Preparing Garden For Winter | 7 Easy Ways To Improve Backyard

Preparing Garden For Winter – Summer is slowly coming to an end, so that means preparing your garden for colder weather. It’s important to carefully shut the garden down to save you time in the long run. Whether your area has extreme or mild winters, either way, a few tips will reduce the amount of work for next spring. 

So, here are 7 easy ways to prepare your garden and backyard for winter. Not only they will help you prepare for winter better, but they will improve your backyard over the long term. 

Insulate the Backyard Well House

Most households have water systems that are enclosed in a well house. It’s essential to keep it protected and insulated during winter to avoid freezing. Depending on the well, some enclosures are built below ground level to keep the well from freezing during cold months. Many conditions can keep your well at risk, such as bad insulation, tear from use, improper design, or torn weather stripping. That’s why it’s important to have an insulated well house to act as an air, vapor, and radiant barrier. 

Insulation can be installed easily to keep your well from freezing. Good insulation will not promote mold or be a nesting place for rodents, bugs, and birds. In addition, it will not promote condensation, which is created when the temperature difference is high between the outside and inside. So, install proper insulation before the weather becomes cold, now is a perfect time. Make sure there is no missing insulation or draft holes. 

Preparing Garden For Winter: Roses For Winter

winter rose

There are easy and important steps when it comes to preparing roses for wintertime. Although it depends on the rose type, some will do better than others. Many people skip these steps and see the consequences after the winter. 

So, in order to save your roses during colder times, make sure to give deep watering before the ground freezes. Also, don’t fertilize or cut back. You should add extra soil and mulch or straw around the base. 

As there are many rose garden ideas that can make your backyard look magical, it’s important to carefully look after them so they can bloom next spring, too. Rose bushes should be covered with gardening fabric and stuck to the ground. If your area is experiencing windy fall or winter and it pulls the fabric up, just secure it and stick it to the ground again. 

Maintain Backyard and Garden Tools

Garden Tools

Cleaning backyard and garden tools is not the most fun chore. However, even if it’s not fun, it’s important to clean them, sharpen them if necessary and oil them up. 

Don’t throw away tools that have a bit of rust on them, just use sandpaper to get rid of the rust. Make sure to use machine oil to coat your tools before storing them for winter. Lightly coat them with a rag and oil will prevent oxygen and water from ruining your tools and rusting them. 

With just a little bit of extra care, you can save money on buying tools every spring. 

Store Backyard Furniture

Backyard Furniture

The backyard patio is perfect for spending a nice warm evening with your family and friends outside. While it’s great for spring and summer, it must be properly prepared for colder weather. To keep your furniture, last many years, make sure you protect it from rain, snow, and sleet. Protect everything, from chairs, and tables to pillows and other pieces of furniture. 

If you own wood furniture, use protective waterproof sealant for wood. The same goes with iron furniture, use rust-resistant primer and exterior-grade enamel paint to keep your furniture prepared for cold months. In addition, use clear marine varnish on wicker furniture and use Scotchgard for cushions, and fabric furniture to keep it safe from stains and water. 

This way, your backyard furniture will be protected and will survive long and cold winter. 

Taking Care Of Your Lawn During Winter

A pretty green lawn is the essential point of every backyard or garden during summer. However, there’s a little extra care needed for your lawn during winter. With proper steps and tips, your lawn will survive the cold months. 

First, prepare your lawn for winter. Aerate and fertilize your lawn and spread cool season grass seeds around and water them. During winter, try to avoid adding salt to grass to melt snow and keep your grass at a short-medium length. This is important because tall grass can attract pests and ruin your lawn. 

Maintain Your Vegetable Garden

Vegetable Garden

Even though colder months mean less garden work, taking care of your vegetable garden is year-round work. Depending on the plant, you can even have a winter harvest. If you have common vegetables, such as tomatoes, make sure to use a frost protection cover during the night. If the temperature is 50°F or higher, you can remove the cover during the day. 

Also, carrots can be taken care of during winter. Just plant them in time and harvest them before the frost comes. Believe it or not, cold weather can make carrots sweeter before harvesting. 

If you have herbs, such as lavender, mint, or chives, make sure to prune them back.

Remove Diseased Plants

Some dead plants can be left in place because they add nutrients to the soil, however, some can spread disease, funguses, or pests. It’s important to notice any signs of the disease while plants are growing and remove them. While spent plants provide protection for the soil and reduce erosion throughout the winter. 

Take your time to learn about different plant diseases so you can easily notice any changes and remove them in time before they spread to surrounding plants. Keep your plants, herbs, or vegetables healthy for a nice garden that can survive winter and be ready when the warmer weather comes back around. 


Even though taking care of and Preparing Garden For Winter can be a lot of work, it means you will have a successful season. With the right preparation, like cleaning up, planting, and weeding, you will welcome springtime with fewer chores and have an easier season. 

While the weather is still nice and not that cold, it’s the perfect time to start Preparing Garden For Winter. Go step by step and by the time winter comes, your backyard will be all ready for colder months. 

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