25 Modern Kitchen Countertop Ideas (Fresh Designs for Your Home)

Kitchen Countertop Ideas – Modern kitchen are the center of homes, the multi-functional interiors where family enjoy different activities, from cooking to social gathering. Lovely, warm and comfy modern-day kitchen are the objective of all who wish to upgrade existing cooking areas or imagining new kitchen designs.

Modern kitchen countertops are an important part of kitchen style. Conventional and brand-new products bring different colors, textures and finishes for developing modern kitchen interiors that are functional and extremely attractive. Here is a collection of stunning kitchen countertop materials and countertop designs that can assist you to discover the best concepts for your modern kitchen.

Conventional and creative, relaxing and strong looks can be created with intriguing combinations of backsplashes and countertop materials, kitchen sinks and faucets, appliances and lights.

Choosing beautiful, practical and expense effective material for your new kitchen countertops means low-maintenance, elegant and comfortable kitchen design that is inexpensive and pleasant.

Kitchen Countertop Ideas With Oak Cabinets

kitchen countertop ideas with oak cabinets

Through the 1980s and 1990s, oak cabinets were the popular option among home builders for kitchens, restrooms, and utility room in homes throughout America, and they stay in a lot of them to this day.

Oak is a tough wood and if effectively card for can still be used in an practical method. The challenge becomes how to embellish around them when it makes no sense to replace them merely for visual reasons.

Wood cabinets, such as oak cabinets that are available in a variety of surfaces, are standard and elegant. Because oak cabinets function as a neutral, you can top them with virtually any countertop color you prefer.

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Kitchen Countertop Designs With Dark Cabinets

kitchen countertop ideas with dark Cabinets

Among the most popular modern-day decoration trends is dark kitchen cabinets. While opting for dark colors might seem to break the accepted perception that a kitchen must have brilliant and warm colors, you may be amazed at how well it works for the majority of kitchens.

Dark cabinets will present a certain richness and depth that lighter colors just can not attain. The color invites you to stick around, be calm, and consider. While it might not trigger the exuberant sensation you get in a white-cabinet kitchen, it produces a calm enjoyment.

However, pairing dark cabinets with a countertop can be a challenging issue. Select the incorrect countertop, and your dark color design in the kitchen or bath will look bleak and dull instead of refined and inviting.

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One of the best kitchen countertop materials for dark cabinets is granite. It is readily available in a big series of colors from pale to deep black, with subtle to strong pattern and variation. It is this granite granite countertops color variation, veins, flecks, speckles, that makes it perfect for matching, because numerous granite counter tops have hints of that same dark cabinet color.

The secret is to balance and match the colors. Depending on the quantity of natural lighting the room gets, and the other surfaces such as floor covering and walls, it is even possible to match dark cabinets with dark countertops and still have a beautifully well balanced design.

Kitchen Countertop Ideas With White Cabinets

kitchen countertop ideas with white cabinets

White colored cabinets have been one the most popular cabinet choices among homeowners for years. The factor is basic – white is the ultimate flexible color. White colored cabinets can provide them to a wide variety of design styles. When it concerns kitchen countertops options, the pairing options are unlimited.

Believe it or not, white cabinets come in a white range of tones. The best way to collaborate your new counter top with white cabinets is to break down your choices into the following classifications: by tone – either cool or warm, and by contrast – light or low.

Depending on the tone of white in your cabinets, in addition to just how much contrast your desire your counter top and cabinets to have, the most lovely counter top colors need to enhance the tone of white in your kitchen cabinetry.

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Kitchen Countertop Concepts Quartz

kitchen countertop ideas quartz

If we speak about countertops, quartz is a great and affordable option to marble and it’s used in decor more and more typically

Quartz countertops are engineered stone products, which can be utilized in virtually any indoor surface place. Quartz counters are made of 95% natural quartz granules and 5% resins and colorants. The natural properties of quartz crystals and the engineering procedure offer quartz counter tops many important benefits and characteristics.

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Let’s have a look at some benefits and drawbacks of setting up such countertop.

Pros of Installing Quartz

It’s low-maintenance
Unlike natural stone or wood, it never needs to be sealed. Just wipe with soapy water for everyday upkeep. Surface stains can be gotten rid of with a gentle cleaning scrub. Avoid searching pads, which can dull the surface, and harsh chemicals that could break down the bonds in between the quartz and resins.

It’s antimicrobial
Resin binders make quartz counters impermeable, so stain and odor-causing bacteria, mold, and mildew can’t penetrate the surface area.

Various Appearances
Quartz now comes in lots of colors, patterns, and completing techniques that simulate’s the look of natural stone. In 2018, Quartz manufacturers will continue to impress us with producing improvements to keep this countertops alternative king. Not simply for this year, however for quite some time to come.

Cons of Installing Quartz

It is costly
Compared to DIY options, such as wood, laminate, and concrete, which can cost less than $10 per square foot, quartz, like granite, is expensive– about $60 to $90 per square foot, consisting of installation. Acrylic solid surfacing, another completing choice, costs about $40 to $80 per square foot set up.

It cannot take extreme heat
Quartz counters are heat and blister resistant, but just approximately a point. The majority of makers say their products can handle approximately 400 degrees F, but an unexpected modification in temperature or sustained heat from a pan left on the counter might cause the surface to fracture. To be safe, constantly utilize a trivet or a hot pad.

Kitchen Countertop Ideas On A Budget

kitchen countertop ideas on a budget

Kitchen projects are significant investments. While a kitchen remodel will likely be one of the most costly things you can do to your home, it can likewise be the most important.

If you are preparing a kitchen or want to do some upgrades with a smaller sized budget plan, every decision you make, big or small, is necessary for your bottom line.

Cabinets, Home Appliances and Countertops are huge players in your budget plan. Here are a few tricks for you to save some cash on your countertops, while still giving you an elegant and quality project.


Laminate countertops in today’s age offer boosted efficiency and look very sensible. They cost much less than granite. Laminate is non-porous so you won’t need to seal and reseal. Although laminate is wear-resistant, it’s not as resilient as stone. However, it’s considerably cheaper than granite. The cost of cheap laminate countertops is approximately $20 to $50 per square foot while the cost of granite is around $100 to $225 per square foot.  You can buy laminate countertop in amazon.com. Link : Self Adhesive Vinyl Laminate Counter Top

Solid Emerging

Strong appearing is produced from plastic resin composites. It has a variety of colors and patterns. It can be formed into numerous shapes and sizes. Strong emerging is likewise non-porous and is stain and impact resistant. The cost is approximately $75 to $120 per square foot.

Polymer Pieces

Polymer pieces are granite-like sheets made from mixing stone with a specifically created polymer. You don’t have to demolish you’re existing kitchen if you’re renovating. The pieces are custom-cut and set up over existing counter tops. Having the counter tops set up over your previous countertops saves a great deal of time. The slabs are made to withstand scratches and stains. The cost is roughly $53 to $75 per square foot.

Granite Paint

Granite paint is painted on to existing counter tops. Each paint package comes with painting directions. Paint sets are available in a variety of colors that appear like real granite. One paint kit expenses around $70. Each kit covers 35 square feet of countertop.

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Kitchen Countertop Ideas

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