9+ Different Porch Light Color Meaning And What You Should Choose

Porch Light Color Meaning – Being aware of porch light color meaning is crucial since it can create a particular mood in your space.

Besides, this can be a sign if you are honoring a particular event that month or conveying other messages to potential visitors.

Many porches have warm yellow lighting, making this color radiance is highly usual and basic.

However, other options of light shade may express particular messages rather than being a functional variation only.

For your reference, this article will show you some of the most common porch light color meanings nowadays.

1. Purple Porch Light Meaning

front porch light color meaning

Let us start with the meaning of purple porch light which can be one of the most critical indications and secreted messages of a lighting color could give.

Turning the porch light into purple may refer to domestic violence awareness. Starting back in 2007, it becomes a trend with heartbreaking and sympathy connotations.

The Domestic Violence Task Force in Washington began this trend by launching a campaign called Purple Light Nights.

The objective is to inform people about domestic violence by turning on landscape lights.

As Domestic Violence Month, October becomes the month when people typically turn their porch light to purple.

Not only spread attentiveness about domestic violence, but purple porch light also honors the survivors of such issues.

Meanwhile, it becomes a reminder of those who lost their loved ones because of such tragedies.

2. Blue Porch Light Meaning

what does red color porch light meaning

If someone in your neighborhood switches the light of his porch blue, it may refer to several things.

One of the meanings is related to the awareness of autism. Similar to the purple porch light the history of this trend began in 2007.

At that time, the United Nations General Assembly declared 2 April as the official World Day of Autism Awareness.

Three years after this announcement, Autism Speaks began a campaign called Light-It-Up-Blue to boost consciousness about that day.

For this reason, people started to switch their porch lights blue throughout April, especially on 2 April, to show their support to autism survivors.

Another blue porch light color meaning is related to the respect for the police force and their family.

Some people may switch on this light hue for Alopecia Areata awareness as well.

3. Red Porch Light Meaning

blue lights porch meaning on house

You can switch on the red porch light for several different reasons over the year. It makes a perfect hint of Halloween in October or Valentine’s Day décor in February.

Even if you do not mean to use red porch lights for Valentine’s Day decoration, this still makes a good reason to switch it on for the month of the American heart.

It was the American Heart Association that asks the community to switch their porch light red for healthy heart awareness every February.

Changing your porch light color red is the simplest way to follow this trend, but you can also choose to adorn your house with shades of red instead.

Aside from the awareness of a healthy heart, red lights are often associated with some other events that will be explained in the following points.

Gun reform myth

It was a meme stating how red porch lights portray gun reform that started this rumor.

However, WUSA9 has taken down this rumor through an article in 2018 and confirmed that it is not true.

WUSA9 revealed that red porch light color meaning does not have something to do with guns. Instead, it must be a reminder to support the month of American Heart.

Halloween Décor

If the red porch can symbolize passion or love during Valentine’s Day, this may also refer to the color of death.

You can turn on red porch lights during Halloween to show respect to all of those who have died due to violence.

Others also believe that switching red porch lights is for driving ghosts that are trying to cause destruction away.

4. Orange Porch Light Meaning

green light porch bulb meaning

Orange porch light meaning in 2022 is not far away from the event in 2017 when there is a serial killer in Delphi, Indiana.

People only sell orange porch lights in shops to remember the victims of this serial killer. Then, they give the money to the family members of the sufferers.

Although the serial killer has been caught, people still turn their porch light orange every March, which is the month when the victims disappeared.

Another porch light color meaning that is related to orange is about a sign that the homeowner would love to party late into the night.

5. Pink Porch Light Meaning

blue porch light color meaning

If someone switches their porch light pink, they want to convey that they are searching for loyal friends.

Most neighbors will not take it at face value when visiting a house with a pink porch light.

Meanwhile, the homeowner just wants to know that the visitors are not scheming something harmful before they come over to his or her home.

6. A Blinking Porch Light Meaning

what does a purple light on a house mean

The blinking light is mostly associated with a need for replacement. Although it can be the reason most of the time, this condition may refer to an emergency signal as well.

After learning a porch light color meaning, you should not forget to blink your lamp while attempting to get police, firefighter, or ambulance for your house.

By flashing your porch light, the emergency services will be able to find your location easily as the van is typically driving rapidly, making it hard to read your address.

Besides, some people also often adorn their porch with flickering illuminations on Halloween.

You can even utilize a light that appears like a blaze to form a flickering effect in your house for this event.

7. Green Porch Light Meaning

pink porch light meaning

Green porch lights are often connected with Veterans Day in addition to showing support and awareness toward the environment.

Turning your porch light green indicates that you care about the environment without even saying it loudly.

The Netherlands is where this trend is particularly popular. People typically switch green porch lights to encourage sustainable development policies in this country.

Aside from supporting veterans while they are overseas and promoting a sustainable environment, green porch lights are also related to St. Patrick’s Day.

This makes a good fit for St. Patrick’s Day since it signifies prosperity and luck. People tend to wear green clothing on this day due to the same reason as well.

Several countries also use green porch lights to symbolize illness awareness. In this case, people utilize it to improve awareness about deadly health issues like Lyme disease.

If you see some people turning on their porch light green throughout May, this should be about a reminder of disease awareness.

8. Amber Porch Light Meaning

When it comes to porch light color meaning, amber refers to a request for help.

By turning their veranda lamp to this shade, they decided to differentiate their house from the others by improving its visibility at night.

As a result, people can see the signal in the house easily.

Besides, amber porch light can also mean that you want all guests to come to your home with good purposes.

9. Multi-Color Porch Light Meaning


Instead of using a single color light, some homeowners like to install more than one color in their porches.

For instance, they utilize orange and green lighting fixtures at the same time. Then, how is the porch light color meaning if there are more than two hues mixed up like this?

In this case, the significance typically depends on whether it is Halloween or Christmas decorations.

People often use multi-colored porch lights when celebrating Halloween since the bulb colors are noticeable from a distance.

Besides, homeowners may install multi-color porch lights to show support for several different issues as well.

For instance, they want to support environmental protection and domestic violence awareness at the same time, so they decide to use green and purple porch lights simultaneously.

If you want to do the same thing, make sure to ask your neighbors first before installing any mix of porch light colors.

This way you will know if any of your neighbors may feel distracted due to the installation of multi-color lights on your porch.

You need to do the same before utilizing red light as a sign for awareness of domestic violence or other events as well.

What Color Light Is Best for Front Porch?

Then, after knowing each porch light color meaning, have you noticed which one is the best for your space?

Since you will use the above porch light colors during the intended months or days only, you need to have one that suits everyday usage too.

Outside those special months and days, you can always go with soft white as it is the most basic lighting choice for porches.

However, you cannot go wrong with other colored porch lighting as well since some of them have such a common meaning and can affect someone’s mood in general.

You may check the following for common lighting colors and their basic effect on someone’s mood to pick the right hues for your patio lighting.


As the most chosen outdoor light color, white can promote a mood of cleanliness, innocence, and purity.

Its resemblance to sunlight makes white colors, especially the softer shades, the most common lighting option for outdoor spaces.

White lights look more dazzling than other colors against the night as well, making it easier for your visitors to find their way to the entrance.

You can opt for some lighting choices, including bright, warm, and natural white for your porches.

Warm Yellow

If you think that white is too bland, warm yellow can make a good choice as it is another popular lighting hue for outdoor spaces.

Warm yellow encourages brain function and makes you feel more optimistic. You can consider lighter shades of this light color to hint at happiness and sunshine.

Porch light color meaning associated with warm yellow is about unity.

People who install this typically want to encourage communication between family members or visitors.


Do you want to create a pleasant and welcoming atmosphere on your porch? Then, orange will make a perfect choice.

Orange is often linked to companionship, inspiration, and patience. Some of its shades also refer to seasonal events and the earth.

Choosing orange LED lighting for your balcony can make your guests feel more welcome without making the overall appearance overwhelming.

Green or Blue

While green porch light meaning is often associated with a reminder of the veterans, this color can express healing and hope.

This calming light color is visible to the human eye and can catch everyone’s awareness immediately. Its warm tone will help your outdoor space appear more relaxing and cozy as well.

If you are not into green, blue is another soothing color that makes a good option for porch lights. It offers a calming vibe and encourages loyalty and trust.

You can opt for cool blue lighting to give positive energy to your body while signifying responsibility and strength.

To improve blood flow and make your space even more refreshing, consider installing blue LED lighting both outdoors and indoors.

Light purple or pink

Do you want to have something rare for your porch lights? Pink can be a good choice for a friendly and feminine mood in this outdoor space.

Pink porch lights are perfect as an accent hue since it gives a touch of glamor to your space. If you think this color is too bright, light purple can be your next choice.

Different from pink, light purple conveys moods of wisdom and creativity. It also gives that enchanting feeling that promotes a sense of wealth.

This magical hue is also one of the most well-known porch light colors after white and yellow.

More on Porch Light Color Meaning to Know


From the above information, you have known that color has a significant role in showing specific meanings for your porch.

Indeed, color is a crucial part of your outdoor lighting.

Whether it is utilized to promote awareness of particular law enforcement, to represent the holidays, or simply to add illumination to your porch.

Even if you do not care about porch light color meaning, you will want to know a specific temperature that goes well with your outdoor space.

A variety of shades of lights is closely related to human psychology. So, you need to know which color temperature measurements are perfect for every condition.

●       Higher color temperatures include cool colors that are around 5000 Kelvins or over. These hues can help improve focus and make you feel more energized.

●       Lower color temperatures include warm colors that are between 2700 and 3000 Kelvins. Typically linked to sunset and sunrise, these colors can make you feel hassle-free.

Cool lights usually have a hint of blue and make a perfect light source for porches.

If you like something warmer, opt for incandescent light bulbs that release a lukewarm light temperature.

Remember that the lower the Kelvin, the less bright the lights.

Homeowners typically use ones around 4600 Kelvins for their porch lighting while lamps closer to 6500 are usually ideal for spotlights.

Tips to Choose the Best Porch Light Color


If you still have no clue about which porch light color to pick, here are some quick tips to get your best one.

●       For daily illumination, choose porch light colors that do not draw much attention. For instance, pink can attract unwanted interest while softer hues like white will be subtler.

●       Instead of moths, your porch light is supposed to welcome guests. Thus, pick a soft, temperate glow that is not too bright.

●       Actually, LED lights are not as bright as incandescent bulbs, but they last longer and are more durable. Indeed, the brightness of a porch light should not exceed 70 watts or it may upset the neighbors.

●       The last, you need to consider choosing an energy-efficient light bulb for your porch, especially if you will leave it on all night

By considering these tips and understanding the porch light color meaning, you must be able to get the right source of illumination for this outdoor space.

Moreover, you should not overlook the direction of your porch light as well since it is as critical as the choice of color.

For a porch setting, you should not situate the light above eye level since it creates a formal atmosphere.

Instead, it is recommended to locate the light lower than the eye level so that you can get a more soothing atmosphere on the porch.

Finally, there is no doubt how porch light color meaning is helping people to convey some messages without even saying it.


The colors in a porch light are meaningful and represent many different things. Your porch light is now changing color to show you that you’re helping people have a healthier heart, honoring veterans, and preventing domestic violence. Thus, one thing to remember is that they are used as a means of communication. When people use these unique colored led lights (or regular bulbs), they send a message. This information may change with the years, especially when projects and campaigns are set up in certain places to promote new meanings.

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