37 Clever Laundry Room Remodel Ideas And Designs

Laundry Room Remodel – If you try on renovating or moving your laundry room to an additional part of your house. There are several laundry room ideas that you can choose to apply.

These ideas include countless color, countless design, and countless style options. Still, all of them shared a similar case in two things: suitability and advantages.

It is better to plan a perfect time to renovate or remodel your laundry room. Think it as a plan or project of a future remodel; however, if your project is to initiate a great remodeling of a  basement or laundry room.

It would be wiser to delay and finish it at once thought you might need to find a professional or a contractor to construct your imminent laundry room.

How to Remodel a Laundry Room?

design laundry room

To begin a remodel project, you should decide about the other purposes of your laundry room to oblige. Also, you have to make sure to add an extra room for other pieces of stuff.

There are some family plan their laundry room design as storage rooms or basement rooms. This laundry room should also be used to organize house utensils and more.

Plan your Laundry Room

laundry room ideas

When you are deciding to remodel your laundry, the room starts to prioritize some important thing. Which part of your house that urgently needs to renovate and sufficiently enough to your budget.

Whether if you are after more meaning or if you are already bored with your old laundry room. Either way, you have to start executing your plan from scratch.

Design for the other functions

design laundry

Usually, laundry rooms are not just about drying and washing clothes. Most people choose to store various stuff in their laundry rooms.

For example, a family tends to put their cat food and some utensils in their laundry room rather than other room. So, to make a good plan for the other functions of your next laundry room, you have to prepare an extra room.

Set a function based on habit

small laundry room remodel

Your habit of washing and ironing will somehow decide how your new laundry room will functions. If you have a big family with various baskets, then you need to organize a better laundry system.

Thus, you can put a separate basket that can classify each laundry of your family.

Plan for laundry room appliances

appliances for laundry room remodel

The assortment of your previous and new utensils will define other functions for your laundry room. For instance, you want to pile or put side-by-side some utensils. An organize utensils can add an extra area through a short person might use a couch to reach the top.

Plan for Extra Features

Extra Features for laundry room

After you make a rudimentary function of your new laundry room, try to count your spending. If you are lucky enough and have some extra budget, try to build a modern yet comfortable laundry room.

Use Houzz to find a suggestion of stylish laundry rooms you love. Moreover, if you have a larger area, try to consider adding a wider island where you can organize all family laundry.

Plan for Possible Spending

remodel a laundry room

Before launch any remodeling project, you might need to write down some possible spend. Purchasing a set of the new washing machine will cut on to your laundry room remodel cost directly. Well, you might save some cost if you are moving or installing a sink on your own.

Hire a laundry room remodel contractors

small laundry room remodel ideas

There is a recommendation for you to hire a laundry room remodel contractors before you define some function of your design. All you need is an expert in planning a large remodeling to secure your project. Also, some people with experience will help you solve through technical problems. They will give perfect solutions that you might never even thought about it before.

Plan your perfect design

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The more observable your laundry room, the more you would perhaps renovate it. A location of a laundry room in a side-entry guestroom will undoubtedly allow an extra devotion. On the other hand, you can also decide to put your laundry room far in a basement laundry room makeover where few people will see it. In this case, you do not have to worry about design because nobody cares.

Execute the plan

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At this point, the progression for renovating or remodeling a laundry room is comparable to any other makeover plan. You will be scrutinizing elevations, floor plans, and other applicable pictures. In general, you will need to iron out the finer niceties and find a clasp on what authorizations are necessary.

Smart Tips For Laundry Room Remodel

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If you already have a laundry room but confused about where to begin to remodel it. In general, it is a tricky job for every family to make their laundry room look fabulous. Therefore, check these smart tips for you who want to remodel your laundry room. 

Lift up your washing machine

washing machine for laundry room remodel ideas

The front-loading washing machine has developed more dominant than a top-loading machine. The front machine type is due to its larger capacity and lower energy proficiency. Nevertheless, lots of front loaders are placed near to the floor. It will become a pain when you have to kneel to load the dirty clothes.

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Find a lower island

island for laundry room remodel ideas

Some average island is having suitable high and contented for every normal person. Using a lower island will reduce your body movement. In general, this will help our body to a little bit relax while folding your whole family clothes even if you have to lean over to make sure you finish your laundry job.

Use reel laundry bins

Instead of lifting a weighty hamper, try to reel your laundry to the laundry room. Some of reeling laundry bins are commercial grade and well-made. Make sure to put a safety on a characteristically stifled with a rubber-like substantial to prevent scratch on your walls.

Grip open shelves

Open shelves makes any swift reach faster. You will also probably find your stuff getting tidier too since clothes are on display. All in all, the most comfortable size of a shelf height is around 62 inches where average people in an upright position. Stand-in higher shelves for sporadically used stuff.

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Install a profound or higher sink

A profound sink will make your laundry room more convenient. Some average sinks range between 7 and 11 inches in profundity. The 12¾-inch container profundity in one laundry room allows for spraying and cleaning. This dimension will minimize a sink to flopping water beside of it. For the most part, these sinks will also do binary duty as pet cleaning places.

Nozzle into an exact faucet

Surely at some point, you feel tired of doing agilities to wash and rinse dirty clothes below a small size faucet. An exact dimension of a faucet with a high-pressure nozzle is naturally used in viable kitchens to separate food from plates while they are washing. Alternatively, a simple pull-down nozzle makes laundry room job easier. Make sure that you have some consent, so it will never interfere with dropping above your sink.

Fit in an ironing panel

ironing table for laundry room remodel ideas

Most classic houses have antique dipped ironing panels. Undoubtedly, it is mystifying why the panel is getting out of style. People dislike tedious a substantial ironing panel far out of the corner and set it up all over again that exhausting. Instead, you can install a wall-mounted ironing system to your chosen height. There are also twisting models for small laundry room where you can put the panel left or right by 90 degrees.

Think about a laundry cascade

small bathroom and laundry room remodel

If you like to curse while lugging full dirty clothes, then you should put your laundry room in the basement. As an alternative, let enormity do the dirty job. A laundry cascade does not have to be large. It is a design feature that worth planning if you are trying to design a new room or thinking of remodeling.

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Ceiling-mounted systems

A ceiling-mounted pulley system is a perfect element the British have been installing for epochs. The rack is unruffled of either five or six planks postponed between two troupe iron edges. It is attached to a marine-style wall system. To load and unload, minor the crane to your favorite height by towing on the flex.

Find a step seat

seat for laundry room

It might look astonishingly lame, but one seat is vital in the laundry room because it is so important and simple to grab the thing. A seat or a bench is a beneficial tool in the laundry room to replace a ladder. Although, you have to make sure the seat you choose has a nonslip shallow. If not the spilled liquid like detergents or bleach will make it super slippery.

Simple Laundry Room Remodel Ideas

laundry room decor

There are a variety of simple, inexpensive decor ideas you can make in your laundry room that can transform the look of your room without much time.

Change Out Lighting

lighting ideas for laundry room remodeling

Simple stuff in most average room is to change out the lighting. You can also upgrade it with roughly a bit more modish. We often do not plan of the laundry room when selecting light equipment. But with new equipment, you will create a good vibe, mood, and design of your laundry room in a flash.

Swap Breakfront Pulls

 laundry room sink

This stuff might appear trivial since it cannot transform up the style of your room that much. Though, it might make a huge modification in your general design. If you have breakfronts in your laundry room, ponder swapping out all the fixture to modern appliances. Most of the fleece pulls are a perfect selection but try to reflect your style when finding some fixtures.

Put in Curtains

curtain ideas for laundry room remodel

Curtains are a boundless way to convey more ideas to your laundry room. You can use curtains as a replacement for a painting. Or you can enhance curtains to any spaces in your house to enhance the area and fetch in some color.

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Placing Artwork


Placing artwork to your laundry room raises your area and elevate its atmosphere. Make it less like a storage room and more like an elegant room. You can start to choose on any project themes you already have made or purchase in your home. Otherwise, go in a wholly diverse route, create something trending in your laundry room.

Mount Wallpaper or Paint

A beautiful wallpaper or paint is the only way to do if you want to enhance the style of your laundry room swiftly. Laundry room would be a perfect area for testing with an audacious wallpaper pattern. Besides, you can paint with your favorite color if you feel bored with your mounted wallpaper pattern.

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Laundry Room Remodel Designs

There are so many laundry room remodel designs ideas that you can replicate to your own space. Hence, you might need to do some research to create a desirable laundry room. While it is better for you to choose already trending themes that people already made. These laundry room design ideas will help you plan to make your laundry room look lovelier.

Laundry Room Remodel Before And After

Nobody said that you have to spend millions of dollars in a serious laundry room remodel. Small and tiny changes can offer all the transformation you need. You can see for yourself in this laundry room remodel before and after design.

Small Laundry Room Remodel

Most people might dream of a laundry room with numerous machines and large space. Well, in reality, the laundry room of average people is a small added space. Although that does not mean your small laundry room, cannot be functional. If your laundry room is so small, you might want to get some inspiration by these lovely designs of laundry rooms.


The laundry room is an area with prodigious probability for you to pour your imagination. Indeed, a laundry room is usually a small laundry room remodel that meant for function rather than pleasure. However, with some inspiration, you can make it look better with aesthetically attractive and handy space.

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