on the type of bedding you use, gathering dust, mould or even mites can disrupt your sleep and create issues for more than just your sleeping. 

When it comes to pillows, it’s not uncommon for a lot of the weight in your pillow to be skin cells you haven’t washed out. Considering our bed is the place where we choose to lay our heads each night, knowing it’s clean and hygienic should be priority number one. Washing your pillows and comforter with a small amount of detergent and air drying then once every 3-6 months is key to the health of your bedding and you.

Carpet and Upholstery 

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There is only so much a vacuum can do when it comes to your carpets and upholstery. Over time, dust, dirt, hair and bacteria can become overwhelming for your carpet or upholstery. Not to mention the potential spills you may have on the carpet or on the couches. You should clean the carpet and upholstery at least once a year.

A professional can do a deep clean house or upholstery, or you can complete it yourself. One of the easiest ways to deep clean carpet or upholstery is to purchase a carpet cleaner. Or, you can hire one for the weekend. Carpet cleaners offer the versatility to do floors, as well as couches and even car interiors. 

The reason for a purpose-built cleaner is to ensure cleaning any excess water. Further, it allows the carpet to dry properly to avoid mold. This home dry cleaning is important. Whether you choose a professional clean or prefer to do it yourself, be sure to move any furniture so you can access all areas of the carpet.

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Surface Home Cleaning

Cleaning surfaces or benchtops is a job you need to be doing every single day. Benchtops and surfaces like those in the bathroom require daily attention. Due to the frequency of use, the addition of food and a toilet, these areas represent increased risk.

Using a surface cleaner that is designed to eliminate a lot of bacteria is a must-have tool for cleaning the surfaces. One of the key cleaning tips for surfaces is to use a clean sponge or cloth to clean the surface. Otherwise, you run the risk of not eliminating the bacteria at all.

Clean the Coffee Machine

When it comes to frequent use, there isn’t likely to be an appliance that gets more use than the coffee machine. These machines require daily cleaning for improved function, longevity and health. Plaque is a challenge for coffee machines, which can build up if you don’t regularly clean your machine.

This build-up can impact the taste of the coffee, the performance of the machine and your health. Take the time to clean your machine and its components each day. This will help ensure the best cup of coffee each day. 


Cleaning the house can be a daunting task, especially if you’re not sure how often you should be doing each task. Cleaning is about more than just appearance; it’s about health and ensuring you get the most out of your belongings. Whether it’s keeping the carpets and floors looking fresh or making sure you can brew the perfect cup of coffee each day, cleaning the house is very important. To better understand how to properly clean each area of your home and why – try using this simple guide to learn.

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