How to Clean Carpet (5 Great ways To Get Rid of the Allergens on Your Carpet and Flooring)

How to clean carpet – Your beautiful carpet and your magnificent flooring could just be the reason you are sneezing and your allergies keep acting up every damn time you try to relax and have a nice time in your living room. Why?

People who are constantly suffering from allergies know that most allergens like pet hair, dirt and dust are mostly always trapped in the carpet and flooring of your home. These are the most regular places that you can find them in the house.

Generally, regular house cleaning would get rid of most allergy triggers Thus, relieving you of your symptoms. However, there are some common house cleaning mistakes made often made by homeowners that could make your allergies worse. (lol, you thought shampooing your carpet would help). 

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Allergens like dust, dust mites, pet hair and dirt present in your carpet and flooring can take the fun out of relaxing in your home. They also may make you spend a lot of money on that expensive allergy medication that makes you drowsy every time you take it. 

This article will show you how to clean carpet so you can get rid of the allergens present on your carpet and flooring. Here are 5 Amazing Ways to Do Away with Those Allergens.

Regularly Vacuum Your Floors and Your Carpets with Vacuums that have HEPA Filters

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Vacuuming is the commonest way of making your carpets and flooring clean and nice. However, a well vacuumed carpet or floor does not automatically mean that your carpet Is free of triggers that could cause allergies.

Why? It is simply because some allergens are so small that they can pass through the filters of most vacuum cleaners, meaning that you could be sucking them from the floor and shooting them back into the air, after which they settle back on the carpet you just vacuumed.

The best way around this is to upgrade to vacuum cleaners that have HEPA filters. HEPA Filters are filters that are specially designed to trap the microparticles of allergens in your home.  You can make it easier for you by using robovacs because robot vacuums can help with allergens too.

Robovacs would rid you of the back-bending stress of using a regular vacuum cleaner. They would also help remove allergens from places that normal cleaners cannot get to.

Do not shampoo your carpets

Think shampooing your carpets could be a great idea? Think again! The leftover moisture can create an environment for dust mites to thrive. It is also a great facilitator for mold growth.

Dust mites and mold are two things that you do not want present around you if you are prone to allergic reactions. And they particularly thrive in areas with a high accumulation of moisture. So, trash the idea of shampooing your carpet! However, if you insist to shampoo your carpet, click here for the solution.

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Use Doorway Deterrents or similar adaptations

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This has to be one of the most innovative ways to allergy proof your home and prevent allergens from accumulating on your carpets and on your flooring. If you place two doormats at each side of the door; one outside and one inside, you can greatly reduce the number of irritants that get tracked into your house.

Something similar to this could be asking your guests to remove their shoes at the doorway before they enter your home. Another similar adaptation is to make sure your patio is always clean. A clean entryway would greatly reduce the chances of you tracking in irritants like dust and pollen into your house.

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Exchange Flooring for Anti-allergen Alternative

In some cases, it is a great idea to change your flooring to something more allergy proof. Here are some great allergy proof options that you can consider if you are looking to change your flooring:

Tiles: Allergens like mold, pollen and dust mites cannot penetrate the surface texture of a tile floor.

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Hardwood floors : Hardwood are generally easy to clean and is highly resistant to mold, dust and other allergens.

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The Low Pile Carpet : Most carpets are perfect breeding grounds for allergens. However, if you prefer having something soft under your foot, you can consider purchasing a low pile carpet. The Low Pile Carpet is easier to clean and less likely to harbor allergens.

Laminate : Laminate flooring is a great anti-allergy option that gives the appearance of real wood without costing that much.

Use air-conditioning instead of opening your windows

Finally, using air conditioning instead of opening the windows when it is hot can highly prevent dust, dirt, pollen, mold and other irritants from getting in and settling on your floors and your carpets.

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Having allergic reactions to things like pet hair, dust and dirt that can be easily harbored by the carpet and floors in your home can be a huge pain in the neck. However, these allergens can be gotten rid of by making some adjustments like the ones listed above.

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