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Bathroom Remodel – Bathrooms are part of essential rooms in a house. It used for personal hygiene activity.

Generally, a complete bathroom contained some accessories such as a toilet, sink, tub or shower. However, in some countries, the toilet is excluded and used in a different room for sanitary reasons.

Perhaps, a bathroom is a reflection of the owner’s style. It’s bothered our eyes when it doesn’t fit our expectations. Therefore, remodeling a bathroom becomes a solution to this problem.

Bathroom Remodel Ideas

Remodeling a bathroom is not a small project. It needs a lot of ideas and advice. With some plannings and inspirations, the plans for renovating a bathroom will be well structured.

Before changing your tub and tearing up the tiles, take a look at these bathrooms to remodel ideas to create the bathroom that you always expected.

Built a Low Maintenance Bathroom

It is possible to build a low maintenance bathroom by selecting good finishes that keep looking clean. Besides, it will always make your bathroom look new and fresh.

Here are some ideas for a low maintenance bathroom:

  • Get a quartz countertops

countertops for bathroom remodel

Although quartz countertops look like marble, it performs differently. It made of quartz, resins, and pigments which make it stronger than marble.

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  • Install a best quality faucet

faucet for bathroom remodel

You can buy the best quality faucet for your bathroom so that it will be long-lasting.

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  • Install glass shower doors

shower for bathroom remodel

Besides quartz counter and quality faucet, you can also install glass shower doors treated with water anti-spotting agent.

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Keep Energy Savings

Nowadays, energy saving is significant in our daily activity. Limit the use of water and using LED bathroom lighting are very efficient.

Besides economic, it also good for environmental reasons. These are the items to maximize energy efficiency:

  • Install tankless water heaters

water heaters

Tankless water heaters generate hot water only when you need it. It will save fuel and avoid a catastrophic leak.

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  • Get toilets and faucets with low flow

Both low flow toilets and faucets provide significant savings of water. It’s beneficial for reducing the waste of water for about 20% than the conventional ones.

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  • Install LED lighting

lighting for bathroom remodel

LED lights considered to be better than others because of its brightness, environmentally friendly, and long-lasting.

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  • Get underfloor heating

A radiant floor heating provides energy efficiency, safety, and works with all floor covering. It will also warm your toes once you stepped on it.

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  • Have a closed window

An insulated window is a great way to keep the bathroom warm. You can also reduce energy waste from inside.

Make the Room Brighter

A bright bathroom with open spaces always looks larger and interesting. If your design looks dark and shadowy, the room will look depressing too. These are some ways on how to create a brighter room:

  • Have a window or skylight

window skylight

Adding a window or skylight in a bathroom will increase the lighting naturally. Besides, it also good for environmental reasons.

  • Choose lighting for different purposes

Good lighting is essential throughout the bathroom. Especially, when each lightning used for different purposes, such as for the ceiling, vanity, tub, or shower.

  • Get reflective finishes and surfaces

Choosing a reflective and light finishes and surfaces can make the room brighter. The lighting is reflected in the fixture so that the place looks shiny.

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Low maintenance, energy efficient, and brighter rooms are the first things you need to consider before doing a makeover on a bathroom. Thus, those tips above hopefully will help you to get more ideas on remodeling yours.

Bathroom Remodel Design Inspiration

bathroom design for remodeling

Generally, non-expert people only know a few designs of the bathroom, such as traditional, modern or contemporary. But in fact, there are many kinds of bathroom models provided from time to time.

After getting ideas on how to have a good bathroom. Furthermore, it’s time to get some information of designs examples. Here are the complete lists and examples of bathrooms styles to inspire your bathroom remodeling.

Contemporary Bathroom Remodel Ideas

Contemporary Bathroom
Photo by Change Your Bathroom, Inc.

A contemporary bathroom is usually known as an elegant and up-to-date bathroom. It is different than a modern one. The bathroom often features delicate and straightforward styles. As a result, Just like this mid-sized bathroom, it looks trendy with LED lighting on the shelf and cabinets.

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Eclectic Style Bathroom Remodel

Eclectic Style Bathroom Remodel
Photo by CM Natural Designs

When vintage items filled the room, it’s neither modern nor traditional, but it called eclectic. An eclectic style does not quite fit some styles, such as modern, traditional, or retro. But it’s more like a combination of those styles with the addition of unique accessories. The eclectic designs in this bathroom are on the fixtures, vintage wallpaper, and a combination of white and black colors.

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Modern Bathroom Ideas

modern bathroom
Photo by Lydia Lyons Designs

Generally, a modern bathroom has a neutral concept. It often shows primary colors, little decorations, and natural materials. Blue ceramic floor combined with white wall and countertops applied in this bathroom also brings a modern design.

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Traditional Style Bathroom Remodel Ideas

Traditional Style Bathroom Remodel
Photo by Pillar Homes

A classic design combined with luxurious touches is usually known as a traditional bathroom style. For the most part, this design is timeless and creates a beautiful aesthetic that will never get old. Above all, the combination of blue chair and white cabinets show its elegant and vintage looks.

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Beach Style Bathroom Remodel Design Ideas

small bathrooms ideas
Photo by Cambria

Creating a beach style bathroom can bring a relaxing feeling and tranquility. Consider choosing suitable colors and decorations like natural or ocean and sandy beach decorations. Certainly, the beach style is on the application of pebble tile floor and other accessories, such as plants, mirror frame, beige walls, and wood countertops.

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Craftsman Bathroom Remodel Ideas

Photo via

Craftsman bathrooms designs feature a lot of woodwork and furniture. The details make it looks luxurious and elegant. This bathroom shows fascinating interiors, start from the wood wall, cabinets, and floor. Furthermore, green tiles also add the craftsman style variations into the room.

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Farmhouse Bathroom Remodel Ideas

Farmhouse Bathroom Remodel
Photo by Jenna Sue Design Co.

Comfy and warm often become the main picture of the farmhouse bathrooms style. It features rustic touches on the furniture. In this bathroom example, there are wood cabinets combined with grey walls and brown countertops. Consequently, those furniture give a homey and welcoming atmosphere which are suitable with farmhouse bathrooms design.

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Asian Style Bathroom Remodel

Asian Style Bathroom Remodel
Photo by Jennifer Gilmer Kitchen & Bath

Oriental or Asian bathroom features an Asian cultural style. Its beautiful visuals from the zen atmosphere or the application of Buddha sculpture brings peace and relaxing feeling into the room. In this Asian-inspired bathroom, the black tile on the wall, stone tile porcelain floor, and wood cabinets show the Asian design dominantly.

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Industrial Bathroom Remodeling Ideas

Photo by Earthwood Custom Remodeling, Inc.

Industrial bathrooms design are trendy. It usually uses rouge materials, woods, and visible bricks. Some industrial furniture like lamps for lighting also gives a proper look for this design. Just like this mid-sized bathroom, it has a marble tile porcelain floor and gray walls. Therefore, the colors and accessories applied here make the industrial bathrooms design looks obvious.

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Mediterranean Style Bathroom Remodel Ideas

remodel small bathroom
Photo by Anderson Fine Homes

A luxurious Mediterranean style provides traditional interiors combined with the current one. Its casual and relaxing methods lead to a picture of the mediterranean sea. The furniture often painted in Mediterranean colors like yellow, bright blue, and rust. Dark wood cabinets and colorful tile ceramic floor makes this bathroom correctly shows the design.

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Mid-century Bathroom Remodel Design

Mid-century Bathroom Remodel Design
Photo by DiGiacomo Homes & Renovation

Mid-century bathrooms style are both cliche and trendy. It takes an era between 1945-1980 when simplicity, natural, and open space applied in the house. Like this 1950s bathroom design, there is a combination of open space, white walls, and artificial lights to brighten the room.

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Rustic Bathroom Remodel Ideas

Photo by High Camp Home

A natural and elegant feeling in rustic bathroom design is timeless. It focuses on texture and raw materials on the mountain style tile, pebble tile floor, and the bathroom tone. Also, the addition of vintage bathroom lighting makes the room looks classical.

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Scandinavian Bathroom Ideas

small bathroom remodel ideas pictures
Photo by dreamlife design

Scandinavian style features beauty, simplicity, and utility. Usually, a Scandinavian home has a dominant white and neutral color, clean lines, natural material, and comfortable fabrics. The white walls, light wood cabinets, vessel sinks, mirror, and lots of lights show that this bathroom has a beautiful Scandinavian style.

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Shabby-Chic Style Bathroom

Shabby-Chic Style Bathroom
Photo by Domain Interiors & Design

A lovely shabby-chic look also can be applied in a bathroom. It features some fancy accessories like cute art pieces, elegant chandelier, and floral prints. Furthermore, there are turquoise cabinets, mosaic tile floor, crystal chandelier, and some abstract paintings applied.

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Southwestern Bathroom Remodel Design Ideas

Southwestern Bathroom Remodel Design
Photo by Urban Design Associates

Southwestern bathrooms style influenced by Mexican and Spanish themes. Generally, this design creates a bright space, relaxing, and welcoming. In this picture, the unique part of this bathroom is on the snail shower and slate tile travertine floor which added by the application of dark wood cabinets.

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Transitional Bathroom Remodel Ideas

bathroom remodel ideas clean
Photo by Signature Designs Kitchen & Bath

When multiple styles blended into one, it also called transitional design. Mixing modern and rustic or traditional and contemporary are the most common based method for this design. in short, there is a combination of a double vanity and glass tile marble floor which make the room looks elegant and bright.

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Tropical Bathroom Ideas

 tropical bathroom
Photo by Rock Solid Renovations

A tropical theme for the bathroom usually features Asian, plants, or beach elements. The use of color is not too bright or bold. Also, it provides a spa-like experience and fantastic view around. This bathroom example has an island style with wood floor and free-standing bathtub. There are also some plants and lighting inside the room.

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Victorian Bathroom Design Ideas

Victorian bathroom
Photo by SV Design

Having a bath like in the 1830s is what it feels to be in Victorian Style bathroom. Although this style is quite old, it’s still timeless and enjoyable. With authentic Victorian decorative arts, this design is elegant and correctly shows the 19th-century bathroom style.

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Therefore, those bathroom styles are varied. They designed with their unique appearances including the fixtures and sizes. Choose based on your style and interest. So that, while remodeling bathroom there will be no miscasting.

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Bathroom Remodel Cost

When updating a bathroom, there are some things we need to think first. One of those things is the budget. Speaking about bathroom remodels on a budget, it depends on how much you want to change it. The more you want to change the bathroom, there will be a lot of money to spend.

Both small bathroom remodel and big bathroom remodel can cost a lot of money. However, there are plenty of ways to reduce the budget, such as instead of buying a new tub. Furthermore, you can reline the old ones or buy used stuff which is cheaper than the new ones.

Bathroom Remodel Cost Breakdown

budget bathroom remodel
Photo by

Before starting to renovate a bathroom, consider to determine your budget. The cost of remodeling a bathroom depends on the size, started from small to medium or master. Not only the bathroom, but the fixture price also depends on its size. Moreover, the fixture elements that you will probably need while remodeling a bathroom are new shower or bath, countertops, lighting, flooring, and cabinets.

Those items are not a must for remodeling your bathroom. Especially when they come with different prices and models. There is also another option to fit your budget like refinished the old fixtures. It will costs less than buying new ones. Thus, consider to choose and compare it wisely.

Bathroom Remodel Before And After

bathroom remodel ideas pictures

For many years of having a bathroom design, there always a time when we get tired and thinking to have a new one. Therefore, renovating a bathroom is the most effective way.

Looking at some before and after bathroom transformations can be a motivation on the process of remodeling yours. Now, spend a little of your time to check these before and after bathroom makeover.

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Bluish to Classical

bathroom remodel before and after
Photo by Copper Dot Interiors

Bluish. In the 1960s, there was a renovation in this blue bathroom. But, it didn’t help to change it. Although, the color combinations seemed interesting.

Classical. Some changes applied in this renovated bathroom, such as the white color fills the room, classic fixtures, and new tiles. But, we still can see the 1920s atmosphere in here.

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Old to Fresh

bathroom remodel before and after
Photo by Tracey Stephens Interior Design Inc

Old. Inside a Colonial home style, this broken bathroom built. Also there were some damages, like the tile was cracked, 12-inch bathtub, and uninterested color.

Fresh. By using vintage fixtures and complicated tile drawings, this bathroom looks fresh and suit the home’s age. The colors mixing with mint green, white, and black brings a cold tone to the room.

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Uninspired to Impressive

Photo by Change Your Bathroom, Inc.

Uninspired. Gauche and uninspired looks come from this bathroom style. It also looks old-fashioned and bitter.

Impressive. With wet room design, this bathroom has more space for bathtub and shower. There is also more free space applied.

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Overflow to Efficient

Photo via

Overflow. The flooding disaster came to this bathroom apartment because of the overflowing toilet. The owner decided to do a makeover the whole bathroom pieces.

Dynamic. Some dynamic changes and addition applied with the fixtures, such as non-standard vanity, photos, faucets, and colors. The combination of light grey and white makes the room looks well-ordered.

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Nervous to Relaxing

bathroom remodel before and after
Photo by Ryan Duebber Architect, LLC

Nervous. The southwestern American style applied in this bathroom but, it looks gauche with yellow walls. Also, some old fixture like tv box and tub looks outdated.

Relaxing. Some fixture added to this new bathroom style. With a free-standing bathtub and a Brazilian wood platform under it, it makes the owner enjoying the view outside the window comfortably.

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In short, remodeling a bathroom takes a lot of energy and budget. If you get more information, tips, and ideas, it will be beneficial in the process of a makeover. Besides, there are lots of designs to choose based on your style. Moreover, consider to planned everything wisely before starting to remodeling it.

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