Creative Teen Bedroom Ideas [Girl & Boy Bedroom]

Teen Bedroom Ideas – Everyone can remodel a bedroom as one of the most suitable places to release stress. Furthermore, teenagers must have their styles in decorating the bedroom.

Changing bedroom themes might be one of the alternatives. The ideas to be considered in designing the teen bedroom are fun themes, tactile texture, storage, multi-purpose room, etc. The right ordering makes it appropriate with your mood and personality.

Another idea is putting some pictures in your bedroom. Love and light, serene space, color splash are the common themes in matching the photos with the teen bedroom. It is better to select your favorite color as the prominent theme color and combine with some other colors in your design.

If you decide to combine lots of colors, then choose soft colors so that it would be seen natural and harmonious.

Teen Girl Bedroom Ideas

Teenagers, especially girls usually have lots of preferences in designing their rooms. The choices are about color, size, angle, storage, and many more.

Sometimes, the most terrible one is the size. If you have limited space, you will get confused to organize a lot of stuff. However, no matter whether your bedroom is spacious or not, teen girl bedroom is girl’s kingdom.

Besides considering the size, the style of your room is the crucial thing to do. Consider girl bedroom ideas with your daughter to makeover the room.

As an essential part of your home, bedroom affects your daily activities. Thus, here are some stylish girl bedroom ideas you could apply.

Pink Palette Teen Bedroom Ideas

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Well, most girls chose pink as their favorite color. Pink Palette can be the alternative to make your room looks cute and pretty.

Apply it on your wall or some properties like chair or bookshelf. Design each property using different gradation.

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Coral & Turquoise Teen Bedroom Design

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This design brings the feeling of enthusiastic and funny. Choose stripped or dot motif in your blanket or carpet. Add some items colored in white or cream to fill your room.

For example, hang on a property in your lamp above or on the table. These colors, when combined with a coral motif, can make it glow but still fancy.

Dream Teen Girl’s Bedroom

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Every girl has a dream. It can be inspired by some memories when in childhood. Besides, the new experience in teenage-hood can also be the reason to makeover your room. First, put stars hanging on the wall or the window. Second, decorate them by using gold or silvers colors. Third, select the item that arcs the colors when the lamp is switched off.

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Teen Girl Bedroom with Hanging Chair

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Besides decorating your rooms with a reading corner, “out of the box” idea is one thing to try. One of them is hanging the chair. Hanging chair can make you relax while reading or listening to music when your room is small. Change the sofa with bubble hanging chair near the window. Refresh your mind and get relaxed in the dusk or when raining.

Vintage Girl Bedroom Design

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Design the room to be more classic, decorate it with some ornaments. First, choose metal bed item with dark gold color. Second, pick a white or cream blanket. Add one or two night lamps beside your bedroom and decor it with gold or light brown color. Put a small flower vase close to the night lamp. Do not forget to add some pillows at the sofa near the window.

Chalkboard Bedroom Ideas

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For you who like to write or sketch, chalkboard paint can be a DIY teen girl bedroom ideas. Write some poems, quotes, or a memo as your reminder there. Besides, drawing nature, the friend’s face, or the achievements makes the room ‘really you.’ Add some pictures to make it perfect. Therefore, it seems like you see the story of your life while entering the bedroom.

Finally, consider some aspects while decorating your teen girl bedroom. Try to mix and match the colors and the items. Make it suitable for their interest and personality so that it would bridge their roles.

Teen Boy Bedroom Ideas

Most boys choose dark and dull colors. Some boys are just too strict in choosing the decoration or item to be more simple. However, it is not a mistake to makeover your room with a new look by combining some colors or details. Here are some tips for decorating your room.

Stripped Carpet and Black Triangles

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When you have a small room, use a rug to make it more functional. Which design will match with your bedroom? Use a striped carpet and combine with black triangles motif. Add some other colors like orange, blue, or red to make it a little bit colorful. These make your room to be a modern feel for boys.

Leather Items for Perfection

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In designing your bedroom, consider not only pick the colors but also the items, whether they are wooden, metal, or leather. For boys, leather items combined with nightstand trunk will make the room suitable for his age. Choose brown, dark brown, orange, or black in your headboard. Perhaps, adding a cupboard or storage below the bedroom will be useful though look simple but elegant.

Metal Chandelier in Teen Bedroom

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Besides using leather, using metal in items is acceptable. One of them is the chandelier. Hang it near the wall or on top of the bedroom. Other alternative is to use a metal letter like your initial name and put it on the wall. It will impress people entering the room to catch the warm feel.

Denim Jeans Teen Bedroom Design

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Boring with the monotonous design, try this one. Using Denim jeans pairs as the main item in your carpet and bedspread is preferred nowadays. Combine it with other things with a different color. For example, put an orange or red sofa near the rug. It will make you comfortable while reading or working with your computer.

Vintage Look with Wooden Shelves

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For you who like to feel a vintage look, try to use wooden shelves. Moreover, for you who love to do sports and achieve many achievements for it, do not hesitate to use this design. Putting the jacket, basketballs, rackets, hats, books, globe and many other items will be more suitable for this design.

To conclude, looking after the bedroom as the most comfortable place in your room with its function and aesthetics is a must. Try to make your boys aware of it. It is not just designing a room but also behavior and creating the future.

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Small Teen Bedroom Ideas

For small teenagers, combining lots of colors and items stimulates their brain and creativity. Light colors are suitable instead of the dark ones. However, you have to use appropriate items, try to choose the light one. Therefore, your kids could play and sleep safely in that room.

Better to position some reckless items near the wall or on the table far from the door or the window. Arranging some properties makes your kids be able to reach which is suitable for them. Facilitate them with some multifunction items like a cupboard, shelves, and pillows. In fact, you can get customized pillows as per your bedroom theme to give it a more personalized touch. You can read here to get design ideas for custom pillows. Here are some ideas you could apply to design the room.

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Funky Alphabet for Funny Learning

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If you wonder which design suitable with your kids, try to put alphabet inside. Add funky alphabets in the wall on top of the bedroom. It will remind them about memorizing alphabet before sleeping. Another alternative is set one or two alphabets in the wall near the window with a specific color. For example, Z to symbolize Zebra is the perfect idea by using white and black stripped colors.

A Simple but Sophisticated Design with A Wall Decor Piece

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While using a headboard makes feeling classical, try to avoid it by using a wall decor piece hanging above the bedroom. Some items like a hanging lamp or a small vase with green plants inside the bedroom are the alternatives.  Combine it by using a dot or stripped blanket with pastel colors in your bedroom. Besides sophisticated, it looks more natural.

Wall Art for Creativity

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Always involving your kids when decorating the bedroom. Make them glad and feel more appreciated. By choosing their opinions, they could develop their creativity in their room. Using wall art is an alternative. Therefore, besides pretty,  this will be matched with their interests.

Finally, selecting a suitable theme and items is the determining factor to arc the art in the room. Make sure it induces the creativity and activities for your kids. Put the appropriate materials in the right angle so that it can keep them safe.

Teen Bedroom Decorating Ideas

When decorating, some people are stuck in deciding the size or picking the items. Besides considering the look, they must regard the functions of elements inside the bedroom. For teen bedroom decoration, make it appropriate with their styles.

Besides, involve them in decorating the room, so that they feel comfortable in there. Asking your teen and look for some preferences that might be the best, so that preparing for the items is easy. Try to get updated with the new styles and trends.

Limited Space, Make it Multi-Purpose

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While you do not have a large room, better to design it simple. Make an impression that the size is not too narrow. Put some items vertically. Add a small but high plant inside your room. A case located in the staircase or at the bottom of your bedroom is so beneficial for kids.

Use Pastel Colors

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When you get stuck with the colors, try to combine pastel colors. This soft colors will make the room get a warm feel. Moreover, this will make an impression that your room is ample. However, adding a bright color instead makes a little bit different nuance inside the bedroom.

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Use Combination of Many Items

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Use some combination of items like wood, iron, metal or plastic to make it elegant. However, the composition to prevent it becomes messy is necessary. An appropriate combination can make your room looks lovely. Do not forget to put the item at the right angle in your room.

Buy Hollywood Mirror

Make your room looks special with this upgrade. It soft, bright and not dazzling. The mirror will lights up your entire room and casts natural and even lighting to your face for perfect makeup.

Opt For Large-Scale Art

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Besides swapping out the bedding, opting for large scale art is the key. Select the medium or small art to be hanged or painted on the wall. Putting two or more beds and makes the room wider by using small-scale painting. Combine it with a motive blanket and some white pillows on the couch.

Find Smart Storage to Save the Space

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If you have lots of items but limited size, try to create smart storage then. First, fill the blank space in your room. Second, use some properties like side tables, shelves, desk, or wall units to place your additional items.

Create a Clubhouse Feel

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While considering to make space for friends of your kids, allocating the space it the vital consideration. It can be a practical workspace, a study corner, and some furniture for good. Make them feel not just in a bedroom but also the place for playing and gathering.

Arrange Study Corner

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Pastel colors could decorate your bedroom alongside with the study room. Why pastel colors? Because pastel colors make a warm nuance in your room. Therefore, while studying, your daughter feels more comfortable and calm. It is better to combine pastel colors with other light colors that still in a close gradation. Therefore, do not worry about connecting lots of colors in your study area.

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To sum up, use the left space to store your items. Design it with appropriate colors, patterns, and proportions. Set the theme to support your activities while in the bedroom.

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