19 Facts of Green Porch Light That You Need to Know

Green Porch Light – Have you ever seen a green porch light lit outside someone’s house? It will indeed make your home unique. But more than just aesthetics, there is a deep meaning behind it.

The different porch light colors have a particular message, and green is no exception. It brings different meanings based on the context and habits of the community.

Among others, the green porch light is a color with many possible meanings. Some people refer to military solidarity, and some use it as a campaign against a particular disease.

So, what does a green light mean on a house? 

In this review, we will discuss the meanings and stories behind these shooting bulbs. That way, you know what to do if you see one.

The Philosophy of Green Light

green porch light meaning 2021

Given its nature that can affect a person’s psychological condition, many people use color as a symbol. Thus, you need to know that green porch light is not the only outdoor bulbs to convey a message.

We also know red, purple, and blue porch light which have different meanings from each other. But in this discussion, we will only discuss green and its connotation in various contexts and regions.

People believe that green is a symbol of hope, peace, balance, and humanity. Some countries use this concept and adopt the tone as an icon of their country. 

Turning on the green light means showing support for a movement or concern.

Even the connotative meaning mostly contains a positive message, such as permission, compassion, and sustainability.

The Story Behind

green light on front porch

For a long time, many people have used the green light to convey messages of peace. 

Even since the 19th century, this year has been very popular as a symbol of various things related to humanity.

When there is a conflict or problem in an area, a green light will mark a safe condition in a particular place. Many countries also use this color as a symbol to show that they are peace-loving people.

Apart from the various meanings and impressions that appear, the term green light has become quite popular lately and has become a trending topic on social media.

If in the past, people used installed porch lights outside the house. However, now they use incandescent lamps that emit green light.

It stands for the solidarity movement for war veterans. Green porch lights lit in houses as a tribute to veterans who fought in the war.

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Representing Veteran’s Day

green porch light meaning 2020

As discussed above, one of the most popular meanings of green porch lights is a tribute to veterans. We call this movement “Green Light a Vet”.

November 11 is a national holiday to commemorate Vet Day. Thus, everyone will remember and honor the services of the heroes who after returning from the war.

This program which is a dedication to these national warriors is the result of an initiative from Walmart in 2015. 

It is to help their recovery and steps to start a new life after the war. The purpose of this movement is to appreciate the heroes’ services. 

That way, we can appreciate and give them a better place after the hard times they’ve been through for the nation.

In addition, Walmart realizes that it is not easy for veterans to return to life in society. Trauma, both mental and physical, may affect their condition.

By increasing public awareness of the services of veterans, their lives will be better. There are no longer those who languish in old age.

However, the people who install the green porch light are not always the general public. Those with veteran families generally put it on longer without knowing the month.

Symbol of Lyme disease Awareness

green light on porch

Because green means peaceful, many people use it as a symbol of goodness. In some countries, installing a green porch light also means awareness of Lyme disease.

Lyme disease awareness usually falls in May each year. Several people will take care of actions to encourage the sufferer.

This disease comes from the bite of the Ixodes scapularis and Ixodes pacificus ticks that carry the bacteria Borrelia burgdorferi or Borrelia b

It will lead to severely dangerous complications.

The initial symptom is a rash that looks like an eye. Lyme disease that is already severe can usually cause heart rhythm disturbances and nerve damage.

The green porch light itself is not only to provide support to sufferers. This movement is also to remind us how dangerous this disease is.

With a green porch light, people must be more vigilant because these fleas can attack anyone. Those who usually do outdoor activities in the summer are the main target of the disease.

A Sign of Safety

green light front porch

Some areas also use a green porch light to indicate a safe place. It applies to locations experiencing conflict, disaster, or other hazardous conditions.

In this context, people who place green porch lights outside their homes indicate that they want to assist those in need.

Even in the safe areas, and there is no danger, many people install green porch lights to help people who are lost, injured, or need help.

Green light houses in this context are usually places that provide medicine and emergency care. However, tight security is needed to minimize the danger from criminals or irresponsible people.

It Also Represents St. Patrick’s Day

green porch light for veterans

Green light houses also refer to St. Patrick’s Day. It is a religious celebration in the Republic of Ireland that falls on March 17.

It is a national holiday commemorating the death of Saint Patrick, a Christian missionary who is also Ireland’s patron saint.

St. Patrick’s Days is identical with green tones. This color has been a hallmark of this country since the 20th century, becoming a symbol of the Irish people’s rebellion.

The 19th and 20th centuries were a moment of a split between the Irish and British Royal families. 

But later, this country also adopted the shamrock or green clover as a symbol that their rebellion ended peacefully. 

This celebration is indeed identical to festivities and food sharing. 

Irish people and descendants in various regions will distribute cabbage and corned beef to those who celebrate it.

green light meaning in love

However, when night comes, it will be hard to find which house is celebrating this moment. Therefore, as a sign, homeowners will light a green porch light outside.

That way, everyone will see it as a sign that their home is open to other guests celebrating. But some people also light it throughout March as a memorial.

In this celebration, Ireland also displays things that smell like leprechauns, namely folklore figures of a small creature who has become Irish icons. 

This character is also synonymous with green clothes.

Leprechauns have their day off, May 13th. But the celebrations continued until St. Patrick’s Days, where many people get dress-up as fairy tale characters while going around distributing food.

What does Green Light Mean in Jail?


While a green porch light may have a positive meaning in most daily life, that is not the case in the criminal world. 

In prison, the connotation may be very terrible.

It relates to hostilities between gangs that lead to beatings or even murder. Some references indicate that people who get a green light means their life is in danger.

It was an order from an influential person in custody for his subordinates to attack or kill the person he had labeled with the green light. 

The execution must be complete as soon as possible. 

Someone gets this label for various reasons, such as, hostility between gangs, debt, or any problem with those who issued the order.

The gang leader will pass the order to those below him until they finally arrive at the executor. Generally, people who receive orders do not dare to fight or refuse.

Apart from loyalty, the executors realized that rejection would only make things worse. They could have gotten the green light too, and ended up tragically.

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It can be Different in Other Areas


In the end, we need to understand that a green light outside house meaning a lot, depending on the context, time, and area.

For example, green light meaning in love is a symbol of acceptance. It is not about a lamp but shows permission that you can continue the relationship.

But this is not only related to love. When you get the green light, it means you can do any activity as desired.

Many areas also use green to represent sustainability or something to do with nature. This tone is also a symbol of things related to medicine.

Some people question the rumors that the green light outside house meaning drugs. Although many interpret it negatively, some believe that it is related to the availability of care for the sick.

Still related to health, nowadays, turning on the green porch light can also mean respect for those who died in the covid-19 pandemic.

It is especially true for medics who have fought on the front lines but died in the line of duty. So, which version is appropriate for your area?

How to Set the Green Porch Light


Setting the outdoor light is not something difficult because you can do it yourself at home. However, contact a technician if there is any problem.

Before setting everything, the entire thing to do is to prepare the appropriate bulbs. Then, where can I get green light bulbs?

Fortunately, you can get it anywhere, both offline and online electronics stores. 

When it coincides with green-light-related moments, the availability will increase that you do not have to bother looking for it.

Purchasing online may offer many options. But also think about the shipping process because there is a possibility of damage on the road.

Meanwhile, offline purchases will make it easier for you to opt for and combine the bulb with your needs. Besides, ensure that the bulbs are in good condition.

Regarding the selection, people generally choose an incandescent bulb because it is more practical. You can replace it at any time to change the atmosphere.

Incandescent lamps are also flexible if you want to illuminate only certain areas. You can use it for occasional moments.

But the selection of LEDs is also not a bad idea because the coverage is quite wide. It has brighter light than incandescent and makes for a more festive atmosphere to illuminate a larger area.

But remember that the porch light is not safe for long-duration lighting. It is better to turn it on when needed to prevent a short circuit.

Green Porch Light Ideas

what does a green light on a porch mean

Whatever the purpose, installing a green porch light will be fun because you can choose a beautiful design. This time, we will discuss some things you can do.

Blinking porch light


To enliven the atmosphere, you may want to place a blinking green porch light outside the house. It is okay, but you have to consider the comfort of others.

With this kind of outdoor light, your house will be the center of attention. Try to keep the light comfortable on the eyes so that other people do not feel disturbed.

You can use dim lights but enough to provide lighting. To keep it beautiful, you can combine it in such a way with other colors.

All green porch light

green porch light meaning 2017

A little green light on the veranda is the perfect medium to get my message across. Otherwise, try to make it totally under the light for a different look.

If you use LED lights, the light will be brighter and able to reach more areas. Or you can install several at once to make the front of your house look eye-catching.

Green Lantern

meaning of a green porch light

Using a lantern displays an aesthetic value with a hint of Asian touch. Therefore, your page looks beautiful with this.

It is generally easy because you do not need to buy a green bulb. You can choose a lantern with a green color so that the light that appears will also match.

If you want, you can mix it with other colors to produce a beautiful front view of the house. You can use it to relax too.

Don’t forget the aesthetics


To provide an aesthetic value, you can choose a beautiful lamp frame. A decorative design will make your home more beautiful. 

Fortunately, there are now many products of green porch lights to choose from with easy installation. Do not forget to multiply references so you can find the best designs.

Some Tips to Put Green Porch Light

We have reviewed the meaning of green light outside the house, background stories, and the philosophy in it. Then does one want to use it in your home too?

However, before placing any light bulb with a color temperature, you have to consider various things. Thus, nobody will see you as strange and annoying.

The ongoing moment

significance of green porch light

Even though it means almost nothing negative, it is a good idea to place it according to the moment taking place in the area where you live.

Even if you are using it just for aesthetics, placing it according to the date or festive season would be a great idea.

For example, you should avoid turning on green porch lights during Halloween celebrations, where most people install red bulbs. 

If you have to, you can make combinations.

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Selecting the brightness level


Surely you know best how bright your green porch light is. But before buying, you must pay attention to the number of lumens in the lamp.

A lumen is a unit of flux in light, where the more the number, the brighter it will be. One watt lamp typically produces 75 lumens.

If you have several incandescent bulbs, then choose a smaller one, for example, 229 lumens. The light is softer, and it is suitable for the porch.

But if you do not have much space for lights, choose a brighter one, for example, a 720-lumen bulb. It will provide illumination in all directions.

When you are on the go 


Instead of turning on bright bulbs that consume energy, most people choose a porch as outdoor light at home while traveling. Unfortunately, it is not safe. 

In addition to increasing the risk of short circuits, houses with a green light are also targets for thieves. When the lights do not go out for a few days, it is clear that the house is empty. 

Instead of the green porch light, or other colors, you should use a lamp that looks like someone is in the house. You can find references in various references.

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The green porch light is now a culture that you may often encounter in America and Europe. At certain moments you will find residents installing them simultaneously.

As discussed above, this can have several meanings, but one of the most popular is related to Vet Day on November 11.

The green porch light that appears in March indicates that Irish people are celebrating St Patrick’s Day. If it appears in May, then it symbolizes Lyme disease awareness.

After understanding the meaning of the green porch light, now you can participate, or at least give tolerance to those who commemorate it.

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