57 Fabulous Spice Rack Ideas (A Solution for Your Kitchen Storage)

Spice Rack Ideas – Many people love to cook their own food at home. Not only that it’s cheaper, but it also allows them to get creative. 

Smart cooking starts with a smart kitchen. Keep your everyday ingredients within reach, and make sure other items are arranged and easy to find in a flash. That’s why you need smart options for saving those herbs and spices. It’s possible, even if your kitchen is the size of a closet.

“Cooking is arguably an art form and spices and herbs are the paints in your palette – easy accessibility is a must!” comments Ruban Selvanayagam of Property Solvers London & UK Auctions.

People who cook their own meals must have a lot of herbs and spices in their kitchen. And, having lots of spices means having to organize them.

How Do You Organize Spices?

Speaking about spice organization, people usually use a spice rack. What do you put in a spice rack? Well, you can store various spice jars and organize them in it.

Organizing spices in a kitchen can be a tricky job to say the least. You most likely do not have a lot of cupboard or counter space, but you still have to be able to access your spices quickly.

Choose the perfect place for the spice rack organizer. The best match will be dark and cool areas where you can store them for a larger period of time. They shouldn’t be exposed to heat or direct sunshine, which is why professional chefs frequently decide to store them in cabinet spice racks.

An excellent idea is to pick a pantry door spice rack, however that does not suggest you should neglect wall mounted spice racks if you lack space.

Why do people use a spice rack? Well, because it is often the best way to organize spices. You can simply put spices in separate jars and group them in the spice rack. In this article, we are going to present some of the best spice rack ideas we found.

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Large Spice Rack Ideas

kitchen wall spice storage

Having a big spice rack allows you to reach spices easier and see them more clearly. This spice rack allows you to store much more than spices and herbs. Not only that it blends well with the room, but it also maximizes the available space.

Wall Spice Rack Ideas

clear wall spice rack

An empty wall can be a great place for a spice rack. This translucent wall-mounted spice rack will fit most modern kitchen designs. Furthermore, having the same type of jars for the spices can improve its aesthetics.

Spice Drawer Organization

modern spice rack drawer

Although leaving the spice jars out in the open makes them accessible, it can be overwhelming sometimes. Therefore, putting them in enclosed storage is better for some people. This spice drawer organizer can help you to organize spices while also keeping the kitchen look sleek.

Organizing the spices in a drawer like this can both protect them from dust and also from kids’ reach. Undoubtedly, this spice rack drawer will be ideal for families with kids.

Arrange your spices in uniform, identified containers in a special drawer that’s quickly accessed from your stove.

You’ll have the ability to rapidly discover exactly what you require while you remain in the middle of a recipe, and when you’re not cooking, your spices stay concealed.

Cabinet Spice Rack Ideas

modern spice cabinet organizer

If you have many kinds of spices, a drawer might not be a suitable place to store them. Therefore, storing them in a cabinet should be a better storage alternative.

Not only a cabinet can provide better protection, but it also offers more diverse container sizes. Undoubtedly, it will be an excellent amenity for people who love to cook.

The best method to keep your spices invisible is picking either wall spice racks for kitchen cabinet or free standing cabinets. Your kitchen will be tidier and cleaner if all spices are set up in the cabinet.

Besides the shelves inside the cabinet, you can make complete use of the doors as additional storages. To hold spices, use a hanging rack inside the doors. You can likewise develop a homemade spice rack using wooden sheets.

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Hanging Spice Rack Ideas

easy diy hanging spice rack

Some people want an easy and cheap solution for spice storage. Hanging the spice jars with small hooks and wires can be an excellent idea.

Although it’s easy to make, you need to make sure the wires and hooks are strong enough. If not strong enough, the jars can fall off easily and make a mess.

Spice Rack Ideas For Small Kitchens

simple wall mount spice rack diy

A small kitchen doesn’t always mean a small space to use. If you know how to maximize limited space, you can fit a spice rack in a small kitchen.

There’s always an empty surface that you can use. Find it and install some floating shelves to add extra storage. Afterwards, you can put the spice jars nicely on top of them.

Organizing your kitchen can be frustrating if space is limited however that is when the organization is crucial. If you manage to get everything in order in a small kitchen, it will not feel little and cramped at all.

Some people consider it as having a lot of shelves and everything stacked on top of them however that is not even close to good organization. Sure, there is no mess but can you actually discover exactly what you’re looking for without spending quality time to look for it? Most likely not.

The most fundamental part about excellent storage is being useful. Organizing things like spices in a spice rack near the place where you cook food is better than saving the spices in a cabinet on the other side of the kitchen. It is the same with whatever else in the kitchen and everywhere else in the home.

Setting up wall mounted storages for any spices is a great idea if you have no drawer to keep the spices. Those spice rack ideas also work well in small spaces. No need extra layout to have a wall spice rack. Hanging basic racks and shelves depends on the quantity of spices you have.

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RV Spice Rack Ideas

casual magnetic spice containers

Living in an RV means better space utilization. To make the RV kitchen feel cozy, excellent spice organization ideas are required.

Sticking the spice jars to the kitchen backsplash may be a great idea after all. Not only you can utilize an impractical part of the kitchen, but you can also make it look gorgeous. However, it would be best if you found a way to make them stick firmly.

To avoid fumbling through drawers and cabinets, wall spice rack concepts offer better storages for commonly used spices. Wall racks with easy and functional designs give quick gain access to rather of opening and closing a conventional drawer or cabinet.

This decorative wall rack is made of wood. There are three shelves to store your dried spice jars. It allows you to put numerous spices in one display storage. It likewise has an attractive visual to your RV kitchen.

Storage Ideas Pantry Door

awesome spice rack idea for pantry

If there is a pantry in your home, there is a way to maximize its space. Having a spice rack on its door will both maximize the space and add functionality to it.

Although it could make the door feel heavier, this door spice basket will still be worth it. It makes your spices organized and neat. Moreover, its simple design will work just fine with most home designs.

Cheap Spice Rack Ideas

cheap diy tube spice rack

If simple yet classy is all that you want from your kitchen, this will be a good one. Not only this spice storage has a unique design, but it also needs no large space. Moreover, This tube spice rack will make you feel like a scientist in your kitchen.

However, because of its unique design, this spice rack may be more fragile than the others. Because of that, please put it in a safe space. Despite its flimsy nature, it is an excellent and cheap DIY spice rack.

Rustic Storage Ideas

rustic kitchen spice rack ideas for traditional homes

Traditional designs still have so many loyal followers today. This rustic spice rack design will be perfect for their traditional homes. Not only that it blends well with most rustic designs, but it’s also very simple.

Its simplicity makes this spice rack design easy to make by yourself. Undeniably, this aspect will benefit people who love to customize things in their home.

Farmhouse Spice Rack

farmhouse metal spice rack

The rectangular floor plan and the fireplace of the farmhouse design will go well with this spice rack. Not only that its design will complement the farmhouse interior, but it also offers convenient features.

It’s made of durable steel material and offers protection railing to prevent the spice jars from falling. Without a doubt, it is a great idea to pull off for farmhouse interiors.

Pallet Spice Rack Ideas

diy pallet spice rack ideas

Because of its flexibility, woods are often used for furniture, including spice rack. Although there are many wooden spice rack ideas out there, this one stands out. Its easy-to-make design is great for people who want to build their own spice rack.

Moreover, its design allows it to be open for expansion. So, in case you need to store more spice jars, this rack can be easily made taller.

Built In Wall Rack Ideas

modern built in spice rack

If there is very limited space in the kitchen, this idea would be the perfect solution. It allows people to use the thickness of the wall to store the spice jars. Not only it will be space-efficient, but it also makes the room neat and clean.

One thing to keep in mind, though. It would help if you made sure the wall will still be strong enough after you repurpose it.

Portable Spice Rack Ideas

stylish portable spice rack ideas

This spice rack idea will be perfect for people who often move around when cooking. Its portability would help a lot when moving from one side of the kitchen to the other.

Despite its usefulness, this type of spice rack may be hard to find. You may need to look for it online, since it seems impossible to create it by yourself.

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Outdoor Kitchen Storage

spice rack for outdoor kitchen

Many homes today have backyard pavilion. Some of those backyard pavilions have an outdoor kitchen. And outdoor kitchen is not complete without a spice rack.

If you do lots of barbecues in the backyard, this spice rack is perfect for you. It allows for easy access when needed. Undeniably, it’s one of the best spice rack ideas for grill area.

Spinning Spice Rack Ideas

contemporary spinning spice rack

Contemporary designs will be much improved when combined with modern furniture like this one. Not only is design looks beautifully futuristic, its spinning feature also adds a sense of sophistication.

Furthermore, the label on the outside is also a nice feature to have. Such a small detail makes this an excellent spice rack to have.

Spice Jar Rack Ideas

rack for ikea spice jars

Having similar spice bottles and jars sizes allow for better space organization. This idea is a great example of how you can build a little hall of fame in the kitchen.

Because of its straightforward design, this spice rack will be easy to make. Moreover, you can customize the number of spice jars that it can fit.

Diy Spice Rack Ideas

diy wooden spice rack

Do you need another DIY spice rack idea? This one could be an amazing one for farmhouse and countryside homes. Not only that it is simple to make, but it also complements the traditional design.

However, since there are no railing or any kind of protection on this design. Therefore, it may be best to install it at a safe enough place in the kitchen.

Hidden Spice Rack Ideas

modern hidden spice rack ideas

This spice rack allows homeowners to store spice jars while also keep their kitchen neat and sleek. Moreover, since it can be hidden in plain sight, it also offers extra protection.

Without a doubt, this sliding spice rack will also be perfect for homeowners with lots of kids. It will keep the jars safe from children’s reach.

Sliding Spice Racks

spice storage for sale

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This pull-out storage called Spice Bottle Caddy might be an unique solution. You can store your spices and hidden of site in your wall cabinet until you need it.

The wooden spice rack cabinet allows you to organize numerous sizes of package. Any types of spice containers are put nicely together. A magnetic rack is used inside the cabinet doors for additional holding spices. This is appropriate for the similar size of spice containers and cans.

You simply slide the spice caddy out on its slider rack to see the selection, select the spices you prepare to use, push the module back in and close the cabinet door. When you are finished with the spice, simply change the bottle in the caddy and close the cabinet door. Your spice bottles are nicely stored up until the next time you need a particular spice.

The Spice Bottle Caddy is modular, so you can increase your spice bottle storage space by simply adding additional modules. You can sort out your spices into logical order for the kind of recipes you use most and select the ones you want at a glance.

The Spice Bottle Caddy provides an unique storage option for your spice containers and eliminates the need to shuffle through many spice bottles to find the ones you want to utilize.

Modern Spice Rack Ideas

cute and unique spice rack

This gorgeous spice rack will be a great pair for modern kitchens. Its nice-looking shape will easily be a focal point in the kitchen.

Since it only allows you to store small amounts of spices, it won’t be ideal for some people. Therefore, if you prefer to store more spices, this will not be the right choice.

Cool Spice Rack

stylish spice containers

This spice rack offers a cool and stylish look. Its design will be perfect for the majority of modern kitchens. Furthermore, it has movable parts that offer easier access.

Its movable parts also allow you to put this spice rack in the corner. Hence it’s a great rack to maximize the kitchen space fully.

Quick and Easy Rack

metallic hanging spice rack

There is always a way to use the available space efficiently. This spice rack, for example, only needs a small part of a table. By doing this, the top surface of the table is still free to use.

Even though very convenient, this spice rack may not be able to store much. Therefore, make sure to store only the spices that you often need.

Floating Spice Rack

floating wall mounted spice rack ideas

Sleek and simple are the terms to describe this spice rack. Its concise design makes it a great addition to most kitchen designs.

Although its glossy finish looks gorgeous, it can make glass jars slippery. Therefore, it may be best to consider choosing different materials for an ideal combination.

Backsplash Spice Rack

 modern backsplash spice rack

If you need to integrate the spice rack better with the kitchen, this is an excellent idea. Modifying the kitchen backsplash into a spice storage will add a value to it.

Although very neat and convenient, it may be hard to implement. You may need to do a full remodel to build it.

Pull Out Spice Rack

modern pull-out spice rack

This is another design that blends well to the kitchen furniture. It is perfect for people who prioritize minimalism over accessibility.

However, if you need to have such spice rack, you may need to spend more. This type of pull out storage usually comes with the kitchen cabinet.

Install a pull-out system in an unused area of your kitchen that can house all your spices and more. Whether you opt to have actually a shelf developed into your cabinets or tuck a shelf into a location where you have some empty space (such as next to the fridge), this enables you to optimize your layout to its max.

Countertop Spice Rack

simple countertop spice rack ideas

If you don’t need a lot of spice jars on the countertop, this should be an ideal pick. This countertop spice rack allows you to store twelve essential spices that you often use.

Its simple and concise design allows you to easily move them. Therefore, it will be helpful when you need more space at the countertop.

DIY Pallet Spice Storage

Spice rack from pallet wood can be hung on the wall and put on a countertop. It depends upon how large is your kitchen. If extra space is offered, it is possible to put the pallet spice racks on a countertop. Make your own pallet rack to clean up some space in your countertop.

You can customize the DIY pallet spice rack as preferred. For instance, make the bottom shelf bigger for your larger containers, while the smaller leading shelf is for spice jars. Another simple one, stack two pallet racks on the countertop. They offer free space to keep any size of spice product packaging.

Pantry Spice Rack


Spices are the most important parts of any recipe, so it’s important that these items have an easily accessible home in your kitchen. While Lazy Susan spice racks are common kitchen storage solutions, they usually use up valuable space on countertops or are hidden in the back of a cabinet where they are difficult to reach.

If you have a pantry to store all the cooking necessities, this is the right way to use it. To make the spice jars more organized, you can use this type of spice storage.

This elevated wooden spice rack will allow you to see the spices clearly. Moreover, it makes everything looks neat and refreshed in the pantry.

Magnetic Spice Organizer

Magnetic surfaces can also be good spice storage. You only need to have spice jars that are made from metal.

However, since gravity can also affect the strength of the magnetic surface, it may be tricky. It would help if you estimated the weight of spices in the jars that can be held by the magnet.

Store spices up on the wall with a system that can mount above the oven, under your cabinets or on any blank wall. Magnetic spice jar is terrific for smaller cooking areas that are brief on drawer or cabinet storage and allows you to make wise use of typically empty spaces.

Magnetic Portable Spice Rack


This is a decent alternative to the previous one. It also uses magnet to store the spice jars. However, it is a portable storage.

It allows you to easily move the spices around, or even bring them outside for a barbecue.

Under Cabinet Rack

Although seems impractical, the space under the cabinet can also be used as spice rack. If there is enough space, it is possible to hang such a rack.

However, you need to make sure the cabinet is sturdy enough to carry the weight. If not, it could be dangerous if it falls off when you are under it.

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Metal Spice Rack


If you only need to store a bit of pepper and salt, this one should be sufficient. This small metal spice rack is excellent to put on the side of the dining table.

Since it’s small and has hooks, it should not take much storage. Undoubtedly, it’s perfect concise storage to store important spices.

Diy Tiered Spice Rack


Do you need to further enhance the traditional side of your home? This spice rack could do that just fine. Its dark wood material will mix better with rustic environments.

Moreover, if you have a bit of craft skill, you may customize it to your liking. It looks easy enough to make, as long as you have the materials and tools.

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Cabinet Door Rack


Doors are often underutilized, including cabinet doors. This spice rack allows you to make the cabinet doors more useful. Moreover, putting the spice jars this way will help you see them more clearly.

Although very convenient, you may need to open and close the cabinet door more carefully. If not, the spices inside may get messy.

Slide-Out Spice Storage Containers


This slide-out spice containers can adjust to people’s preferences. How so? Well, if needed, the containers can be taken out to elsewhere,

Undeniably, this feature will be useful for people who love to serve meal anywhere in the house. Big families who love to eat barbecue and eat together will approve this.

Tiered Shelf


Tiered shelves are perfect for accessibility. This one offers functionality rather than striking design. However, because of its simple design, it will blend well with most home designs today.

Moreover, this casual spice rack is easy enough to make by yourself. Without a doubt, it’s an excellent DIY spice rack idea.

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Metal Shelf Organizer


Although looks very simple, this metal shelf is sturdier than most. People can store spice jars to large bottles of soda in it. Furthermore, its casual design will work just fine with most types of interiors.

Sticking Spice Rack

This is a great alternative to the hanging spice racks earlier. Since it sticks to the empty surface, it should be stronger. Therefore, it may hold more spices in it than the hanging spice racks.

Moreover, as long as it’s installed properly, it should be more stable than the hanging spice organizers.

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To conclude, there are many spice rack ideas, think likewise how you’re going to group them. You can do so alphabetically, or depending on how typically you’re utilizing them. In fact, it is not absolutely required to store all pieces in a single spice rack organizer. You can have numerous of those to put on different sides of the kitchen. They all have different designs and various kinds of features.

Undeniably, they are made to satisfy the needs of homeowners. Therefore, as long as you have some ideas in mind, choosing one shouldn’t be a problem. Also, you need to understand the layout of your kitchen and put it into consideration. Lastly, don’t limit your search here. There is still plenty of spice rack ideas available out there.

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