Modern Decorating With Oriental Rugs In Your Home Decor

Interior design is one of the most dynamic industries around. Each year, there are different design trends like as Modern Decorating With Oriental Rugs. In 2021, a major interest was in the modern look with a minimalistic design. Whereas some of the top designs for 2022 centered on comfort and a mix of patterns and textures. There is even a large focus on bringing back the traditional design. 

Modern Decorating With Oriental Rugs
Juli Kosolapova

The easiest way homeowners can do this is by using oriental rugs such as Turkish Anatolian rugs. This article provides you with a short guide on everything you need to know about oriental rugs and how to decorate your home with them.

A Little Bit About Oriental Rugs

About Oriental Rugs

Oriental rugs are generally heavy textiles made from high-quality materials such as bamboo, silk, cotton, and wool. Oriental rugs have different shapes and patterns that have deep symbolic meanings. The significance of the patterns will depend on aspects such as culture, religion, and country of origin. For example, oriental rugs from Iran are known as Persian carpets, whereas oriental rugs used for Islamic prayers are called prayer rugs

Oriental rugs are originally from countries such as Asia, Turkey, Egypt, Tibet, and India. There are many types of oriental rugs, such as Ziegler rugs, Ikat rugs, Bokhara rugs, and more. However, each type of oriental rug will differ in how they are made and their patterns. For example, with Ikat rugs, the threads are dyed before the rug can be woven into a contemporary pattern with an abstract tone. On the other hand, Bukhara rugs have geometric patterns that have a deep religious meaning. These rugs are hand-knotted and made from wool.

Now that we know a little about oriental rugs and how they can differ, let us look at how you can use these rugs in your home. 

The Theme and Modern Decorating With Oriental Rugs

Decor of Your Home with oriental rugs

It is well-known that oriental carpets are bright, eye-catching, and can have various shapes and intricate patterns. Therefore, one of the first things that you should consider when using oriental rugs in your home is the color theme of your home. Some of the points to consider are:

  • Will the colors of the rug match the color scheme of the room?
  • Will the room have a minimalist and modern d├ęcor or a cozy and homely look?
  • Will the patterns on the rug clash, and will the patterns and texture on the upholstery and other furniture?

When decorating your home with an oriental rug, you will want to ensure that the patterns, shapes, and design of the rug will not clash with the patterns and texture of the room. For example, if the oriental rug is loaded with geometric patterns and shapes, then it will not suit a room with floral designs on the wall and ceiling. 

With regards to color, it will be best if the oriental rug matches at least two colors of the room. For example, if the room’s color theme has tones of brown, beige, and dark grey, then a dark red and/or brown rug will work perfectly. 

The Perfect Placement of Oriental Rugs 

Oriental rugs have become the go-to decorative pieces in interior design due to their versatility. A new trend in interior design is to use large rugs as hanging wall art. This trend allows homeowners to have a mini art gallery in their homes without needing expensive, elite paintings. Oriental rugs have always been any room’s main attraction and center focus. Now, these high-quality rugs can be used as hanging wall art, drawing the attention and interest of anyone who walks into the room. 

If you are aiming to create a warm, comfortable and cozy environment, then oriental rugs are your best bet. The way to place oriental rugs will largely depend on the type of room. For example, in the living room, the best method is to place an oriental rug in the center of the room with seating around it. In the bathroom, an oriental rug can be placed behind a wash basin. In a bedroom, small oriental rugs can be used around the bed. Oriental rugs can be used in just about any room, including home offices, hallways, and even outdoor living areas.

Creating a Comfortable and Relaxing Home Environment Using Oriental Rugs

Designer rugs such as oriental and Persian rugs have been used to design and decorate homes, offices, and public spaces for years. These types of rugs are perfect for crafting an inviting and calming area. In this article, we have put together a short beginner’s guide that you can use if you are thinking about designing your home using oriental rugs. 

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