10 Common Interior Design Mistakes to Avoid When Decorating House

Interior Design Mistakes – Decorating your home is an exciting process. You have the chance to pour your creative juices for the place to eventually reflect your personality and preferences. However, before you get too excited, realize that you might commit mistakes. Instead of boosting its appearance, it starts to look terrible. Here are the common mistakes you should avoid. Also, we prepare some decorating tips and tricks.

1. Not measuring the areas – Interior design mistakes

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Before buying anything, you should measure the area. The furniture and accessories must fit the desired location. You don’t want to regret the decision because your choice didn’t fit. Imagine if your bed is way too big for your bedroom. You can barely move around. It won’t be a comfortable place to live in. Where to start when decorating a bedroom? Take your time to measure the areas, and don’t go beyond your measurement. You should also have a concept in mind to determine the right location for your preferred home décor. 

2. Overwhelming your house with furniture

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There’s nothing wrong with choosing fascinating furniture and accessories to boost your house. It might be a part of your whole house decorating plan. You want it to look fantastic, and you choose the best items to fill the place in. The problem is when you have more than you should. You can’t move around freely anymore since there’s a piece of furniture in every corner. You might also run the risk of messing the place up since it’s harder to maintain.

Take a step back and edit. You can’t move forward with all your ideas lumped into the same area. Editing allows you to see if you already have enough or if you must do more. Choose a minimalistic approach in design. It makes the place soothing and relaxing. 

3. Relying on overhead lighting – Interior design mistakes

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Sure, you need overhead lights to brighten up your place. It also has practical use, especially at night. The problem with these lights is they don’t add beauty to your place. They also don’t create a dramatic effect. Hence, it pays to have a variety of lighting fixtures. Try adding floor lamps and table lamps. Use fixtures that allow you to adjust the brightness of the lights depending on your mood. 

4. Not paying attention to your bathroom

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You might think that no one cares about the bathroom. Your guests usually stay in the living room or outdoor spaces. They might stay longer in your place and decide to use the bathroom. You should be proud of that area. Consider having a walk in bath to elevate the appearance. It also makes your bathing experience more remarkable. You can even have a whirlpool bath to enjoy a long bath. Don’t forget to buy vanity furniture. It’s easier to keep everything out of the surface when you have huge storage space. You can also fix yourself and be ready to go as soon as you leave the bathroom. 

5. Going over the top with accessories 

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There’s no problem if you dislike a simple home design. Pursue a more sophisticated style based on your design preference. However, it doesn’t mean that you should go over the top with accessories. Again, editing is the key. You might feel overwhelmed at times and keep going with the accessories. You might even put together things that don’t blend well. Stay away from complications and try to simplify your home design. 

6. Not dealing with repair issues – Interior design mistakes


Before you delve into the design aspect of your house, start by dealing with repair issues. It doesn’t matter how lovely your house is. These repair problems can bring everything down. Imagine if you have a guest who noticed a hole in your ceiling. Repair problems might also lead to injuries. If you have children running around, it’s the last thing you want to happen. 

7. Making everything match – Interior design mistakes

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Uniformity isn’t necessarily a good quality in home decoration. Having a theme is necessary, but it doesn’t mean everything should look the same. It even pays to diversify the themes in every corner. However, it also looks tacky if you pursue a uniform design throughout your house. 

8. Hanging artwork at a higher place


If you want people to appreciate your artwork, hang it in a lower area. They’re not only for decorative purposes. You also want them to be conversation starters. Hang them at a good height where everyone can see the details. If these are your creations or anyone else’s in the family, they’re worth bragging. No one might notice them if you put them too high. 

9. Choosing the wrong area rugs – Interior design mistakes


You can’t go wrong with area rugs. They can bring everything together. Your chosen furniture and accessories might not stand out without these rugs. The problem is when you choose the wrong design. It might be too tacky or incompatible with the rest of the designs.

Another problem is when your area rugs are too small. They’re barely visible and won’t serve a purpose. Don’t hesitate to spend money on quality area rugs. You can even go further and choose unique designs. 

10. Not having enough mirrors

You can never have too many mirrors in a house. They serve a practical purpose and are affordable. They’re also perfect for smaller houses. You won’t mind having a small space since the mirror will create an illusion that there’s more. Choose different designs and sizes. You can hang them on the wall or have one with a stand. Further, life-sized mirrors are also perfect if you want to see yourself clearly before leaving the house. 

You don’t want to commit these worst interior design mistakes when designing your house. It pays to work with interior designers. They know better since they spent years perfecting their craft. They also worked with different clients and understood the dos and don’ts of the process. The best part about having interior designers is connecting you with suppliers. You will spend less since they will help ask for a lower price. 

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Take your time to design your house and look at every detail. You can choose either traditional or modern interior design. Thus, don’t forget to edit before finalizing your decisions. Prepare for alternatives since things won’t always go your way. However, it might take time, but you will eventually see the desired results.

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