Kitchen Faucet Ideas (Tips For Buying A Pull-Down Faucet For Kitchen)

Kitchen Faucet Ideas – Kitchen revamp efforts can be incomplete without considering the choices of the sink and faucet. These are a significant part of the design, which both homeowners and contractors need to recognize.

After all, these two things families use throughout the day when at home to perform different jobs; These can include meal preparations, dishwashing, and so on. Some experts believe that if you plan to renovate everything in your kitchen, then it would be wise to start with the faucet and other elements around it.

Although a sink and its faucet sit in a tiny corner of your busy space, they can still have a massive impact on the overall aesthetics and functions of the kitchen.

Nobody can deny that these two are the most frequently used items in any house. Hence, it makes more sense to invest yourself in these choices. Various brands are using advanced technologies and ergonomic engineering to help optimize your comfort and experience with them.

If you focus on the faucets first, you will come to know that there have been so many good things happening in this space in recent times. Of them, pull-down and pull-out spout models emerge to be quite futuristic. These designs allow you to remove the head of the tap from its docking station and stretch the hose to access the difficult part of the sink or pots with the higher force of water. 

As soon as you achieve your ultimate cleaning goal, you can put the spout head back to its main docking point. It feels like a smooth motion. The technologies have so improved that you will not even for a second feel overwhelmed or tired of using these models. 

Now, you may wonder which one of the two can be the best decision for your kitchen. In terms of popularity, a pull down kitchen faucet is doing exceedingly well for itself by garnering millions of sales almost every year. Hence, you, too, can focus on this. 

Kitchen fittings: Things to know about pull down faucets

The high-arching models can instantly transform the look of your kitchen regardless of its theme. It comes in many shapes and forms. You can feel tired of the options, but your excitement for them may be difficult to contain. Their spray heads tend to be the main attraction with their unique functions. However, these modern designs may not be a suitable match for small sinks. You can face splashing problems in that scenario.

The pull-down taps usually sit in the center of the sink in its stationary position. Although it occupies some space, the models with swivel action make up more than for this. Only a few brands and limited editions feature 360 degrees.

Some homeowners don’t attach the kind of importance this factor deserves. But it is essential to know that this single feature can make your operational tasks within a limited space easy and comfortable.

Earlier, pull-out faucets were having a moment for their flexible hoses. They were also not much problematic. But the arrival of pulldown formats has changed the game, widening freedom of choice for everyone. Nowadays, sinks are also supporting this design more than ever so that you don’t face any issue with your favorite installation type.

If this makes you feel that you need to give this model a try, then you can go ahead for sure. It can prove to be one of your most coveted investments in the kitchen upgrade. However, to enjoy this option to its fullest, you need to keep a few points in mind. Here is a quick rundown on them to help you with this.

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Height of the spout

When you compare it with other models, you will realize that these types tend to be quite high. The long neck and the sophisticated curve are the two distinguishing features that make this model so desirable among homeowners. 

Just make sure there is enough room on the kitchen island where you intend to fix it. If space is not the problem, there is nothing to worry about for you. But if there is limited room, then taking the distance and the height of the faucet from the sink into account becomes essential.

Features of the spray head

With this ergonomic design, you don’t need to struggle with cleaning chores at all. Whether you wanted to clean your sink or dirty dishes, you can depend on your pull-down model to make it simpler for you.

For an enhanced experience with the kitchen faucet, some companies help you switch between aerated stream and powerful spray mode depending on the requirement. If you need to fill pots and pitchers, you can run it in the stream form. However, for difficult cleaning tasks, you can turn to its sprayer.

Docking station

Right now, the whole attention has been on the spray head, if you observed. But you cannot ignore the docking facility also. Some homeowners may not find the issue of drooping spray head too worrisome because the faucet will still do what it has to do.

However, the problem is that even if it is functional, you cannot ignore its damaging effect on the aesthetic appeal. Some people can find it okay to take the spray head and do the work. They can be least bothered about its contribution to the overall beauty of the sink and kitchen. If you care about decor, it can be unnerving for you to deal with something like this. That’s why you have to be careful with the docking system. 

Look for something that comes with magnetic technology to help faucet click back to its designated position without any hassle.

Today, in the market, you get multiple variations in colors and materials used in pull-down faucets. From stainless steel, rubbed bronze, and chrome, these are exciting options to explore and select. Besides, the choices of matte black and white colors also deserve special mention. When you add any of them to your kitchen sink, you can expect only the best results to come out of this.

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