30+ Beautiful Rose Garden Ideas For Your Outdoor Space

Rose Garden Ideas – They say never judge a book by its cover. While the quote does make sense when it comes to literary works as what matters is the one that is written inside, it will not do justice for houses.

The first impression of a house comes from its exteriors—your patio, garden, and curb are playing the role as the cover. Hence, it is becoming quite essential to improve the exterior part of your house.

It is not always take a lot to do to decorate a house’s exterior. For example, most houses will have a curb that needs only a little improvement to be upgraded. If to build a deck and patio will potentially cause a lot of fuss, spruce up your front yard is a perfect option to consider.

Decorating your front yard—especially if you only have a small area to cover—is a fun activity to do together with your family and does not require too many heavy works.

For instance, growing a rose garden. It is not the hardest to grow and care if we compare it with other flowering shrubs. As the queen of flowers, roses are perfect for any occasions and settings.

A great styled and designed rose garden, with beautiful colors and shapes of shrubs, will make anyone who comes across can’t help but stare. Without a doubt, it is safe to say that a rose garden will make a decent cover for your house’s exterior.

Rose Garden Design

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It is essential for us to know that when it comes to making a rose garden, there are more things to acknowledge other than the roses themselves. Designing a rose garden requires some sort of planning—a simple one, but we should not overlook it.

Front yards are different from one house to another; different sizes, models, and features. Before you get started with the plan, you need to know which kind of rose garden ideas you want to get.

For example, you need to find the one that will fit your front yard and perfectly match with other plants that you already have, or whether you will get an arbor to decorate the roses. If you’re looking for inspiration, worry not! Here are 12 or our favorite ideas for rose garden design that you can add to your list of options:

Rose canopies

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Get the romantic English garden of your dream to your palace. Rose is the flower that can make the dream comes true because it has one specimen that is considered as a great climber.

Let anyone who walks through the canopies mesmerized with the roses hanging above their heads. In addition to that, you can also combine it with another kind of shrubs to make the canopies entirely covered as if they are built by nature.

Rose garden ideas on a budget

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Who says rose garden is only for those with large space around their houses? The beauty has no limit, as you can even plant one on your apartment’s balcony or rooftop like this rose garden ideas, a rose garden design for small gardens.

It is perfect for creating a relaxing and refreshing space in the middle of loud city life. You can have the roses planted inside the pots and arrange them to make a pretty little balcony garden.

Colorful rose garden ideas

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Rose garden ideas, roses are popular because of their wide variety of colors and sizes. Combining all of them will create a colorful rose garden which once they bloomed, your garden will turn into a beautiful wonderland that no one can ever stop looking. You can also add other flowering shrubs and a few annuals to fill the gaps between your roses shrubs to make the garden looks a bit more cohesive. 

Cottage garden roses

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If you opt for a non-formal and natural looking garden, you can create this English-inspired cottage roses garden ideas. Traditionally, a cottage garden consists of a mixture of flowers, vegetables, and herbs, first known existed during the Elizabethan times in England. Throughout the time, cottage gardens got reinvented multiple times. However, roses never leave the list of plant varieties that have to be included. A cottage garden can be achieved in whatever sizes your front yard is—small yard will make a romantic and cohesive cottage rose garden, and the larger one allows you to add more plants and flowers to the mix.

Monster roses

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Imagine always to get to smell roses blossom every time you walk into your house. If the idea hooks you up, it’s time to grow climbing roses on your wall. Walls covered in roses will not only serving you with such eye-pleasing scenery, but it will also change the entire look of the landscape. You can grow the types of roses that will be best to cover either the front part of your house. Also, you can grow them in the back, giving you the fantastic decoration for your next barbecue party. The options are varied from Danse De Feu, the type of roses that bloom in clusters; Fourth of July, the one with candy canes patterns and colors on it; to Alchymist, the rose that is famous for its strong fragrance.

Formal garden roses

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Bring the beauty of Versailles palace to your own garden. If you have an abundance of space on your front yard, you might as well not holding back when it comes to creating the garden you always dream of having. Decorate the entryway of your house with roses shrubs planted with hedges as the frames. This kind of rose garden ideas will indeed complete the luxury vibe of your property.

Walls with roses

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Your rustic looking brick wall is a perfect space to grow Clarence House type of roses. Get the traditional English house vibe by planting the climbing white roses to cover one entire side of the wall like the one in a farmhouse in Hampshire. Clarence House roses will fully bloom in June during the summer and will have another round of bloom during the first week of fall. However, this type of rose will need plenty of sunlight to bloom successfully, even though it grows well in many kinds of soil.

Backyard rose garden idea

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Is throwing a backyard dinner party becoming one of your most favorite things to do during the hot summer and the chilly fall nights? If your answer is a yes, then you should spruce up your backyard to amazing the guests. Even though it is perfect for front yard garden, roses shrubs are great to decorate your backyard garden. The flower’s fragrance is also becoming another reason for you to start growing it.

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Roses on patio

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Get this dreamy outdoor dining area that will make you feel like you are in one of those romantic movies, like this one patio design in Santa Barbara. Roses are the symbol of romanticism for its beauty and colors. Grow the roses shrubs on an arbor to decorate your patio, and the type that will be perfect for it is the Alchymist. Not only it is the type of rose that is a natural climber, the strong fragrance will also complete the setting of your romantic outdoor dinner with your loved ones.

To fully enjoy your patio and garden, you need to have comfortable outdoor furniture that will fit perfectly with the surroundings. Globo Surf has some great guides that will help you choose your perfect outdoor furniture.

Roof with roses

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Turn your landscape design into a new level with growing a garden full of roses on your roof, like this one shown on a patio in New York. You can pick the type of rose called New Dawn in soft pale pink, a modern flowering climber with medium-sized blooms. Within not more than five years after you start growing it, the shrubs will cover the roof beautifully.

Sunken rose garden ideas

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The sunken rose garden is planted a foot below the level of the surrounding main level. It is traditionally framed with low cut hedges in symmetrical shapes. It became quite popular in the Victorian era, which explains the vintage feeling it gives you when you walk through it. Moreover, roses are perfect to plant in a sunken garden because they need well-drained soil to grow beautifully. Sunken garden will direct water due to its position that is lower. 

Fence rose garden

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Avoid getting dull looking picket fences for your house if you can spice it up with beautiful flowering shrubs and bushes. Plant the shrub 2 to 3 feet away from the fence line to get fully formed rose bushes. Let anyone who passes by charmed by the beauty of roses and smell the lingering fragrance fills the air. 

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Tips For Rose Gardening

Tips For Gardening

If somebody says anyone can grow roses easily, will you believe them? Do not get intimidated by the idea of planting cohesive roses shrubs with your own hands, because it is true that anyone can grow them successfully. In the modern day, rose bushes are cultivated in more advanced ways to make them sturdy and able to grow in many kinds of conditions. Get the right tools, understand the basic rules and tips, have a bit of commitment, then you’re good to go. Here are a few tips from the expert on how to grow your rose garden:

Make sure your soils are well-drained

Roses will grow well when they have plenty of water to absorb. However, it is crucial to incorporate well-rotted compost to your soil mix before you start to plant.

Roses need plenty of sunlight to grow

Therefore you need to plant them in an openly sunny position. Your roses need at least five to six hours of sun in a day.

Some types of roses can grow under the shade

You could pick this option if you wanted to plant the roses for different situations.

Right time to plant

Planting the roses bare-roots in the late autumn until early spring is the most economical way to do it. Make sure to water them often until they are finally established. Also, you need to add organic matter in spring to feed them and don’t forget to weed.

Choose the rose varieties

If you already have annuals and perennials such as phlox, lilies, penstemons, or salvias, choose the rose varieties that will repeat flower from June to the first frosts. This way, the roses will be a great addition to the existing flowering shrubs on your garden.

Best Rose To Plant

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There are hundreds of rose varieties with different colors, sizes, and smells. Those varieties also have different period to fully bloom, hence the different times to plant them too. Nowadays, picking the type of roses is not only limited to its colors, but also the functionality. There is one type that will be perfect for growing around your patio, and another one that will make beautiful flowers arrangement. Here we have compiled 12 best gardens rose varieties to grow:

American Pillar

A good choice for your walls and arbours that will grow beautifully during the summer where the sunlight is plenty. It is a natural climber that perfect for the house’s structures and drought resistant.

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Darcey Bussell

An English shrub rose with fruity fragrance and crimson red color. It is beautiful to plant as a rose garden, in containers, or with low cut hedges. 

Constance Spry

Also known as English rose, it is ideal shrub to be grown for walls, fences, and pergolas. It requires plenty of sunlight, and the fragrance is exceptional.

Just Joey

A variety with large blooms and ruffled petals. Resistant to disease and it has a mahogany-tinted foliage. Perfect as decorative plant with borders and containers.


A pinkish yellow hybrid tea with sweet scent. It will fully bloom in the late spring to autumn.

Graham Thomas

As the world’s favorite rose, it has a distinctive cup-shaped blooms that flowers all through the summer and autumn. To create a large bush, plant it in groups in well-drained soil.

Rambling Rector

A perfect variety for cottage garden since it tends to grow in masses. The blooms will flower abundantly in summer to autumn, fills the air with a delicious fragrance.

Gertrude Jekyll

A repeat-flowering shrub with the classic rose fragrance and easy to care. It has rich pink rosette colors and will look pretty planted among other flowering perennials.

Rosa Mundi

One of the oldest varieties of rose with strong fragrance. Its elegant look is perfect to create an informal rose garden.

Coral Flower Carpet

A perfect variety to cover the ground with repeat-flowering blooms. It is resistant to disease and can be maintained easily. It will provide thousands of flowers in the late spring to autumn. 


Well, it is safe to say that you can never go wrong with roses. The flowering shrubs with strong fragrance will upgrade the look of your garden in an instance. There are varieties of garden roses that easy to maintain, disease resistant, and even can survive the drought. You can grow your own rose garden easily, and pick the kind of roses that will perfectly match your style.

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