Inspiring Kitchen Remodeling Ideas, Costs, & Trends

Kitchen Remodeling – Spending quality time with family inside a house is not limited only in the living room. A kitchen can also be an alternative room to hang out and relax with family or guests. Although cooking and eating become a priority in the kitchen, it is also possible to do other activities.

Perhaps, the kitchen becomes the most used room in a house. If you spend most of your time there, necessarily it needs to have a warm and cozy atmosphere. On the contrary, if your kitchen is dull and disorganized, then the less time you will spend. Thus, this part of the house needs treatment too.

Besides a treatment, remodeling the kitchen can be another option to make it looks homey. Before starting to remodeling a kitchen, ones need to think carefully about many aspects, including the design, budget, and get some tips or inspirations. Therefore, a kitchen should not renovate randomly to make the room enjoyable and finished perfectly.

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Kitchen Remodeling Tips

kitchen remodel tips

During the process of remodeling a kitchen, the homeowner needs to prepare many things including ideas and information. These ideas and information are essential to make sure that the dream kitchen will look as good as the owner’s expectation and to avoid some possible problems in the future.

Collecting tips from many resources can help you design your kitchen. Thus, before you decide to do the makeover, here are some kitchen makeover ideas for your future kitchen remodeling project.

Paint your old cabinets

old cabinets painting for kitchen remodel

With fresh paint and new cabinets hardware, your kitchen will look brighter than before.

Consider to applied white color and natural tones to make the room looks clean and practical. Besides, repainting your old cabinets can also save more budget.

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Get an island

add island for kitchen remodel
Photo by Harvey Jones Kitchens

Islands are significant not only for preparing the food, but also for storage, dining, and comfortable seating. Moreover, it is suitable both for big or small kitchen sizes.

Therefore, consider getting an island for your kitchen so that your kitchen looks well-organized and comfortable to use.

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Install open shelves

shelves for kitchen makeovers

Save more space by installing open shelves. The open shelves are different because it is practical and make stuff visible so that it will be easier to find.

So, you can install them at standard upper-cabinets height or about 18 inches above the counter.

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Choose the best quality countertops

countertops for kitchen
Photo by Silestone

Do not choose random quality countertops, especially for its material. Choose the best one like sleek granite countertops. Besides, its aesthetic and beauty make it looks luxurious.

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Replace the old appliances

kitchen ideas appliances
Photo by Miele Ovens

Update your kitchen appliances by replacing the old ones into new ones. Choose the one with energy efficiencies such as a water-saving dishwasher, microwaves, and many other energy saving appliances. Besides modern, they save energy and environmental friendly.

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Built a comfortable corner

kitchen corner
Photo by 30 Collins

Make your underused corner useful by transforming it into a multifunction nook. You can use it for working or relaxing.

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Moreover, use your creativity to decorate it with unique accessories such as a blanket and comfortable pillows.

Pay attention to the flooring

flooring for kitchen remodel
Photo by Shoreditch

Don’t forget to focus on flooring while doing a kitchen makeover. Try to redo your kitchen floor by applying vinyl and glazed ceramic tile material with wood-look. Or, you can also install some checker plate close to your kitchen sink. Furthermore, those materials will make your kitchen floor look clean and comfortable to step on.

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Create kitchen decorations

decoration for kitchen renovation
Photo by

Show the beauty side of your kitchen by adding some items as decorations such as decorative bottles or artworks. Moreover, installing hooks to hang the cups, clocks, or small jars on the wall will show your home’s personality and its aesthetics.

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Provide a workspace

kitchen workspace ideas

During the cooking process, you need to have a proper space for chopping, mixing, and preparing the ingredients. Consider providing a space for it so that it will be more comfortable for you to cook. You can put the main appliances inside an island to maximize the cabinet space and save more time by working in one area. See kitchen work triangle.

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In conclusion, while remodeling a kitchen, it is essential to pay attention to those main things above. There were some simple tips to follow such as update and add new fixtures, put a little decoration, and make the left space useful. Hopefully, these tips can help in many aspects, including time, budget, and also creativity.

Kitchen Remodel Design Trends

Kitchen Remodel Trends

Back in the old days, most people didn’t care about kitchen design. Generally, people thought it was meant only for cooking and eating. But today, it becomes essential by following the trends and creating its artistic elements.

There are a lot of designs to follow for remodeling a kitchen. Besides some popular designs like contemporary or classical, there are also some other unique styles. Therefore, if you plan to build one with the current styles, here are some designs which are very popular these days.

Scandinavian Kitchen Remodeling

A beautiful Scandinavian design provides simplicity, efficiency, and elegant looks. Usually, this design has a clear-lined, minimalist setting, and charming wood accents. These are some examples of the kitchen with a Scandinavian style.

Black and White

kitchen remodel
Photo by Fenton GC

An application of black and white color seem perfectly blended on the appliances, backsplash, cabinets, and countertops. Combined with light wood floor and some timeless kitchen accessories, it shows a great model of Scandinavian kitchen design. The owner also install some unique accessories such as black hanging lamps, Scandinavian carpet model, and patterned tile

Fresh and Bright

Fresh and Bright kitchen
Photo by Elms Interior Design

Fabulous inspiration comes from this mid-sized kitchen. With the addition of a light wood floor, white flat-panel cabinets, and grey ceramic backsplash, those elements make the room looks clean and tidy. Besides, the light from the outside and light color from inside make the room brighter naturally.

Country Farmhouse Kitchen Remodeling

Most of the farmhouse kitchen shows its warmth and simplicity. It has natural characteristics on the texture and materials. Now, take a look at these country farmhouse kitchen examples.

Cozy and Serene

Cozy kitchen
Photo by Jess Cooney Interiors

Find the coziness and serenity in this farmhouse kitchen model. Start by looking at the wood accents on the floor and island. Then, the farmhouse sink, grey cabinets, and white stone backsplash show the fascinating materials and colors combinations.

Warm and Natural

Natural kitchen
Photo by Mulligan’s

A warm and cozy atmosphere is filling the room from a large window, colorful furniture, and plants on the island. Furthermore, we can also see a country home look on the wood floor, dominant white color, open shelves, and stainless steel appliances.

Coastal Kitchen Remodeling

The coastal design also known as beach style provides light colors and wooden frames. It combined some other designs such as traditional, rustic, and contemporary-modern just like these beautiful kitchens below.

Exquisite and Luxurious

cost to remodel kitchen
Photo by Progress Lighting

Lots of lightings applied here bring luxurious and elegant looks. Moreover, this open concept kitchen has a large island with marble countertops, a farmhouse sink, and stainless steel appliances. Thus, a beach atmosphere comes from the application of blue cabinets, stone tile backsplash, wood floor, and some ocean accessories on the wall.

Sweet Coastal look

kitchen farmhouse remodel
Photo by Tracey Rapisardi Design

Light from the outside and some wood furniture like cabinets, an island, and also wood floor make this kitchen looks natural. Also, sweet white and green combination on the wall makes it feels like stopping at the beach shop.

To conclude, various home kitchen designs have been created from time to time from traditional to modern, seasonal or classical. Furthermore, Scandinavian, Farmhouse, and Coastal are some of the popular ones. But after all, it depends on your choice because when it suitable with your expectation, it will bring great satisfaction.

Kitchen Remodel Cost

One of the most important things to be focused on before remodeling a kitchen is the budget. Besides time and ideas, preparing the right amount of budget will help you avoid some problems in the future. Therefore, calculation and planning is essential here.

average cost to remodel kitchen
Photo by

The cost of remodeling a kitchen depends on the size, materials quality, and the layout change. But mostly $75 to $250 per square foot or $12,548 to $34,538 in whole spent by the owner during the process. While on average it could cost $150 per square foot or $23,304 in whole.

Even a smaller one can cost between $10,000 to $15000 in whole, including renew the paintings, cabinets, tile backsplash and sink. Moreover, you can also spend more than $30,000 for installing exclusive appliances, quality wood floor, custom cabinets, and granite countertops.

Thus, choosing whether big or small kitchen remodeling will affect the cost. If it’s too expensive, you might feel complicated. But again, remember it depends on the quality. Moreover, think and choose carefully before you start to do a kitchen makeover because the kitchen is the heart of your home.

Kitchen Remodel Before And After

kitchen remodel before and after

A successful remodeling transformation is a dream of every kitchen’s owner. There must be a lot of plannings and anticipations before starting to do it. Whether you want to refresh the light or even full renovations, the first thing to do is getting some inspirations.

Inspirations come in many ways. Especially, if we take times to look back into a before and then compare it into after kitchen transformation. It will give us great inspiration. Therefore, we provide some examples of the fascinating kitchen remodel before and after transformations to inspire yours.

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Kitchen Remodeling : Outdated to highly functional kitchen

kitchen remodel before and after
Photo by Murray Lampert

Outdated. Although this kitchen was huge and had complete appliances, it looked dark and obsolete. And also there were many dark wood cabinets filled most of the room. Therefore, some changes needed to apply.

Highly functional kitchen. A fantastic kitchen transformation shows from outdated to up to date. Moreover, a new color and some furniture changes to new models, such as pendant lights, glass mosaic tile backsplash, and breakfast bar. Although there are some changes, the room still looks huge and functional.

Kitchen Remodeling : Untidy to Relaxing

kitchen makeover before and after
Photo by Karr Bick Kitchens & Bath

Untidy. It seems that this kitchen had no significant changes in a long time. The owner wanted to change it, but she wanted to keep the cabinets. As a result, there would be an extensive modification applied in this room.

Relaxing. Dominant wood accent fills the room from the floor, cabinets, and an island. Blended with brown ceramic tile, those combinations make this kitchen looks cozy and relaxing.

Kitchen Remodeling : Unattractive to Modern chic

kitchen remodel before and after
Photo by Lemon Thistle

Unattractive. We can see some flaws in here, such as the application of a small fridge, no dishwasher, and non-working stove. Moreover, the color of the room and cabinets model make it looks unattractive.

Modern Chic. A modern chic look shows in this farmhouse kitchen design. After some modifications on the wall, cabinets, and other appliances, now it looks fresh and up-to-date.

Kitchen Remodeling : Dreary to Glorious

kitchen remodel pictures
Photo by Love & Olive Oil

Dreary. The owner thought that this kitchen was a dreary place. We can see it on the black countertops and lack of appliances. Also, there were many empty spaces left.

Glorious. A great transformation from dreary to a gloriously tidy room, there are some significant changes in color, fixture, and appliances. Such as replacing wood cabinets into sparkling white ones. Now, this kitchen looks natural and perfect for cooking activity.

Kitchen Remodeling : Gloomy to Brighter

kitchen renovation before and after
Photo by Carla Aston

Gloomy. The owner thought this kitchen wall was bothering her. Furthermore, the brightness of the lights was low. It made the room atmosphere looked gloomy.

Brighter. A new design concept here shows a high contrast room. With more lights, new tile, cabinets, and white wall color, this kitchen looks brighter than before.


Most of those former kitchen styles above had low light quality, disordered, and boring looks. But then, they transformed beautifully into new ones with successful work in replacing, repainting, and also reusing some old fixtures. Thus, this could be an excellent inspiration for those who plan to remodel or build their kitchens. Therefore, remodeling a kitchen is not too simple or too hard. It is most likely somewhere in between. But first, we have to think about many aspects, including the budget, designs, and inspirations. Moreover, do not forget about the details. Pay attention even from small to big ones so that there will be no flaw and regret afterward.

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