8 Carpet Cleaning Business Tips You Should Know Before Started

Carpet Cleaning Business – Research says starting a carpet cleaning business is profitable; after all, the carpet cleaning industry is worth a billion dollars! 

But, to put it mildly, climbing up the ranks isn’t easy. There are many competitors, but with a few tips and tricks up your sleeve, you’ll be able to rise through the ranks of the cleaning industry easily.

You might ask why people haul heavy hoses up a flight of stairs, buy enormous machines, and drive big vans to clean carpets, which appears to be a difficult task. 

It’s tough, no doubt that, but it’s also a highly profitable business. So, we’ll show you how to start carpet cleaning business

Domestic Needs 

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Carpet cleaning is the option for you if you want a business that is recession-proof! Carpet cleaning is constantly in demand, regardless of the state of the economy. 

Kids are constantly spilling and dirtying the carpets, parties with their wine spills never seem to end, and cats and carpets have a special bond. 

Furthermore, dust and allergens, as well as the fact that carpets contain a lot of bacteria that no one wants in their house. It proves that the carpet cleaning industry is here to stay!

The majority of individuals do not have the time or patience to bend over and clean carpets! What good is it for people to clean carpets if they can’t get the dirt and stains out because they lack the necessary tools and chemicals? 

The majority of customers need a service that is fast, quick, and effective, and this is where your service thrives.

Commercial Needs 

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Carpet cleaning is necessary for businesses not just for health reasons, but also because a clean carpet is visually appealing! 

Customers will have a negative first impression if the carpets are dirty, and no one wants that for their business. Restaurants, offices, and other businesses all require carpet cleaning. 

When you work with these businesses and perform a good job for them, you will get repeat business. Put your best foot forward no matter how little or large the company for which you work.

Less Overhead Charges

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While we won’t argue that starting a carpet cleaning business is expensive initially, the overhead costs after purchasing a van and supplies are relatively low. Cleaning products are inexpensive and typically take up less than 10% of your earnings. 

Your clients provide the water, and current machines are highly sturdy. So, they should last a long time before needing to be replaced.

You also don’t have to be concerned about your inventory going to waste. Because, most cleaning chemicals may survive for months or even years.

One of the most appealing aspects of a carpet cleaning business is that it can be started from the comfort of your own home. Unlike businesses that require offices and a storefront, you may get started with just supplies and a truck.

Employees Aren’t Required Initially

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If you’re a small business that’s just getting started, you won’t need extra help right away. You can choose to operate as a one-person operation. It could eliminate the trouble of paying employees, dealing with health insurance, and filling out documents, among other things. 

Now that you have more time on your hands, you can clean more and save more! However, if your company grows, don’t rule out hiring some more support. Because, it will only help you expand your horizons.

We know this starting out won’t be easy – trust us. That is why we are here to give you some suggestions on how to thrive your business with a few simple tips. 

Start Training for Carpet Cleaning Business

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Cleaning your carpet is not as simple as vacuuming your living room. What you require is proper training before you can begin working in the industry. 

You should seek help from someone with more experience than you. That isn’t to say you should ask your competitors. It is critical to realize that if you ask a business owner to teach you how to run a business. They will refuse.

Instead, look for companies that train people, such as Steamasters! Steamaster is more than just a place to get carpet cleaning products and solutions; it’s also where you can get professionally trained for the job. 

Buy Your Equipment for Carpet Cleaning Business


The most important aspect of starting a business in terms of equipment is striking the right balance between price and features. It is ultimately up to you to invest in expensive models with numerous bells and whistles or go with basic carpet cleaning equipment packages.

We suggest it is always better if you don’t go overboard when just getting your company off the ground. While you can rent supplies for some time, we recommend you purchase the basic equipment necessary to be ready before moving on to more advanced carpet cleaning machine for business

Get Your First Customers


Don’t get down on yourself if you don’t get your first customer right away. You must keep in mind that carpet cleaning is not a routine service, and many people only have their carpets cleaned either once two times a year.

Try the ropes of using social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram- they add a boost to your business, and many start-ups have profited from it. You could also collaborate with real estate brokers or cleaning services to close more deals.

Once you’ve gained some traction, you can take specific steps, such as:

  • Selling cleaning supplies to the customers
  • Adding additional cleaning services after procuring more types of equipment
  • Expanding your regional presence once you’ve hired more people to join your company. 
  • You can also offer your customers perks for referring others to your business.

Keep Track Of Your Profits in Carpet Cleaning Business

To be successful, your company needs to make sure you maintain financial records according to the legal requirements in the country you operate in. 

You’re likely to need a ledger which is used for recording transactions involving revenues and expenses, an accounting system that tracks sales and purchases, bank statements that show your cash flow, tax records that help you to pay the correct amount of tax when it’s due, invoices that describe the products or services delivered for specific amounts charged at specific periods, e.g., monthly or quarter-to-quarter. 

Last, be smart and savvy, and while it may seem like the most efficient option is to take on as many jobs as possible to earn money quickly, this is not always necessarily the case for you business owners. Instead of doing 10 or more jobs per week for little money, try doing five jobs for a little more money and see how much more carpet cleaning business income that gives you!

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We hope reading this blog gave you the clarity you needed. We wish you the best of luck as you embark on this new venture as a carpet cleaning business start up.

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