Wedding Table Rentals Ideas | Renting For Your Vintage Themed Party

Every vintage themed party needs a signature look to set the tone and strike an old school vibe. Decorations, menu selection, table settings, wedding table rentals and glassware can help solidify the theme.

When it comes time to find those items, you have the option to scour shops and online storefronts to get just the right thing, or to rent your party motif. Here are five reasons why renting from Austin party rentals is the right move for making your vintage party special.

Score Quality Pieces

 wedding table centerpiece rentals

Event rentals Houston and other party decor providers maintain curated collections of high quality wedding table rentals, furniture, bar settings, photo backdrops and more. You’ll be able to find custom-made pieces and carefully reconstructed furniture creations from a wide variety of styles. Purchasing those types of items is expensive and time consuming, as you try to find sturdy pieces that fit the mood of your party. Renting comes with a quality guarantee, taking away any headache in the planning process.

Add Special Touches

wedding table linens rentals

Your party will get plenty of cool factor from the stellar playlist you’ve put together, a classy cocktails selection and a stunning food spread. Why not add some special touches to take it over the top? A rental service can provide vintage-inspired pieces like bar carts, food stands, disco balls and gathering spaces to amplify the theme. By renting those pieces, you’ll be able to enjoy them without having to worry about storing or recycling them after the bash. Plus, renting is a more sustainable choice than buying, as the pieces will be available for use by future clients.

Get Everything in One Spot

From table linens to furniture to flatware, there’s a lot of elements that go into throwing a vintage soiree. An event rentals provider can provide one-stop shopping for all your party needs, often offering delivery and pickup. Rather than running from one store to the next to find everything you need, you’ll be able to select items from an online storefront or in-person showroom and call it a day.

Take on Any Era

Planning a wedding with a rustic cottage feel? Or a fundraising gala with a mid-century vibe? No matter what vintage style you’re wanting to achieve, a specialty rental service offers access to a curated collection of pieces from a variety of styles. You’ll be able to match dinner plates with linens and furniture rentals and keep everything on theme.

Find Your Style Guide

If you have a theme selected but you aren’t quite sure where to start, a rental service can provide inspiration and guidance. Maybe you want to throw a 1920s-style cocktail party, but you’re not certain what 1920s style looks like. Turn to a rental service that specializes in vintage pieces to get tips and suggestions on items that will make your event one to remember.


When it’s time to start planning your next big event, you want everything in the room to match your vintage theme. Look for a trusted vendor of wedding table rentals, furniture and other event essentials to throw a vintage-themed party for the ages.

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