How to Design A Perfect Bedroom For Ultimate Sleep Environment

How to Design Bedroom – It isn’t always as easy as it might sound to create the perfect sleeping area in any bedroom because of the simple fact that everyone requires different things to help them get the sleep they need. There really is no easier way to say that, so perhaps we should start with Mother Nature. And, try to consider to be a normal sleep-wake cycle. Let’s see some ideas on how to decorate a bedroom for perfect sleep.

Once Upon a Time – How to Design Bedroom

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Once upon a time before the advent of electricity, and perhaps even before man discovered fire, our ancestors slept and awakened as the sun rose and set in the sky. It would be more accurate to say as the earth rotated, but you get the point. When it was dark, they slept, and when it was light, they awakened. It really was that simple. That established what we now call a circadian rhythm sleep pattern. In the modern day, scientists believe it is genetically ingrained into our DNA. As a result, anything that disrupts the norm can also prevent a “perfect sleeping area” unless you learn to fool nature itself!

A Comfortable Bed – How to Design Bedroom

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The quality of the mattress you sleep on will make a huge difference to the quality of your sleep. An old, unsupported mattress won’t help you at all. You will end up tossing and turning all night long as you try – and fail – to find a comfortable sleeping position. Ever tried nodding off with a spring jabbing you in the kidney? It’s difficult.

If your mattress is well past its best, perhaps it is time to shop for a new one. Look for a mattress that suits your preferred sleeping position. Side sleepers do best with a softer mattress; whereas people who like to sleep on their back suits to a firm mattress.

You may only be comfortable enough to sleep in certain positions. But, sometimes you can’t breathe well unless you slightly elevate your head and chest. So, you’ve found the perfect adjustable bed that you want to order; but first, you need to create that perfect space to put it in. This is where you’ll need to have a few tricks up your sleeve, especially if you work odd hours. Thus, searching for a bed idea can also work great.

Control the Light Entering Your Bedroom

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There is no way to sleep and awaken with that genetically ingrained circadian rhythm so the only choice you have left is to play Mother Nature herself. You might hear suggestion that you purchase high-quality blackout drapes and set your lights on a smart timer so that they gradually light up for the amount of time it usually takes the sun to appear over the horizon and a few degrees up in the sky. It is believed that this will mimic nature’s wake-sleep cycle and soon you should be getting the quality and amount of sleep necessary for optimum health.

If your bed faces the window and the slightest chink of light hitting you in the face early wakes you up, rearrange your bedroom so the bed is under the window and facing into the room instead. Sometimes, the smallest adjustments make all the difference. That’s how to create some lighting ideas for the bedroom.

Can You Create a Noise Canceling Room?

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This is something else many people wonder about. No matter which room they make into a bedroom to be as far away from household and neighborhood sounds, some short burst of sound always awakens them. At this point, it takes a major effort to settle down once again. Only half-jokingly, some techies lament how nice it would be to have a noise-canceling bedroom. Wouldn’t it be wonderful, though?

One thing you might want to try is a hack they have used for many years in recording studios. You can often go to any carpet store and purchase squares of carpeting samples which can then be stapled to the walls which will block a good percent of noise from reaching you. Another hack you might try is a sound loop of a forest with crickets and birds chirping and the sounds of gentle breezes flowing through the trees. It’s as close as you can get to nature, so it’s worth a try.

A Tidy Bedroom – How to Design Bedroom

There is nothing worse than a messy bedroom. Discarded clothes on the floor, dusty surfaces, books everywhere, piles of makeup, hair accessories, shoes, dirty laundry… the list goes on. If your bedroom looks like a tornado recently passed through, or it was tossed by the FBI, it is time to get a grip and tidy it up.

While you might not immediately make the connection between an untidy bedroom and a poor night’s sleep, it is there. Being surrounded by mess makes it hard for our brains to switch off. And if we can’t switch off, we are going to struggle to relax enough to slide into sleep.

Take a good look around your bedroom and decide whether the problem is a) you are naturally untidy, or b) you don’t have enough storage options for your things. If it is the first, make an effort to start putting things away or moving them out of your bedroom. If it is the second, consider investing in more storage, such as a bigger laundry basket, a new chest of drawers, or baskets for makeup and beauty products. You might also find various bedroom decor ideas as references.

You Only Need these Key Elements to Create the Perfect Sleeping Area

In putting this all together, your key takeaway here is that you really only need a few main elements to create the perfect sleeping area in any room, anywhere. You need the right mattress and bed for comfort, and you need a light cycle mimicking nature. You need the presence and absence of sound to mimic nature. So that, you can control with a few scraps of carpet and yes, the technology of sound that also mimics Mother Nature. Further, it is also advisable to have aesthetic room decor. And finally, your bedroom should be tidy and a haven of tranquility. Get all of these things right and before long, you will be sleeping like a baby.

Conclusion – How to Design Bedroom

One-third of our lives are spent sleeping, and people who like to hit the snooze button spend even more time in bed. So it’s not just nice to have a cozy bedroom—it’s a must. How could we skimp on comfort when it’s the most important part of our bedroom? Once your bed is set up, you can get creative with the rest of your room. You can also start to think about what kind of cozy space you want to make.

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