30+ Trendy Hat Rack Ideas [A Review on Modern & Contemporary Hat Rack]

Hat Rack Ideas – Rather of throwing your hats in the corner of the coat closet or losing them to a leading shelf in any or every space of the house, build yourself a hat rack to organize and show them nicely.

Whether you have actually got a big collection, utilizing them for decoration purposes only or use them enough to construct a need to grab-and-go.

hat rack ideas

Hat Rack Plans

hat rack plans

Organize your corridor or mudroom with this simple hat rack. You simply cut the boards to fit your space, paint them. Then, outfit them with various type of hooks to suit your needs then screw them to the wall.

We used 6-ft.-long 1x4s, however use whatever length works for you and the space readily available. We picked poplar, which is the best choice if you desire a painted surface. If you’re after a natural wood appearance, pick any types you desire.

Complete the boards initially and after that attach your hooks. We utilized drawer takes down the middle and a bathrobe hook near the top to hold knapsacks and bigger items. However, you will discover hooks in a remarkable variety of designs, colors and rates at hardware stores and online sellers.

Connect the boards to studs, or to the drywall with screw-in drywall anchors. Drive three screws in each board: one at the top, one in the middle and one at the bottom. Now you have a terrific location to hang your hat.

Wood Hat Rack Ideas

wooden hat rack plans


Building a wooden hat rack is an easy and cost efficient procedure. There are numerous actions that need to be taken prior to the task can be finished. The initial step is to determine the length of the wanted wooden hat rack. If a number of hats are to be hung, then it makes sense to develop 2 small ones instead of a single big one.

Determine what does it cost? space has to be left between any two hats. Baseball caps usually use up less space as compared with cowboy hats. The kind of hats to be saved will help in choosing the amount of space that has to be left in between private hats.

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Hat Hanger Ideas

Hat Hanger Ideas


We know that these hats and caps save us from the hot and scorching sun in the summer times when we are outside your home. However. they can truly develop a mess if there is no correct place to organize and hang them in your home.

The friendly and easy to make a wall hat display would ensure the well organized hanging of the hats in your hall, entryway or either in your room. You can make it from the inexpensive sources. Use restored wood, base bats, pallets with pegs, hooks, toy dragons as the hanging hooks.

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Cowboy Hat Hanger Concepts

Hat Hanger Ideas


For a specific hat collector, this rack is produced cowboy hats. If you have a bunch of stetson that need to be arranged, choose this cowboy rack holders. Your collection of cowboy hats would look good and decorative.

This fashionable layer shelf would match a timeless and farmhouse design room. This type of rack style would show individuals that you come from the west side of the states. It uses a barn wood which is created to take you back to 1879.

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Hat Stand Ideas

Hat Stand Concepts


If you do not like the wall-mounted hat racks, you might wan na try to put a hat rack stand in your space. This is one of the outdated alternatives of the rack, however it can be a pretty good addition to your empty space.

It can really be built on your own as fedora hat rack. Bundle four stick and stand them all like you will make a fireplace. Then, tie them all with a rope to obtain it standing similar to in the image. Make them more charming with fun paint colors. Finally, you are prepared to hang any devices you desire.

You can buy hat rack stand from amazon.com (Display Hat Rack Stand)

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Hat Organizer Ideas

Hat Hanger Ideas


In this organizer ideas, you can utilize the hat hanger principle. You can put the clip on the plastic buckle and link the webbing with hooks without utilizing other tools, then repair the hook on the door, wall and closet, simple for you to install and use. It can be applied to hang them on the door, wall, closet rod and so on, can conserve space and display caps a lot easier when buddies or families visit your house.

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Its adjustable size is 1.2 m in length, the distance are adjustable in between the 2 hats with shifting stainless steel buckles, practical for you to change proper position. You can put the clip on the plastic buckle and connect the webbing with hooks without using other tools, then fix the hook on the door, wall and closet, simple for you to set up and use.

It can be used to hang them on the door, wall, closet rod and so on, can save space and display screen caps a lot easier when good friends or families pay a visit to your house.

Baseball Cap Organizer Plans

Baseball Hat Organizer Ideas


A baseball hat rack is a great way to remove sloppy piles of your preferred caps in a closet. You can do it by creating storage for hats over a door or mounted on a wall. The Perfect Curve Cap Rack has actually long been a very popular and extremely rated baseball cap rack that can hold up to numerous hats and mount directly onto a wall.

Therefore, this hat holder help them keep their shape, and keep them clean, such as the popular Baseball Cap Washer. It likewise enables you to organize hats. You also keep them concealed away on the back of a bed room or closet door. Whether you are a sports memorabilia collector or just have a lots of hats to show support for your preferred groups, get a new hat rack to keep them all arranged and manageable.

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Simple Homemade Hat Rack Plans

Simple Homemade Hat Rack Plans

Copper hat rack is among the easiest homemade hat rack design. This hat rack combines a copper pipeline, pegs, and rope in its making process. Copper, as the emphasize, and other metals are trending to be integrated as hat hanger for wall in home decoration. The usage of pegs to hold the hats is rather amazing likewise given that most of hanging organizer use hooks.

However, pegs may leave marks at your hats if you clip them for too long. So it is suggested to regularly launch them from the pegs for a couple of minutes and put them back later afterward.

But then again, a little drawback caused by some simple pegs can’t be compared with the great benefits you’ll get. While this copper hat rack assists you in arranging your hats, it is one creative decor for your walls, too, at the same time.

How To Store Your Hats

Have you ever make a particular room for storing hats? If not, it is better to stat right now. As for accessories, hats are essential to be given specific treatments. You may organize them by colors, shapes, sizes, or uses. It is helpful while you want to use which of them is best for your agenda.

1. Use Hanging Hats Based its Specifications

Some hats are suitable to put on pegs. Those are having durable material and natural treatments. It is because they are neither fragile nor antique. Those hanging hats are easy to install and more practical. For sturdier formal ones, you can use baseball caps, cowboy hats as an option. It is helpful for you to organize them by size, shape, material, and color.

2. Determine Suitable Pegs

Pegs are easily found in any markets like home repair stores, furniture, décor shops. If you do not have time to go there, you can buy them online, which provides you many styles. However, if you can make them yourself, it is more recommended, since you can model them yourself and save money. You can make those for 2 inches or about 51 mm wide.

3. Choose The Right Angle For The Pegs

It is the vital thing to do, yes, the location to set the nails. Things to consider are security, the look, and access. While having many collections of hats, you had better put it structurally based on that size, color, and shapes. With the right arrangement, the number of caps will be looked neat. If you are crazy about using hats while doing outdoor activities like traveling or doing sports, you can grab it fast when locating it near the strategic space. Besides strategic, you have to pay attention to its security, so that make sure your children do not rush in the room.

Hat Rack Design Ideas

Are you crazy about hats? It is not that worth it until you decide to store them at the right storage. The hat racks are very artsy, practical, and beneficial. If you are looking for designs, here are some designs that may be suitable for your personality. Let us check them out.

Aqua Style Hat Rack

Living in a coastal area? Why not designing an oceanic style? You have to be fast while doing outdoor activities. Therefore, the hats are better to be placed in an easy-to-reach spot. Consider things that remind you of the coastline. It might be sand, coral, and paddles, and so on. Paddles bring a joyful ornament for a house. You can put them on the wall as an attractive look. As an alternative, you can use them as a layer shelf.

Clothes Pins as Assessment


Sometimes, we do not have enough time and proper planning to design new furniture. For this reason, you can use a cord as a unique and simple design. Use many clothespins as possible to pin the hat. To avoid many crushes, choose white as the base color of the wall. It is also to pop out and lighten the inside atmosphere.

Whitmor Wood Natural Clothespins, S/100
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Twig Hooks as Alternative

While walking on the street, you may find some twigs. Keep an eye to them, then turn them into a ‘wonderful sculpture.’ How to start master that masterpiece? Use a single twig and iron hooks for hanging the coat, bags, or hats. If it is needed, you may employ some strings and nails for the installation. Firstly, tie the points of the twig. Secondly, add a pin on each end. Lastly, hang the sprigs on the nails.

Tree Trunk Style


If you are crazy with nature, this idea of using a tree trunk on top of a black painted wood board is your answer. Feel the natural nuance of this design. It enables you to choose a tree trunk with many branches rather than picking up a wood board. Paint them in different colors. It might be pop up, retro, or white and black ones. The first step is altering the trunk into the adjusted size and shape. Then, paint them as arching out the theme of the room.

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Hanging Hooks


This style might be odd. You need some ropes or unused belts to do that. , you attach the lines from the ceiling to the considerable height. Measure the desired gaps and place the hooks as the middle to the bottom of the ropes. It is even effortless but unique.

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Contemporary Wooden Hooks

If you desire an exclusive modern look, you had better try this one. First, choose a full wooden pallet and a drill. Second, make holes by training on the surface. Do not forget to measure the gaps for hanging medium to small size stuff. Then, choose long and cylinder-shaped woods to be installed to the holes. Use the cylinder as hanging.

Rustic Wheel Model

Are you an old-fashion person? Looking for classic, vintage style of hat rack? It is your best preference. Make your coarse wheel, or you may search it at the furniture shops. Then, polish it so that it becomes smoother and fresher. Finally, the hat rack is ready. It is suitable for the most used hats so that you have to put a group a wheel.

Glass Hat Box

This model is acceptable for snap-backs. It is because they have a smaller size than hats worn at the beach. You need a medium size to store them. To display them, use glass boxes. By doing so, you can look at the design. Therefore, choose the right corner to install them in the right spot.

The Clear CapBox Stackable Hatrack Cap Rack Hat Box Storage Containter for Baseball Caps, Fitted Hats, Snapbacks &...
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Turquoise Hat Rack

For you who love a pop taste, turquoise design is the answer. With wooden material, all you have to do is curving the pegs as to shed light an artistic touch. Knit Hats are the suitable ones. By putting three to four hat racks, it is possible to reach the most prominent hats to use.

Elevate Wooden Hat Rack


If you have ample walls, free style of hat rack accommodates you to put many kinds of hat. This design uses medium tone wooden with elevate pegs. To use, you can short the hats by determining its specification whether the size of shape. It actually fits the ones with light material.

OROPY Wooden Expandable Coat Rack Wall Mounted Multi-Purpose Closet Hook for Door and Wall (X Shape, 14 Peg Hooks)
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Glass Bottle Design

Just in case you have many glass bottles of wine, you had better consider recycle those as hat racks. This alternative is more economical. Of course you can do it yourself with some modifications like combining the different colors of bottles to avoid dullness.

Curved Retro Design

This design might be uncommon, since the design is a little bit different. Flash design is the characteristic of a semi porcelain used in this design. It arcs more posh look without doing modifications for the color and just simply making a curved side, which can be used both as storage or just decoration.

Creative Wall Mounted Design

If you are a true traveler, I believe that you have to manage all the stuffs to go outside. It might the jackets, bags, etc and including the hats. Yes, wall mounted design helps you managing them without many treatments. Go with the pegs of wooden mosaic to help you reach them easily. Combine the color to posh the racks as chick as possible.


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More Hat Rack Ideas Images

Hat Rack Ideas

Hat Rack Ideas Hat Holder Plans Hat Hanger Concepts Hat Holder Plans Hat Holder Plans Hat Hanger Concepts Hat Hanger Concepts

Hat Rack Plans

Hat Rack Plans

Hat Rack Concepts Hat Rack Plans

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