13 Surprising Red Porch Light Facts and Meanings

As green and blue, the red porch light is also one of the most common colors we see in people’s homes.

What do you think it means?

Red light in the house has quite a variety of meanings. Some show solidarity with certain groups, and others associate it with particular celebrations.

However, some groups of people also have negative beliefs about this color temperature at home. So, what does a red porch light mean?

This review will discuss all the ins and outs to the end.

What is Red Porch Light?

red porch light meaning

Simply put, it is the red light bulb that you place outside the house as a light. Thus, others could see it clearly as it passed by.

Some settlements may display it uniformly so that it displays a beautiful glow at night.

However, if you want to put your message through a red porch light, you have to make it stand out. There should be no other color that is brighter and covers up its radiance.

A simple way to display it is to use a simple porch light. But the problem is, these light tones generally do not provide enough lighting.

Therefore, some people explore and use spotlights because the flame is brighter. In addition to helping the view, you can also make your home more beautiful with aesthetics.

The Nature of Red

gun free home red porch light

It is undeniable that the use of color has a significant influence on a person’s psychological condition. Meanwhile, among other colored porch light choices, red does have the most different impression.

Unlike purple, blue, or green which is calm and soothing, the radiating tone is warmer, even vibrant. Hence, red is often a symbol of love, passion, and anger.

However, everyone will probably define this color differently. Some people find it warm and comfortable, but this tone can evoke strong emotions.

These characteristics are appropriate with the messages and meanings behind the red light bulb outside people’s homes.

Everything has to do with moments involving emotions.

Red porch light could be associated with Valentine’s Day in February because of its nature that describes love.

When it falls in October, this color is transformed into a symbol of Halloween full of fear.

Like other porch lights, the red also represents social care. It became the official symbol for the heart health awareness campaign in the United States.

However, it is undeniable that in some cultures, this tone carries a negative impression. Red lights at night meaning bad and even have something to do with immorality.

But the difference in perception is not a benchmark that makes us uniform the meaning of the color red. For more details,

Let us learn some definitions to discuss below:

Representing Halloween

red light on front porch

The first meaning of the red porch light, which is also the most common in society, is its connection to the moment of Halloween.

In October, the people of Europe, America, and even the whole world will carry this color as part of the celebration.

Even though Halloween falls at the end of October, this whole month will be full of parties and celebrations. People wear a variety of costumes, ranging from spooky to funny.

Back to history, the Halloween tradition began with the celebration of Samhain or Calan Gaeaf by you Celts approximately 200 years ago.

But not red, the symbol of this moment is black and orange.

In their belief, Halloween is when the worlds of the living and the dead finally meet. Thus, humans can meet the spirits of people they know or fairies from the supernatural realm.

It is this belief that creates a spooky impression on Halloween. To avoid terror by evil ghosts, they wear costumes from animal skins and heads and leave offerings.

The colors red and black then developed into a symbol of Halloween because it is synonymous with death. According to belief, those who died tragically would come in a bloody state and spread terrible terror.

Symbol of Valentine’s Day (Red Porch Light Meaning)


If you see a red porch light in February, maybe the homeowner is celebrating Valentine’s Day. The reason is, this tone does give a radiance of love.

It falls every February 14 and becomes a moment to celebrate the day of love. In addition to red, many people also use pink as a symbol but rarely place it in the porch light.

The choice of red itself is related to the color of roses, which is one way for young people to express love. In addition, this is related to the perspective of many people who define this tone as passion and emotion.

But behind the festivities that take place every year, there is a terrible story behind it. It is related to an ancient pagan ritual called Lupercalia, which falls every February 15.

This ritual took place in the 6th century AD and involved men sacrificing goats and dogs as offerings. After that, they took the animal skin and used it to whip the women. as a fertility ritual.

However, there are other stories that this moment is to remind us of Saint Valentine’s death on February 14.

He was sentenced to death because Saint Valentine secretly married two young couples. In fact, during his reign, the Roman Emperor Claudius II forbade all engagements and marriage.

St. Valentine’s struggle finally received world recognition as a warrior of love. The church also included him on the list of saints for refusing to leave Christianity before death.

Representing American Heart Health (Red Porch Light Meaning)


Besides Valentine’s Day celebrations, other moments in February involve red porch lights. People may turn the light on at this time to remind them of American Heart Health Awareness.

As we know, this disease is dangerous. Not only in the United States, but it also becomes a matter of concern for people worldwide.

Data shows that in 2015 there were at least 126 million people with cardiovascular disease in the United States.

The number of deaths in the country could reach 17.9 million every year.

The National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute held a series of activities in February, titled American Heart Month.

There are several campaigns and activities to improve public awareness of this disease.

National Wear Red in 2021 falls on February 5. This activity invites everyone to appear all red. Besides, the red porch light will brighten up this moment.

In addition, the Heart Failure Awareness Week campaign contains a sequence of activities so that people are aware of the signs of heart problems so they can take quick action.

Ultimately, all activity during American Heart Health is to help reduce the number of cases and deaths from this disease.

Moreover, there are activities to support sufferers who are struggling.

Support for Women’s Heart Health

red light on back porch

Actions of solidarity for people with heart disease are everywhere. But the red porch light movement is a form of support for the women fighting against it.

Heart disease is indeed quite disturbing because it is the number-one killer in various countries. Surprisingly, the sufferers are primarily women.

To support struggling women, the American Heart Association launched the “illuminate your home red” movement.

The hope, everyone will turn on the light in their respective homes.

It is a form of socialization so that people are more aware of the dangers of this disease. Due to the heart health importance, in this case for women, the community must implement a healthy lifestyle.

There is another reason why the red porch light is part of this activity. The organizers want to emphasize the importance of the role of women in life so that their health must be a concern.

Many dedicated women sacrifice their time, energy, and dreams for their loved ones but don’t get enough attention.

By caring for their heart health, the American Heart Association hopes to create a healthier life.

Related to Gun Ownership?

red porch light movement

Among the various positive symbols, there is one shocking story about the red porch light. Some people believe that a house with this kind of lamp is gun-free.

It relates to the conversation about gun control in the country. Over the past few years, many people have stored murderous objects, thereby endangering many people.

After that, several houses installed red porch lights, so the assumption emerged that they supported the gun ownership restriction program.

Based on the story, it is a sign to show that the homeowners do not have any killing device in their home. However, the news was ultimately confirmed to be untrue.

There is no movement whatsoever regarding the red porch light related to gun ownership.

Further, the most likely thing is that the homeowners support the American Heart Health Movement.

For a Better Vision

Sometimes people turn on the red light porch not to commemorate anything but for personal gain. Many people choose to turn it on at night to make their eyes comfortable.

When being relaxed and not doing strenuous activities, you do not need to turn the light on too bright. For this, the red porch light will be the best.

Compared to other colored porch lights, red is much more comfortable on the eyes and does not glare. It is due to its largest wavelength among others that it stimulates melatonin.

Meanwhile, if you use other colors, such as blue or green, your eyes will tire more quickly and trigger headaches.

It is not as bright as white but will spoil your eyes.

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It Is Good for A Better Sleep

Recently, a rumor emerged where some people questioned, “Does sleeping with red lights cause nightmares?” Does this color relate to magic?

The answer is obviously no because this color gives a warm impression to anyone. It is the best for the comfort of your eyes.

As we discussed above, red has the largest wavelength among other colored porch light choices. While it stimulates melatonin, your eyes will relax and sleep soundly.

Melatonin will stimulate hormones in the body and make you feel calmer. Therefore, they will affect sleep quality.

The wavelength is the reason why you can easily find this tone in the bedrooms.

In addition to red, you can also use warm colors such as reddish-orange, which will make you calm and not dazzled.

This rumor may appear to be related to a Halloween moment that is identical to this tone. It instills a stigma that red is synonymous with blood and the supernatural.

If you do not like red, then you can still combine it with other colors that are also soothing, such as blue, white, or yellow.

Make sure you are comfortable enough before sleep.

By the way, along with red, white, and yellow, where can I get blue light bulbs? Of course, you can get it quickly in any online and offline electronic store!

Do not forget to choose the best design!

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Is it A Sign Prostitute?


One of the negative connotations of the color red is its association with prostitution. As it represents passion and love, many people interpret it in a much too-far way.

In ancient times, many people thought that red was a sign of a prostitution house. The dim light makes this tone get a teasing tone label.

But nowadays, that perception has begun to fade, especially with the emergence of various solidarity actions such as American Heart Health and International FireFighters’ Day.

In the entertainment world, red light is still heavily involved in taking sensual and seductive scenes. However, it depends on each other’s thoughts.

Support for the Firefighters


In addition to the police and army, firefighters also have a critical role in society. They have fought against danger for the safety of others.

It is the background for the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation to invite the public for a moment to say thank you.

The foundation is to commemorate International FireFighters’ Day on May 4. One way is to turn on the red porch light in their respective homes.

They also spread the hashtag #Shine4Firefighters and invited the public to participate. The aim is to pay homage to those who have died or are on duty.

It arose as a reaction to the deaths of 5 firefighters in Victoria, Australia, in 2019. They died while taming a fire that scorched 1.5 million hectares of land.

Their deaths seemed to open the eyes of the world that their work was not an easy thing. There are many risks and dangers involved in making sure others are safe.

Turning on the red porch light represents the way to commemorate their services in the best way.

Thus, the foundation recommends that people light fire-colored bulbs inside and out during the commemoration.

Fortunately, nowadays, there are many choices of beautiful bulbs that can make your home beautiful without leaving the impression of wisdom.

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What to do when seeing a red porch light


Talking about what does a red light in front of a house means, you need to understand that everyone has their reasons behind their red porch light.

Some are doing it as an act of solidarity, but some are just applying aesthetics.

So far, no red porch light has given a negative image. It means a celebration or an act of solidarity with heart disease or firefighters.

Therefore, there is no harm if you participate in this activity. In February, you can light it up; those heart disease warriors who see it are more enthusiastic.

Besides, you can show support through social media by uploading content related to the campaign. Thus, more and more people saw it.

Because we live in modern times, there is no need to dwell on myths about the ‘no-gun campaign’ or supernatural things.

You can do your best to create a better community.



After those long discussions, what does a red light in front of a house mean? Well, it is a lot. We have discussed some definitions from some different points of view.

If you see a house lighting a red lantern on a February night, maybe he or his family is showing support for American Heart Health.

If it coincides with that moment, there is nothing wrong if you also turn on a red porch light. Your support may be an encouragement to those who are struggling.

However, there is some possibility that he is also celebrating Valentine’s Day. If the red light appears around October, it is most likely Halloween-related.

But maybe some people still believe in supernatural things and rumors in the past. There is an assumption that red lights at night mean bad and are very scary.

A red porch light can be synonymous with certain rituals related to ghosts and blood. But in an era like now, this belief has begun to fade.

Above all, do not worry about anything while seeing the red porch light in front of anyone’s house. You can participate with a positive cause.

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