New Home Decorating Ideas (Make Your New Place Awesome)

New Home Decorating Ideas – When you’re moving into a new place and looking to decorate for the first time, it can seem a little daunting. How to decorate your home?

What ever will you adorn you walls with, and what general aesthetic are you attempting to capture? Fret no longer. Just check out these easy tips for making your new digs absolutely chill.

Think About Furniture

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The thing taking up the most space in your new place will, of course, be the furniture upon which you sit, eat, and enjoy yourself.

You want your couch and living room chairs to convey the kind of style you’re going after, of course.

Cool Sofa

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Consider investing in some cool, sleek modern sofa styles to convey a laid-back and hip aesthetic. Also a trendy favorite, pick up an Eames chair to complete the space.

Trendy Dining Tables

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Dining tables and chairs are also something important you’ll want to consider in new home decorating ideas. If you’re living in a smaller place, you might just have a kitchen table and chairs, so be sure that your kitchen is as cute and trendy as possible

It may be expensive to buy all your furniture at once, so don’t be shy about shopping at thrift stores, yard sales, and Craigslist for awesome deals on cool furniture for your living room or kitchen.

An important thing to consider is what general aesthetic you want to go for. Do you want a trendy modern space? A cute vintage farmhouse style? Maybe you’re free spirited and want to go for a boho vibe? Be sure you’re consistent in your aesthetic. One of the keys to good design is making sure you stay consistent; you wouldn’t want an art deco painting adorning the wall of your farmhouse living room that also has an Eames chair and a lava lamp.

Consider Decorations

how to decorate a new house

Aesthetics Shelves

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Speaking of lava lamps, decorations can make or break the vibe in a living space. Once you’ve bought your furniture, you’ll hopefully have an idea of the general design aesthetic you are aiming for.

One way to amplify your space and also increase the area available for decorations and pictures is to put up shelves. Try staggering your shelves rather than stacking them above each other for a chic and eye-catching look.

Custom Pictures

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Once you’ve got your shelves up, you’re probably going to want to put something on them. There are plenty of great options in decorating a brand new home if you know where to shop. One on-trend favorite is the custom canvas portrait. Digital pictures are so common these days, they’ve really begun to lose their magic.

Reinvigorate that picture of you and your partner in Cabo by having it printed on canvas and put on a shelf in your living room! Personalized pieces like that really make a home more warm, inviting, and cozy – plus, it’ll be a conversation starter for sure!

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Fresh Plants

You can also put succulents and trendy geometric pottery on your shelves to spruce up your place and give it some leafy green organic charm.

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Bookshelves covered with books are both a great new home decorating ideas and a sly suggestion to visitors that you are well-read. Plus, every once in a while, when you get sick of screens, you can indulge in a novel from a shelf right in your own home!

Other options to consider that will add a homey and comfortable ambiance to your living space are carpets, wall hangings, and potted floor plants. Create a warm space for you and your guests by covering bare floor with a richly colored rug – just be sure not to cover too much hardwood floor if you have it, as that can really add a coziness to a space on its own!

Keep It Clean

This may seem like an odd suggestion, but think about it: haven’t you been in someone’s apartment or house that could actually be really nice, but just isn’t because it’s so cluttered and even messy or dirty? Your design is only as good as its level of cleanliness, a wise man once said. Make sure you dust, mop, sweep, and put away laundry often to keep your place as chic and sleek as possible!

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