Modern Bedroom Ideas [Bedroom Designs & Decorating Ideas]

Modern Bedroom Ideas – Bedroom is a private place that we can use either to rest from exhausting day or just to have fun with our closest. Hence, in order to get such comfort, you need to have suitable model bedroom designs and decorating ideas, so that you will get a good deep sleep and satisfy yourself within your bedroom.

Modern Bedroom Design Ideas

Whatever comfortable you are pursuing in your bedroom, designing your bedroom is the first thing you must consider. Because, the design itself will make you cozy in it after all.

You don’t need to worry, though you still haven’t found which bedroom that suit your lifestyle, luckily we have made a list for you. These are the modern bedroom design ideas that you can apply in your own bedroom.

Nature Atmosphere Bedroom Design

modern farmhouse bedroom ideas

This idea tends to add some natural elements in the design. The bedroom uses the form of greenery element and some kind of plywood for a headboard and improving old crates for storage. This design is suitable for you who loves nature.

By using these elements, your room will get relaxing and tranquil vibe as studies have shown that it can literally makes a more pleasurable environment. Moreover, it will be a perfect guest room for visitors and use them for your own home.

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Masculine Traveler Man Bedroom Design

small modern bedroom decorating ideas

If you are a kind of adventurous masculine man who passionate with journey, this bedroom design will likely fit to you. It features a travel motif that brings travel sensation.

This design offers a travel-influenced theme with modern and cozy space. It is definitely perfect to those who fill their lives with passion of adventure.

Lovely Girl Bedroom Design

modern french bedroom ideas

If you are a girl or you are parents who have daughter and looking for a bedroom design, this bedroom design is seems to be fit for you or your love one. It offers playful style which centered around classy vintage artwork.

The side chair is Milo Baughman’s design, whereas the accent table originally comes from West Elm company. It augments the youthful spirit.

Teenage Boy Bedroom Design, Energetic but Tranquil

modern master bedroom decorating ideas

Adolescent phase is the age when the transition from childhood into teenage years. That’s why a proper bedroom design can be a consideration for enhancing the mood. For keep in mind that this bedroom design is suitable for boys only.

By adding a map on your wall can be an attractive piece for a young boy, whilst its interactive coloring creates it perfect accent for a growing adult. The complementary blues are favorable, and yet still give a calming vibe.

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Romantic Chocolate-Colored Bedroom Wall

modern bedroom ideas for small rooms

Are you couples who wants to add good quality of sleep together and love romantic atmosphere? If yes, then you can try this modern master bedroom design idea that will give a little dramatic touch in your bedroom.

By painting your bedroom walls in complete chocolate color, the darkness of this tint will alleviate you into deep sleep at night. To balance that color, a touch of white is respectable.

Basketball Enthusiast Bedroom Design, Sporty and Vibrant

modern bedroom ideas for couples

Kids especially boys generally like to sleep with a view of their favorite character or athlete. If your boy prefer their favorite athlete than anything else, this modern basketball bedroom might be your son’s favorite.

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It provides bookcases that filled with basketball memorabilia. Basketball hoop hung above the bed, gray and yellow carpet that covered over the dark wood floors. In addition, a framed of Michael Jordan’s Jersey hanging on the wall will make this room a perfect teen bedroom.

Monochrome Color Bedroom Design

modern bedroom color ideas

Do you like simplicity? Why not using this monochromatic bedroom design. With this modern bedroom color design, a color of different shades garnishes your room space, including the curtains, bed, furniture piece, and so on.

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The great thing about a monochromatic theme is that this theme is convenient to set your furniture with colors. You definitely have to be careful to pick the proper color based on your taste, and if you add accessories, chose it that augments the tints of the primary color. Those rules can be bent with warm, dark colored walls, and pillows to create a differ effect.

Creative Wallpaper Bedroom Design, Simple and Space Frugal

modern cottage bedroom ideas

Do you have limited space in your room? but still want do a couple of changes to enhance different nuances in your bedroom. If you want to change your bedroom without major alteration then you can try this bedroom design that only change your wallpaper.

Changing your wallpaper is an easy step to augment personality without taking up any valuable surface space. It contrast with the basic elements in your room. You can use other pattern, color, or motif on your wall.

Modern Bedroom Decorating Ideas

We’ve given some modern bedroom design for you to apply. However the design itself not too much bring the fullest satisfaction that makes you feel cozy. That’s why decorating your bedroom is the perfect second way to make your bedroom design worth it.

We also have made a list of modern bedroom decorating ideas for do it yourself. Without even further, these are some decorating ideas that you should try.

Put Your Bed Near The Wall

rustic modern bedroom ideas

Generally most bedroom style accentuate the bed by centralizing it on the wall. Nevertheless, narrow floor and limited space call for aberration for this.

To maximize your bedroom floor space, weave your bed against a wall or the corner of your room. This effect will make a sleep area feels more comfortable. If it seems too much like a college dormitory, you can add two headboard corner system to create designer look to your bedroom.

Use Wall-Mounted Lights to Safe The Space

bedroom modern ideas

Wall-mounted lights takes less space than table lamps. It also decluter the needs for nightstands. If You’ve had your bed weaved into a tiny sleeping alcove, then you need this tips in your life.

By using wall-mounted lights, you can save a space in your bedroom, also made your bedroom aesthetically gorgeous.

Colorize Your Bedroom With Soothing Green and White

modern teenage girl bedroom ideas

Basically, most people tend to want their bedroom to be a restorative and soothing retreat. If you are such person, then you shall consider green and white for your need. Why do we need that color? As the room that shown above is Viscusi Elon Interior Design, therewith a unique showstopper sunburst mirror, cottage-casual white furniture.

The result of having this decoration is a bedroom that you can spend your time for calming your mind, or reading a book to reduce your stress. The green color represents peace and nature, while white represents innocence and pure.

Have an Experiment With Lighting

modern vintage bedroom ideas

One of the most important thing in decorating bedroom is lightning, with a proper good lightning, of course there are many advantages that you can get by using it. Like soft lightning, it can create an ambiance of relaxation. This type of lightning is perfect for chilling out after a tough hard day at work.

Warm lighting can make your bedroom feel very welcoming and inviting. Soft lighting which emulate daylight is also great for the areas where you’re getting dressed, or getting ready for the daily day.

On the other side, a harsh light would be good for a place where you would have to work, read, or study. Rare lighting ideas such as colored lights can also augments the extra beacon to your bedroom.

Make It Simple With Removable Wallpaper

modern grey bedroom ideas

If you live in apartment and are looking for cheap decorating idea, this decorating idea might suitable for you. We know that permanent wallpaper is intimidating, why so? It’s really difficult to get rid of from the walls.

The perfect solution is by using removable wallpapers for augmenting color and personal style to your bedroom. This thing sticks handily and it is very simple to apply and get rid of. You can find it in the supermarket, (Blooming Wall), and other market that serves such products.

Use Woven Craft As Your Furniture

bedroom ideas modern

If you are looking for furniture that robust yet lightweight. The perfect thing you must get is rattan-made furniture. This natural’s gifts are usually handwoven. You can have one on your local craft shop.

Natural furniture such as rattan piece that used for bed support can perfectly decorate your bedroom. Because its character that both lightweight and durable, rattan has continuously been a craft material for centuries, especially for furniture.

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Whatever modern bedroom ideas you pick and decoration that you are working on. Don’t use too much ornament. The best bedroom design is the simple one that makes you comfortable, cozy, and of course makes you sleep well.

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