31 Remarkable Kitchen Countertops Options [A Definitive Guide to Different Countertops]

Kitchen Countertops Options – It’s a big choice, choosing a product for your kitchen countertop. In regards to expense and in their influence on the looks and practical function of your kitchen.

Top-end, exceptional kitchen countertop materials are a substantial part of a kitchen redesigning budget plan. A well-chosen counter top makes your kitchen more useful and easier to preserve, and it can also work as an essential style component of your kitchen.

The choices are many, but which kitchen counter top is the very best for you? Discover here.

Kitchen Countertops Options Ideas



Most ‘dream kitchen’ include granite as the best kitchen countertops. Its popularity originates from the reality that it’s heat resistant, scratch-resistant, and every piece is genuinely, distinctively lovely.

Granite is sturdy, stunning, and adds value to your home. Granite’s natural appeal and near diamond-hard durability make it a perfect material for countertops. Considering that it is non-porous, it likewise safeguards against mold and mildew.

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Quartz is an engineered stone. It is made of a resin and quartz blend which enables more color choices than you can find with natural stone.

It is a little more versatile, too, so it is less most likely to break during installation. Quartz looks like natural stone, but without the flaws, and it is a hard-working material that is a popular choice in lots of kitchen areas.

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Marble is the epitome of luxury. It’s softer than other stones, so it’s simpler to deal with when fabricating. It’s also heat resistant and cool to the touch, plus it’s naturally stunning with a large variety of patterns and colors to choose from.

Its benefits are also its detriments, considering that softer stone can chip and scratch easier. It’s likewise porous, so it will stain unless it’s sealed appropriately. However, if you have actually got your heart set on it, it’s not likely any of these negatives will sway your choice.

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Corian kitchen countertops are best understood for being the original strong surface- made of natural minerals, pigments and acrylic. The resin and mineral blend of the material may be prone to scratches and not resistant to high temperatures, however don’t let that turn you off.

Small scuffs and scratches can be rubbed right out of Corian’s surface, and the flexible product is far less likely to split than natural stone. Plus, it does not need to be sealed.

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Laminate has an unjustly made credibility as being ‘cheap’. Yes, it is more economical than many other products available, however there is a place for everything, and for laminate, that place remains in the kitchen, specifically if you have a tight budget plan. It is made from layers of paper or plastic and resin. Good quality laminate is long lasting, water resistant, and attractive, however it’s still less expensive than stone or other materials.

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Concrete has seen an increase in popularity as an alternative, particularly in large indoor and outdoor cooking areas. With included pigment, concrete can be made to match any kitchen. It’s sturdy and resilient, but it’s likewise porous, so you’ll require to have it correctly sealed to avoid stains. It’s not the very same things you see on walkways and blocks, though it is structurally comparable. Concrete counter tops can actually be extremely quite and creative.

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Solid Surface

A few years back, the only solid surface countertops you could discover were branded under the Corian logo design. After the patent on the name ‘solid surface’ ran out, more business lined up to provide their own variations of the space-age things. Because of the special binders used in the sealant, solid surface area counters have no seams and appear to be all one long, continuous piece. They’re neat, functional, and appealing, plus they don’t cost as much as stone pieces do.

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Formica is another cheap product. It is one particular brand name of laminate counter tops that has become such a household name that the majority of people use the terms ‘laminate’ and ‘Formica’ interchangeably.

As far as laminates go, Formica is one of the best, utilizing tough layers of plastic bonded to particleboard to develop worktops that are resilient and appealing.

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Stainless steel


Not simply for use in industrial kitchen areas, stainless-steel countertops are finding their way into a growing number of homes these days. The advantages of stainless-steel are apparent – it’s resilient, simple to tidy, and has a contemporary look that suits lots of new kitchen areas. It’s perfect for passionate cooks who need the space to create culinary work of arts.

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Recycled glass countertops are stylish and eco-friendly. Plus, they’re eccentric and cool, perfect for a retro-styled kitchen or simply as a fun declaration. They’re made from littles recycled glass, pigment and resin or cement blended to form a kitchen work surface area.

Naturally, not all recycled glass is vibrantly colored or strong– they can be colored any method you want– but they’re certainly a popular option for those aiming to minimize their carbon footprint.

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Travertine is typically called the ‘black marble,’ however it’s in fact a type of limestone formed under severe heat and pressure. It’s stunning, no denying it, but it’s likewise high upkeep since it’s softer than other stones and scratches easily. It’s also extremely permeable and need to be sealed effectively and routinely. If you aren’t scared to take it on, it can completely transform your kitchen in a truly nice method.

897 Reviews
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Soapstone is a hardworking material that’s perfect for cooking areas. It resists bacterial development, is heat resistant, and does not need sealing. You can sit a hot pan right on it, knead dough on its surface area, or just admire its warm, talc-like appearance. It’s stunning and practical, and it’s been used in science labs and medical facilities for decades, so you understand it’s dependable.



While most of us think butcher-block when we hear wood countertops, there’s a case to produced numerous woods like maple, mahogany, and cherry, as well as current popular choices like madrone. Not only do these time-honored materials add a warm, comfortable feel to any style kitchen, they can be refinished numerous times and will age magnificently.

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Inexpensive Kitchen Countertops Options

Carrara Marble

When it comes to marble, all types are not created equal. Believe it or not, there are some types that are less costly. Carrara is one type that isn’t the pure white that most people relate to marble. Instead, its grey veins give it a shadowy appearance that’s beautiful, however often more economical, than its bright white counterparts. Carrara is typically the most affordable option, beginning at around $50 per square foot.

180 Reviews
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Yes, if you’re searching for an affordable counter top or a retro appearance, basic laminates keep costs in line (costs begin around $5 per square foot). The material is relatively long lasting, but not heat-resistant. Installation is relatively fast, assisting to keep costs down.

Ceramic tile

Long lasting and affordable, tile comes in numerous colors, sizes, and textures and can be made of porcelain, ceramic, or stone. Prices differ, with the least pricey choices starting at $2 per square foot. It is also a terrific DIY project. Simply be sure to seal any grout utilized in between the tiles to ward off bacteria accumulation.

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Modular granite

A more economical alternative for homeowners who desire granite, or those you desire the expense savings of setting up granite themselves, is modular granite. Modular granite inhabits a niche halfway in between solid pieces and granite tiles. Modular granite can be referred to as large tiles pieced together to form a counter top. Although still weighty, modular pieces are lighter than slabs, making them a decent choice for DIYers.

354 Reviews
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If you wish to spending plan below engineered quartz, check out Formica. There are lots of variation of Formica. This stone-look laminate will serve any kitchen well as a strong neutral design force and a significant gamer in making the kitchen a worry-free, fun, and functional location to be.

Kitchen Countertops Options Prices

If you have decided that you want new kitchen counters, now you simply need to know how much they’re going to cost you. Budgeting for them is essential, and considering that the cost of various products can differ significantly, it’s essential that you understand what you’re getting into cost-wise with every option you think about. Listed below you’ll discover the prices from the most expensive to the cheapest per square foot.

Marble ($125 – $250), Quartz ($100 – $150),  Granite ($50 – $200), Stainless Steel ($75 – $150),  Solid Surface ($75 – $120), Concrete ($70 – $150), Soapstone ($70 – $120), Carrara Marble ($50 – $150),  Glass ($50 – $125), Travertine ($50 – $100), Corian ($42 – $65),  Wood ($35 – $200), Modular granite ($25 – $40), Laminate ($20 – $50), Formica ($20 – $30), Ceramic tile ($2 – $30)

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Kitchen Countertops Edge Options

If you’re new to thinking of selecting a profile edge, for example if you’ve never redesigned a kitchen however are now going forward with cabinet refacing, the timeless profile to consider is an easy square edge. From there you can look at subtle changes to that edge, such as having the edges eased to prevent sharp edges. An eased edge is slightly rounded for a smooth and comfortable feel.

Here are a number of ornamental edge alternatives to consider when choosing your countertops:

Stone Countertops :

  • Eased Edge – Our most typical edge, square without being shard. It supplies a contemporary easy appearance that works well with Shaker design cabinet doors.
  • Round Top – Another contemporary style that is easy however soft to the touch. Rounded on the top and reduced on the bottom. It closely resembles our most popular laminate profile waterfall.
  • Bevel Edge – A striking linear design that offers strong vertical lines to a kitchen. Bevel cut on the leading and reduced on the bottom, likewise really comparable to a laminate profile.
  • Bullnose Profile – A fully sculpted half round profile that is very soft and tactile to the touch. Functions well with streaming shapes and decorative cabinets.
  • Ogee Profile – A sculpted sloping profile that works well with cabinet doors that have detail in their design. The shape will include style and sophistication to any countertop.
  • Ogee over Bull – A variation of ogee that gives a small sloping location and supplies an additional carved information. The supreme in sophistication.
  • Mitered – The profile of the future, a procedure of laminating stone so that the countertop appears thicker than it is. Very popular with style experts that wish to make an impact. The mitered profile is a craftsman’s edge and does not work well with some stones.
  • Mitered Panels – An accent Panel to the flooring from the same material as the counter top. Usually used for islands in high exposure locations.
  • Chiseled – A naturally beautiful edge achieved by carefully breaking the edge and smoothing the piercing projections that result.

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Laminate Countertops :

  • No Drip – These edges have actually a rounded top and a square bottom. The bottom keeps spilled liquids flowing down rather than inward into the cabinets.
  • Waterfall – A great option to match a contemporary kitchen design, this edge has a streamlined front roll style without the raised No-drip bump.
  • Square Edge – Also referred to as Self Edge, this style is traditional and very basic with a 90-degree angle on top and a 90-degree angle at the bottom.
  • Euro – The laminate wraps around the front nose providing included security. This edge provides more curves and softer flowing lines.

Outdoor Kitchen Countertops Options

The two aspects that combine a kitchen, whether it be indoors or outdoors, are the cabinets and countertops. Outdoor countertops need to hold up versus time and climate, however likewise need to have the best feel and look to match the outdoor home. This can be challenging, as not every outside kitchen countertop is developed for outside environments.

Stone Countertops

There are lots of types of stone, and you can utilize any of them on your outside counter top, however should you? Porous stones like marble, limestone and bluestone may look fantastic initially, however they stain easily, so you may be entrusted to counters spoiled by grease or red wine.

Granite’s a popular, durable choice. It stands well to the components, does not soak up spots or smells as easily as other stones, and shouldn’t fade in the sun. Look for a design that does not have a great deal of veining.

Another long lasting stone alternative is soapstone. soapstone has great deals of pros in its favor, like heat-, stain- and bacteria-resistance. Likewise, unlike granite, soapstone is non porous so regular sealing isn’t needed. It can also withstand acidic foods, like citrus, vinegar and tomatoes, which is a huge bonus offer in any kitchen prep location.

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Tile Countertops

Tile is a good choice for outdoor usage in warmer environments. It may not be the best choice in cold climates, as the grout can crack during freezing and thawing. Porcelain and granite tiles are more resistant to fading than ceramic tile. Grout can stain, so utilize a darker grout for best results outdoors. Larger tiles minimize the number of grout lines.

Concrete Countertops

When picking the very best outdoor kitchen countertops choices, concrete is at the top of the pattern load today. Thanks to its clean, contemporary appearance, but it is vulnerable to breaking if not installed correctly. When we do installing custom concrete counters you need to enhance them with tensile steel.

Kitchen Countertops Options Pictures


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