23 Impressive Kitchen Counter Decor [Ideas for Styling Your Kitchen]

Kitchen Counter Decor – Not only a space for cooking and eating, the kitchen is also where all of the action in the home takes place. We reside in our kitchens. From amusing visitors to congregating on Saturday mornings as a family, it’s the true heart of the home.

Whether you’re renovating, remodeling, or simply upgrading this space, consider how you live prior to making any modifications. Get inspired to transform this area with these practical and easy-to-steal ornamental touches.

kitchen counter decor

Kitchen counters have many functions, from food preparation for an incredible dinner to being a decorative piece in your kitchen. So typically, however, counters wind up being a magnet for mail, school papers, knick-knacks and other items we do not know what to do with.

There is a simple way to resolve this problem. Embellish your countertop for function and create space for the important things you like, while finding storage options for the items that do not belong.

The accessories you pick for your kitchen are the first components your visitors will see. You must take a look at including accessories as an opportunity to reveal your style taste, along with add visual interest and a distinct personality to your kitchen.

kitchen counter decor

Kitchen Counter Decor Accessories

How to accessorize a kitchen counter? Manufacturers of accessories have recognized this growing trend and now provide a large choice of special, eye-catching, and fun accessory styles. Some of the most prominent accessories are your cooking tools.

Mixers, toasters, convention ovens, and other small home appliances are commonplace in cooking areas. And as essential as they are functionally, they are just as effective when it concerns your kitchen’s design style and appearance.

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The days when your options for appliance design were stainless and more stainless are gone. In modern kitchen counter decor, online and offline sellers bring a range of small home appliances in bold colors and special styles, with intense yellows and greens, reds, oranges and blues particularly common in modern kitchens.

Due to their low profile, devices like these in strong colors can match up well with just about every kitchen style, from traditional to contemporary. Here are some functional accessories for your kitchen countertops decor.

Stylish Trays

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What a distinction a nice ornamental tray can make. Rather of keeping all the important things you utilize most often all sprawled out throughout the counter or pushed into a corner, keep them entirely on a tray.

Attempt placement taller items in the back and much shorter ones in the front. A Lazy Susan can make things even more available, and longer or larger wood trays are terrific if you’ve got a lot of things to keep organized in one location.

Tiered Stands

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Trays can just offer a lot flat surface space to deal with, however tiered stands on the other hand can provide you more layers of it! And when you style them in such a way that complements the rest of your kitchen decoration, they can look truly impressive. Attempt utilizing a tiered represent saving your fresh fruits and veggies or some herbs. You can even utilize them to store meals or flatware for additional benefit.

Lovely Baskets

how to accessorize a kitchen counter

Comparable to trays, baskets make a wonderful addition to any kitchen countertop, and the best aspect of them is that they are available in all sorts of different sizes and shapes. You can get a wicker basket that resembles the shape and kind of a tray, or opt for bigger sized baskets with some depth to them. Little ones are also fantastic for keeping all those little things nicely organized so you always know where to discover them.

Go Organic With Your Decor

Use organic items such as branches, flowers, and fruit to make your vignettes come to life. Including some plant and obviously fruit throughout the kitchen is an invite to eat healthy and will add a pop of color at the same time.

Fresh Fruits

kitchen counter decor

Whether they’re on display for decoration or healthy snacking, fresh fruit always looks stunning. Just remember not all fruits play well together.  Bananas, apples and pears can cause other fruits to ripen much faster, so keep them separated. Use unusual containers for added interest, just make sure they’re food safe.


kitchen counter decor Accessories

Having fresh herbs helpful is perfect, however prevent a chaotic look by organizing herbs together into a large vessel or box. It’ll likewise be simpler to move them around the kitchen as required when cooking.


kitchen counter corner

Typically you will see a beverage in a pitcher, right? So, using one for flowers is unforeseen and such an excellent way to display your flowers or other items.

Lean Art, Books & Cutting Boards

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Cutting boards are absolute preferred thing to embellish with in the kitchen but cook books are enjoyable as well and art is an unanticipated choice against a kitchen backsplash that always gets attention. In addition, putting a large art frame can have a significant affect that obviously works magnificently in the kitchen.

Pretty Bottled Waters

kitchen counter decor

Use them in odd numbers or use them alone however this specific item can produce a huge impact. It’s fresh and modern-day and can make your countertop and backsplash pop with color.

Kitchen Counter Decor Items

Electronic Fryer

kitchen counter decor Items

What to put on kitchen counters? The kitchen gadgets include an advanced item, an electronic fryer, which has been the preferred for frying ingredients. The design is available in thick fiber material with mechanized operating. The simple working it supplies with makes it the very best to have in the kitchen. The gizmo is also appropriate to the females with children for making quick snacks. You can get the electronic fryer in amzon.com.

Toaster Boiler

kitchen counter decor Items

Trying to find cool kitchen gizmos! Here is a combination of a toaster and a boiler. The maker includes a toaster, connected with a boiler made from stainless-steel. It offers you an opportunity to cook the eggs and toast the bread at a time, especially, when you are getting late for a morning breakfast.

Coffee Station

organize kitchen countertops


Early morning coffee is a should for the majority of people. Make it even more pleasurable with a tiny coffee station. Keep preferred mugs and sweetener within reach of your coffeemaker.

Spices and Oils

kitchen counter decor Accessories

Putting bottles of oil and spices on display not just looks terrific, it will inspire you to attempt brand-new recipes, too. The secret is to group them completely on a tray or cutting board so it looks purposeful.

Dish Towel

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Put a dish towels! Absolutely nothing says pretty kitchen styling like a hand towel with fringe! A nice dish towel brings a soft touch to the kitchen where most surfaces are tough and the fringe adds a whimsical touch.

Cake Plates

counter decor Accessories

This appearance produces visual drama, draws your eye in, and gives you a location to show dishes, fruit, or other things or collections you like to see in your kitchen.

Jars and Canisters

modern kitchen decor

Stashing things away inside your cabinets always looks like a great concept at first until you realize that those dark, cramped spaces are a big pain to handle when overcrowded.

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If you cook or bake typically, try using big glass jars or ceramic cylinders instead, and line them up nicely along your countertops. Utilize them to store flour, sugar, pasta noodles, nuts, cookies, biscuits, cereal, or any other favorite food or ingredient that you can suit there.



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