20 Hidden Meanings Of Blue Porch Light on Modern Point-of-view

Blue Porch Light – Turning on the lights is a way for people to convey particular messages. Among several, blue porch light becomes one of the most famous in the community.

Not just a trend, blue lights on houses turn out to have some deep meanings. There are several different messages, but most relate to humanity and solidarity.

The tradition of turning on the blue porch light is based on a long journey and thought. Your participation will probably mean a lot to the people involved.

What are the stories behind the tradition of turning on the blue porch light in the US? The following facts are great to know.

What Is A Blue Porch Light?

blue light on porch

If we talk about this color, the thing that comes to mind is sadness or feelings of unhappiness. It is related to the idiom that reads feeling blue, which means sadness.

However, blue is not always about grief. Some people define this color as solidarity, amazing support, and serenity. 

This characteristic later became the basis for determining the meaning of the porch light.

It is the moment where residents turn on the blue light bulb outside their homes. Because they do it simultaneously, the calm light will look beautiful throughout the night.

In this case, blue light meaning military, where people show respect to the police officers who have been working hard to enforce the law.

However, the moment involving the blue porch light was not the only one. In April, you will also witness the same streak of light as people support people with autism.

In addition, there is another meaning and message implied behind the blue porch light. Everything develops over time, even about the COVID-19 pandemic that has hit the world recently.

Each memorial also has an interesting story and history to learn. Thus, understand whatever you should do while seeing a blue porch light.

A Moment To Honor Police Officers

light blue porch ceiling

A popular and memorable blue porch light meaning is in respect to the police. The solidarity action known as this has several versions. 

The most notable one falls every October 13, where the date corresponds to the officer down code, which is 10-13. 

Recently, people commemorate the moment of Hudson Valley Goes Blue.

Residents turn on the blue porch light at the suggestion of the East Fishkill Councilman, Anil Beephan. He announced it via Facebook in September 2020 asking the public to show full support for police officers.

But Hudson Valley Goes Blue is not a new idea. It is a part of Project Blue Light, which has begun in the 1980s and was featured in the ABC 10 article in 2017 in Placer, California as an annual commemoration.

On that date, people will turn on the lights and observe a moment of silence for the police and their families. This moment is a form of gratitude for the services and sacrifices of the officers to maintain security.

However, the blue porch light color is not only visible on October 13. The same will be seen on May 15 because that day is National Police Week, as President Kennedy decreed in 1962.

Over time, since 1996, the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund even gives awards to local policemen every month.

Therefore, given the many police and military-related moments, blue porch lights may be seen year-round in the United States.

The History of Project Blue Light

blue porch light drugs

As discussed above, Project Blue Light has been around since the 1980s. It all started with a woman named Dolly Craig paying homage to her relatives.

Dolly Craig’s son-in-law was a police officer and died in the line of duty. Therefore, he lit a blue candle and placed it in the bedroom window to pay his last respects.

This action has touched many people. Another relative shared a story about what Dolly Craig did and started doing the same. In the end, it spread to others.

The idea of ​​lighting blue candles as a form of respect spread nationwide and turned into a movement. When a police officer dies on duty, the family will do the same.

In the end, this also spread to neighbors and friends. Over time, this has become an ingrained habit among people.

Gradually, lighting candles became a routine reminder to remind the public how hard the police task is. Until finally, Project Blue Light appeared, this has grown to what it is today.

Replacing Candles As A Symbol of Respects

why put blue porch light

The reputation of the police is not always good. Many irresponsible people make mistakes that tarnish the name of the police.

However, lots of police officers died in the line of duty. It shows that their task is not easy because of the many dangers that arise.

Therefore, whatever it is, many parties are showing respect for their efforts to oppose the danger. The blue porch light becomes a sign that someone’s fault is not an excuse for not giving any honor.

Project Blue Light itself was initially different from what we see today. At first, this act of solidarity was simple because Dolly Craig only used candles.

Over time, more and more people are showing their grief by lighting candles. But gradually, this is less effective because the light will extinguish soon.

In addition, too much flame will create a fire risk. Therefore, without reducing the meaning, Project Blue Light uses a porch light instead of a candle.

However, initially, this action also encountered problems because not everyone had supplies of the lamps. They started to ask, “Where can I get blue light bulbs?

For this activity to be successful, the government had time to distribute it free of charge to the public. That way, everyone can pay their respects without having to bother.

The last time, in July 2021, large companies such as Ace Hardware, Walmart, and Lowe’s took the initiative to distribute free blue LED light bulbs to the public. 

They hope to help make this event a success.

It Also Means Autism Awareness

light blue paint on porch ceiling

In addition to honoring police officers, the other notable porch light color meaning is related to autism awareness. 

This color will appear anywhere during April.

As announced by the United Nations General Assembly in 2007, April 2 is World Autism Awareness Day. Thus, a lot of campaigns appear related to this disease.

Autism Speaks is one of the organizations that loudly voice the support campaign for people with this disease. They even hold a Light It Up Blue action every year.

During April, which became Autism Awareness Month, this organization held fundraising events, social actions, and various efforts to fight for the welfare of sufferers.

In addition, they also invited people to turn on the blue porch light as an act of solidarity. Various blue-themed knick-knacks and social media posts will also appear everywhere.

However, the action of Light It Up Blue has drawn various controversies in some circles. While Autism Speaks is quite vocal, most find it less effective.

Some people think that Light It Up Blue does not have good management in their activities related to caring for autism. However, not a few also provide support.

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How the Light It Up Blue Begin

blue front porch light meaning

As explained above, Light It Up Blue is a program by Autism Speaks and aims to build awareness of the disease.

It all started when the United Nations General Assembly set April 2 as World Autism Awareness Day. Light It Up Blue was born three years later.

According to some sources, the color blue became a symbol of this movement because of the assumption that most people with autism are boys. 

However, this is still a matter of controversy and debate.

In this Light It Up Blue program, Autism Speaks held a series of activities ranging from campaigns through social media to fundraising. 

One of them is to invite everyone to turn on the porch light in their respective homes. It shows that you care, do not isolate, and will support the sufferer.

As a non-profit organization, they will distribute profits for the benefit of people with autism. Until now, they have managed to gain a lot of public sympathy.

People Also Attribute It To Covid-19 

blue porch light autism

In addition to the meanings discussed above, recently, blue porch light has also developed its definition. It is also a message of condolences to those who died due to COVID-19.

Inspired by what Dolly Craig did when a relative died in the line of duty, the blue porch light became a way of conveying condolences to those who failed to fight the virus.

Although it is global, this message is primarily for health workers who died while carrying out their duties. For the community, they are heroes during a pandemic.

When You Should Put The Blue Light Porch?

In addition to installing the blue porch light at the right moment, you also need to pay attention to the time to turn it on. Do not emit it all day, but just a few hours.

Start turning the light on when the day gets dark and turn it off at bedtime. Keeping to put the blue porch in a few hours is enough to convey your message of concern.

Do not turn the light on all night because it will increase the risk of a short circuit. Also, never leave it on all day to avoid making the burglar guess that no one is in the house.

However, keep it on if a family member is coming home late. This way, it will be easier for him to find the key and open the door when it is dark.

The Other Benefits of The Blue Porch Light

Respect for the police and autism awareness is indeed the main topics related to the blue porch light. However, this light turned out to have more benefits and meanings. 

Here are some of them:

Peace symbol

As we know, this color gives a calm and calm atmosphere. That is why many people make it a symbol of peace. 

Installing a blue porch light at home indicates that the homeowners are friendly and peace-loving people.

It’s a safe place

In many ways, blue and green do have many similarities in meaning and message. Both are also a marker that a house is a safe place.

If you see a house with a blue porch light, even though there is no particular moment, chances are the homeowners are giving a message that anyone can come for help.

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No drugs allowed

In some homes and public places, installing blue porch lights is a way to prevent drug abuse. The dim light will make it difficult for users to make injections.

In addition to the room, blue porch light is also in the bathroom because it is very prone to use as a place of abuse. 

It certainly can minimize the occurrence of cases.

A message to the veterans

blue porch light for police

Green and blue porch lights have a similar meaning, which is related to the military. Both also contain messages of peace, security, and calmness. 

What if the two of them merged?

As we know, blue is a form of respect for the police. Similarly, green is also a way of expressing gratitude to veterans.

By combining them, you will convey your gratitude to the two heroes of the country. In addition, the green and blue porch lights also show that you accept them as part of the community.

Be Careful with Burglars

Based on the philosophy in it, turning on the blue porch light provides an advantage. Regardless of the various meanings behind it, this tone will give peace, security, and peace.

However, some people should also feel wary when installing a blue porch light. The message of peace could be an opportunity for criminals.

Several reports circulating in cyberspace say that houses with blue light are easy targets for thieves. The reason is that they assume that homeowners have money and weapons.

However, you do not need to use it as an excuse not to pay homage. You can increase security to avoid unwanted things.

In addition, you should not turn on the blue porch light for too long because it is prone to short circuits. Turning it off when you are sleeping seems better.

However, some studies state the opposite. Several parties claim that there was no significant relationship between burglary and blue porch light

Whatever it is, prevention is the best.

Blue Light Porch Ideas To Choose

painting porch ceilings light blue

Whether as a form of respect, mourning, or social action, you must display a beautiful view when installing a blue porch light

However, avoid choosing the wrong one since your house will even look creepy.

If you plan to install a blue porch light outside your house, you need to increase your references. You can opt for the following ideas:

The fairytale

The blue color on the terrace generally does give the impression of being dark, even scary. But you can overcome it by putting a touch of beautiful lamps in the style of the fairy world.

You can use small lights with neutral colors that give a magical feel to your yard. Place them in the best locations.

The lantern


To participate in the action involving the blue porch light, you can also use a paper lantern. You can choose a design that gives a playful and attractive impression.

This choice will take you to a beautiful East Asian feel. If you do not want a monotonous color, combine it with other tones, such as green.

Write the message

Light is beautiful at night, but you can even make it more memorable by shaping it into writing. It will make the house catchier.

Fortunately, writing in blue light or any other color is not difficult nowadays. If you are reluctant to use professional services, you can even make your own from light sticks.

All blue mansion

Instead of emitting blue light, why do not you make your whole house look different? You can use LED lights that emit light in all directions.

Place the lights in a strategic place so they can reach the entire wall. Thus you will find your residence as if emitting blue light. 

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Based on the explanation above, we can conclude that the color blue is a symbol of peace, care, and tranquility. 

However, this color can also be a way of conveying grief.

That is why blue lights on houses have a special meaning, especially if you find them in April, May, and October. 

The message can relate to respect for the police or autism awareness.

However, the blue porch light meaning itself also has differences in various regions. You can also find it as a way to convey peace or security.

If you want to participate in the blue porch light, remember to make it aesthetically pleasing. Do not use a color that is too dark because it will give a creepy impression.

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